There are many popular rose colors to create flawless bouquets. A slender stem, an aristocratic bud, and patterned leaves captivate the eyes of both women and men. In addition, the scent of the rose is considered an aphrodisiac. Therefore, a mono bouquet from the most popular rose colors is a win-win option. The main thing is to show a little imagination and tune in to creativity.

  • Usually, the bouquet is formed from roses of one, two, or a maximum of three flowers. Flowers should be in harmony with each other; for example, red ones look better than white ones.
  • Warm-toned roses are combined, creating the assemble of orange with yellow and peach colors.
  • Violets, lilacs are ideal in tandem with yellows.
  • The largest group and popular roses are considered pink flowers. You can combine them in color saturation from light pink to bright cyclamen. But remember one rule, warm shades cannot be combined with cold ones.

For the design of bouquets, do not wrap them in artificial cellophane or foil and bright paper. The color scheme of the packaging should not distract from the roses.

Florists offer a variety of stylish design options. The most popular are lush mono bouquets tied with neat ribbons to match, combined bouquets in laconic craft paper, and roses in stylish boxes of various shapes. Each of these compositions can be supplemented with a greeting card.

There are no significant restrictions on the number. For example, you can give 1, 3, or 5 roses for the first date of your beloved, on women's or mother's day. If you are going for a birthday, buy a bouquet with popular roses and a number equal to the years of the birthday person.

A bouquet of 9-15 flowers will look more impressive to a colleague or business partner. 

There are a few more rules to follow when forming a bouquet of roses:

  • Durability. For cut and most popular rose colors to last as long as possible, they are harvested early in the morning and stored in special refrigerators. Therefore, choose only the best manufacturers.
  • Restraint in the decor does not require adding large decorative elements; pearls, bows, and inflorescences of other rose plants look quite organic without them.

Even one fabulous rose in the hands of an experienced florist looks better than a bouquet decorated with a tasteless taste.

Black roses

Black roses


Black roses are brutal and shocking, as if they were created to emphasize the singularity of the moment of giving. This mysterious flower is perceived differently by everyone. Some quite frankly believe that giving such roses as a gift means sadness; others recognize black roses as an exotic version of the expression of devotion and love, preferring them to the usual red. Such a bouquet will be appreciated by an extraordinary person with his philosophy of life.

Breeders worldwide are working to develop the ever-new popular rose colors using well-equipped greenhouse complexes and modern climate control technologies to maintain optimal conditions.

The most famous black roses grow in the Turkish town of Halfeti. In shape, they are no different from ordinary roses, but their color favorably sets them apart from the rest; all the flowers are coal-black as if someone specially painted them, but this is their natural color.

Although these roses seem to be completely black, their shade is a dark burgundy. They bloom only in summer, in very small quantities, and only in Halfeti, and at the beginning of flowering, the roses are dark red. Still, by the end of summer, they gradually darken and become completely black. The roses got such an unusual shade thanks to the unique soil in the region and the waters of underground rivers originating in the Euphrates.

Yellow roses for decoration

According to the language of flowers, the yellow rose has no connection with separation or betrayal, despite the prevalence of this opinion. Flowers of yellow and tea shades, first of all, mean joy, which is why the person who gives you such roses wants fun and sunny mood. It is customary to give yellow buds to young girls, as this color is associated with perkiness and youth. More mature women can be presented with tea-colored roses rather than yellow ones.

History claims that roses became a symbol of love during the Victorian era. Since then, little has changed; they all also symbolize sincere feelings. Roses were, are, and will be some of the best and most popular flowers on the planet. Today they are the most demanded and purchased flowers.

The symbolism of yellow roses is usually very ambiguous. On the one hand, they are considered the flowers of separation or betrayal, and on the other, a symbol of good luck and wealth. However, you should not take a bouquet of yellow roses as a reason for parting; instead, it is an indicator of care from the donor because the color of the sun means happiness and positive emotions.

Blue roses

Blue roses


Blue roses are a symbol of the mysterious and enigmatic, an expression of the dream of the impossible and beautiful. It, of course, is a unique flower that is mentioned in fairy tales and beautiful legends. Real blue roses have become the dream of many breeders, and now they are sold in Japan, but due to their high cost, they are supplied only to a few countries.

Unfortunately, all blue roses are grown only for bouquets and do not survive at home. But, let's hope that geneticists and gardeners will develop indoor species of blue roses, and we will be able to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers even more. In the meantime, professional florists have learned to specially dye white flowers, giving them shades of blue and light blue of fantastic beauty. By presenting a bouquet of such roses, you will show gratitude and depth of feelings.

For a very long time, blue roses were considered a legend flower because they existed only in fairy tales and legends. So in Kipling’s work, it means death, and in the works of Tennessee Williams, the blue flower was described as finding a purpose in life. But at all times, this wonderful flower meant the achievement of something impossible.

Rose breeders have found that roses do not have the blue pigment known as delphinidin, making the blue tint of the rose even synonymous with impossibility.

Red roses composition

Red roses have always been a constant symbol of love. Of course, all roses reflect love and sympathy to every possible extent. Still, when you receive a bouquet of red flowers as a gift, you understand that the giver expresses his affection or gratitude to you in this way.

The red color of the bud is the most popular, and this is the reason for the fair name of the red or scarlet rose as the queen of roses. White and red roses combined in one bouquet symbolize harmonious love and unity, and if you choose roses, the white petals of which are framed by a red border, the bouquet will carry a similar meaning.

It is a constant companion of holidays, celebrations, and touching confessions. Since ancient times, this flower has fascinated people due to its unique beauty and wonderful aroma.

The rose has been cultivated for thousands of years. It was cultivated in China, Japan, and the Middle East, and only a few thousand years later, the rose came to Europe.

The most common color of a rose is red, and it has the most famous meaning as it stands for love and beauty. There are many legends about how the white rose turned red. According to one of them, it was stained with drops of blood of Aphrodite when she, not noticing sharp thorns, ran to her beloved Adonis, wounded to death. Another says that during one of the feasts of the gods on Olympus, Cupid overturned a vessel with nectar with his red-pink wings, which, having spilled, painted the roses red and gave them a delicate aroma.

White roses

White roses


Since ancient times, white roses have been associated with pure and sincere emotions, and therefore this flower is considered the best way to demonstrate your love. White flowers are also a symbol of admiration and affection for a person. Even snow-white rosebuds are considered a traditional symbol of tenderness and purity, which means they will be the right choice for a wedding anniversary. Thanks to white roses, you can make it clear to a person that he occupies a very important place in your life.

Also, white roses help guys confess their love to ladies who are not indifferent to them. By presenting a bouquet from white buds, you can show your sincere emotions and thereby show the person how much he means to you. And suppose you have known a girl relatively recently and are going on a date with her. In that case, a bouquet of white roses will be the most appropriate: it will successfully complement any image of your companion and will look elegant in her hands. If you do not know a person's preferences regarding flowers, then it is better to give him white roses to please the addressee because there are no people who do not like these delicate buds.

Green roses for decoration

Breeding science does not stand still and creates new popular rose colors. One of these unique wonders of breeding is green roses.

Over the centuries, the rose underwent numerous changes, both natural and due to the participation of people, until it acquired harmony in the form of buds, outlines of delicate petals, and various shades of color. The case facilitated the emergence of green roses; it was not taken out purposefully.

At the end of the 18th century, a botanist from Holland A. Mayer, who experimented with roses, implanted a stalk of a white rose on a wild thorn stump. After a while, a rose bloomed on it with peculiar green petals. So the stereotype about what color a rose should be was destroyed. But the disadvantage of green roses, distinguishing them from the usual colors, was the lack of aroma.

At all times, the rose is the most popular flower in gardens and parks. Its main advantage is the combination of grace and beauty with a delicious, delicate aroma. A diversity of species and varieties, a rich palette of shades allows you to choose many options for decorating a garden in any style and for every taste.


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April 01, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik