For more than one century, the rose has been called the queen of flowers. Its delicate petals, heady aroma, and luxurious shades have become the adornment of many compositions, and the flower itself has been repeatedly praised in poetry, poems, and novels.

True connoisseurs of floristic compositions know that plants’ palette is not limited to standard white, red, pink, and yellow shades.

This article will discuss the most exciting varieties of colored roses. Blue, rainbow, and black buds are the results of long-term work by renowned breeders from around the world.

Roses of unusual colors

If we talk about the most beautiful types and varieties of roses with unusual colors of petals used to make memorable bouquets, this list includes the following flowers:

  • Hot Chocolate is a plant with semi-double petals of a very unusual chocolate shade. Moreover, even the stamens of these flowers are not yellow but brownish.
  • Cinco de Mayo is a very fragrant flower, terracotta shade, not a standard shape. When flowering, they acquire a light purple tone.
  • Viridiflora or Green Rose is a rose with green petals. Botanists believe that this plant’s bud consists of many sepals, which explains the unusual color. If the plants are not cut, they will turn reddish-brown over time.
  • The Les Roses de Peintres series from the French company Delbard, which includes 11 varieties at once and is dedicated to the famous impressionist painters Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas, Marc Chagall, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet. A very unusual color of roses distinguishes all flowers in this series since they have stripes and spots in a chaotic manner. Individual bright strokes are distinguishable up close, but from a distance, they merge into a whole picture filled with light and movement, like the canvases of the legendary impressionists.

Blue colored roses in a bouquet

Blue colored roses

Natural roses with blue color do not exist in nature since they lack the pigment responsible for this shade’s appearance.

Breeders have been trying to breed blue roses for many years now. Some watered the plants with special dyes, and the German poet Goethe even grew flowers in a greenhouse with blue glazing. But while there are roses that can be called blue or dark blue, quite conventionally, their petals are often distinguished by purple, silver-bluish, lavender, pink-lilac, or lavender in color. We present to your attention the names of the most famous hybrid varieties of roses with a conditional blue tint:

  • Mainzer Fastnacht (also Blue Monday and Blue Moon) with graceful tall purple-lilac buds take on a lavender tone after flowering.
  • Charles de Gaulle colored roses with a sophisticated shape, intense aroma, and beautiful lavender color.
  • Novalis with rich, fragrant lavender flowers.
  • Lavender Ice with huge lavender flowers.

Several years ago, information was released that Japanese scientists, using genetic engineering methods, managed to insert the violet gene into the DNA of a rose, that is, to obtain roses with blue color. The breeders promised to demonstrate the new variety back in 2009, but the presentation has not yet taken place.

Bouquet of black colored roses

black colored roses

Black roses are plants with dark burgundy or purple petals in modern floristry. And today, there are a variety of varieties of the so-called black roses.

The most famous variety of black colored roses is Black Baccara, developed in France in 2004. These are flowers as close to black as possible, especially in buds. Velvety petals acquire a maroon tint during the flowering period, and if you grow roses of this variety on soil with an increased acidity level, then almost black. The buds of such roses are double, with a subtle aroma, and there are very few thorns on the stems.

Moreover, the German variety Barcarole, bred back in 1988, is popular among black colored roses. The buds are of a goblet shape, large, with dense double petals. The black tint appears more intense when grown in cool temperatures.

Black Magic is a hybrid tea variety bred in 1977 in Germany. When blooming in the center, the buds look almost black; they acquire a dark crimson color—medium-sized buds with gracefully curved petals.

Rainbow rose variety will be an unusual gift

Rainbow roses

Specially painted roses with colored petals are called rainbow roses. The buds can be given any color and even absolutely unnatural black, light green, blue, neon, thanks to the unique dyeing technique. Rainbow roses look exciting and unusual, thanks to which they quickly gained popularity.

Rainbow roses can be bicolor, tricolor, or multi-colored. Almost every petal can be given a different shade. 

The unusual colored roses were bred by Peter Van de Werken, the owner of a large Dutch flower company, and it took the breeder several years. To get roses with colorful petals, they need to be grown in a special way. The stems of plants are divided into separate channels, through which they absorb colored water from the soil. The dye, dissolved in water, is absorbed by the fibers of the petals, as a result of which they acquire all the colors of the rainbow.

The variety Pur Caprice is popular, with petals of different sizes and shapes, and most importantly, changing their color. The yellow-orange conical buds, opening up, acquire a lemon-yellow color. After the edge of the petals, they turn red, and the core turns white. But the changes do not end there: the red edge is gradually turning green.

Koko Loko this variety is the result of the work of American breeders. At first, the color resembles the color of coffee with milk, after which a lavender tint appears, and at the end of flowering, the petals acquire a chocolate color.

What does the rainbow rose represent?

what does the rainbow rose represent

Since the rainbow buds of everyone's beloved rose appeared relatively recently, its interpretation in the flowers’ language was invented by contemporaries. Saturated colors, a mesmerizing play of all this speaks of joy and happiness. The flower is associated with carelessness, playfulness, and optimism.

Rainbow roses are an excellent way to cheer up and support. Using a plant as a declaration of love or sympathy is inappropriate. Besides, do not hand over a bouquet of colored roses to an unfamiliar person.

How to correctly combine rainbow roses in a bouquet?

It is quite challenging to adhere to the standard rules in selecting other shades with this plant because seven colors are combined in its petals at once. The first thing to consider when creating a bouquet of several roses is that rainbow buds should be the main focus of the work. It is not advisable to combine them with red, orange, or other bright colors.

The exception is dark blue and black. Colored roses will continue to be the main focus of your work in contrast to these shades. This variety looks gorgeous with white and pastel colors. The composition can be supplemented with greenery and decorative elements.


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February 15, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik