Roses' exquisite beauty has made them a symbol of love, romance, and elegance. But while the traditional colors of red, pink, and white have always been popular choices, there is a world of unusual rose colors that will captivate. Among such options are:

  • black roses;
  • blue roses;
  • rainbow roses.

All of these colors and many more are unique to rose petals. After all, such flowers are not found in nature. Flowers themselves do not grow in black or blue colors. To get such unusual shades, breeders add certain dyes to them. But this is a challenging process requiring a lot of effort. Sometimes, hues on flowers may not even work. Or the buds may simply not take on a particular color. So, if you see unusual rose colors, know there is much work behind them.


Roses of Unusual Colors

People like roses for their timeless beauty and fragrant allure. But have you ever heard of roses in unusual colors? These extraordinary blooms capture attention with their mesmerizing hues.

Speaking of unusual rose colors, blue or purple shades immediately come to mind. After all, they seem like something impossible and fabulous. There are also roses with multicolored hues, which gives them a luxurious look. These flowers create an unforgettable impression and evoke feelings of admiration.

Roses of unusual colors are pleasing to the eye and have a special aroma. Their smell can be delicate, sweet, or sophisticated. It enhances the impression of observing these unique flowers. It gives them deep mystery and charm.

So, the peculiarity of unusual-colored roses is that they evoke imagination. They can convey different feelings and have a personal sense for each person. They can express love, mystery, or even creativity. And what unusual shades can roses have? Read their list:


Blue Unusual-Colored Roses

Blue Unusual-Colored Roses

Blue roses are one of the most unusual roses. They were rare and difficult to find. But they always drew people's attention with their uniqueness. For a long time, people believed that blue roses existed only in dreams and legends. But over time, florists managed to create this fantastic flower.

Blue roses are unusual in that they have flowers that look incredibly blue. This color usually reminds people of the sky or the sea. Such associations cause even greater interest in these flowers. Today, such an unusual rose color symbolizes mystery, dreaminess, and uniqueness. It can evoke different feelings in people, such as romance and tranquility. These flowers are popular at weddings and special events.


Black Colored Roses

Black Colored Roses

Black roses have always caused particular interest and admiration. For many centuries, they were considered mystical and extraordinary flowers. Their dark color results from the petals' deep red or purple hue. 

Many people previously believed that black roses symbolize death and sadness. But over time, their meaning has changed. They became a symbol of powerful attraction, deep passion, and mystery. These most unusual roses help express deep feelings. And the aroma of such flowers is especially enchanting. It gives an even greater significance to the flowers.


Lavender Roses

Lavender Roses

Have you ever seen famous pictures of lavender fields? Usually, not flowers themselves attract people but their lavender shade. After all, looking at this bud's color creates feelings of something unrealistic. For people to have more opportunities to experience this feeling, florists came up with the idea of ​​painting roses in such a shade. And today, lavender roses are quite a popular choice for bouquets.

Lavender roses have delicate, unusual rose colors that give them sophistication. Their flowers can be medium or large, depending on the variety. The color of lavender roses can vary from pale lavender to crimson purple. Their aroma is gentle and pleasant, so everyone remembers it. 


Rainbow Roses

Rainbow Roses

It is always new and exciting to come across roses of an unusual plain color. But seeing roses that combine several colors simultaneously is even more enjoyable. After all, achieving multicolored petals is not so easy.  

Since ancient times, gardeners have used various crossing methods and genetic manipulation to obtain flowers with different colors. After many years of fruitful work, they got roses with colorful petals. That is why such unusual-colored roses are unique and rare. Their petals have bright, saturated colors that create the impression of miniature masterpieces. 


Silver Colored Roses

Silver Colored Roses

Silver roses are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of flowers. Their uniqueness lies in their impressive, unusual rose colors. These blossoms can have different shades, from pale to dark. Besides, they can come in various shapes and sizes, from compact to luxurious blooms.

Silver roses have become popular in wedding bouquets and event decoration. They are especially appropriate at those events where a special atmosphere prevails. They create unforgettable impressions and arouse interest with their essence.


Green Colored Roses

Green Colored Roses

Nature endowed many plants with green color. But roses were limited in this color until a specific time. It was until breeders independently created the green color of roses. This color gives roses freshness, naturalness, and originality. They can have shades from light green to dark green. 

Green roses symbolize nature, freshness, and cheerfulness. They express harmony and draw attention with their unusual-colored rose petals. Thus, green roses are becoming increasingly popular today in floristry and event decoration.


When Should You Give Unusual-Colored Roses?

You should give roses for some events or essential occasions. And sometimes you don't need a reason for this. You can provide flowers just like that. 

Most people are used to giving roses in classic colors. Among them can be yellow, red, white, and pink. However, these rules change if we talk about the most unusual roses. After all, the uniqueness of flowers leads to thinking in which cases they are appropriate. But everything is very simple. There are many specific events when unusual roses are suitable:


  • Unusual events
  • Are you going to celebrate an anniversary, promotion, or some achievements? Unusual colored roses will emphasize the specialty of these moments.

  • Personal achievements
  • When someone succeeds, roses of unusual colors can symbolize recognition and support.

  • Romantic relationship
  • Roses of unusual colors can express deep feelings in romantic relationships. Choose colors that best match your mutual emotions.

  • Support and optimism
  • In cases where someone is going through a difficult time, unusual rose colors can express your support. 


    Send Unusual-Colored Roses Today

    Have you thought about giving flowers? Have you been planning to arrange the delivery of flowers for a long time? If so, then you are definitely at the right place. With Rosaholics, you can forget about the long selection of bouquets. Our florists present you with the most unusual rose colors. It is from them that we can create a fantastic composition for you and your loved ones. How to send a bouquet? Everything is simple:


  • Choose flowers
  • Visit our site with stunning roses. Look at their options and choose the one you like the most.

  • Add uniqueness
  • If you are an extremely creative person and the unusual color of the petals is not enough for you, you can add personalization to the bouquet. A card in flowers or a particular design? Choose what you want.

  • Enter the address
  • Next, enter the delivery address and wait for the order.

    Thanks to three easy steps, that's how you can send someone unusual-colored roses. The process takes very little time, but its result brings long memories to your loved ones. So why not send flowers right now? For this, you only need to know what floral arrangement you want.

    To select it easier, keep the top 5 bouquets from us:


    rainbow roses

      Do you want to give a rainbow and positivity to your loved ones? Choose this fantastic bouquet. One of its buds can have up to 5 diverse colors. And the most exciting thing is that all of these shades are bright. So, this bouquet is a pleasant memory for a long time.


      Cheshyre bouquet

        If you prefer tenderness, this unusual-colored rose bouquet is for you. It combines the most unusual shades of lavender. It starts from light and goes bright. Such a composition is ideal for fairy-tale dates. After all, its magic hues are the real embodiment of romantic feelings and affection.


        Cinnamon bouquet

          This bouquet is about emotionality and lightness at the same time. Looking at its petals, there are mixed feelings. At first, the unusual rose colors create a bright look. But looking closer, they turn out to be delicate and airy. Choose such a bouquet for your friends to give them a smile.


          Eve bouquet

            When choosing bouquet options, this one can not be missed. An incredible combination of unique green and red, it is something fantastic. It is pretty challenging to achieve such an effect of unusual rose colors. And this becomes clear to everyone who sees this bouquet. So, tell others about their uniqueness and importance to you with the help of such flowers.


            Bottom Line

            Floristry is not limited only to the classic colors of roses. Thanks to modern horticultural technologies, you can see many unique shades of roses. These unusual hues allow you to express feelings and emotions even more original.

            If you are wondering where to find such flowers, Rosaholics is here to help you. We grow flowers on our farms and create the most unusual roses. So, our assortment of rose colors will not leave you indifferent.



            What color roses are most unusual?

            One of the unique colors of roses is blue. Such a color is difficult to achieve, so such flowers are rare.

            What is the rarest rose?

            The green roses are exceptionally rare. It is due to its distinct green coloration that is difficult to create.

            Are different colored roses real?

            Yes. With advances in breeding, rose growers have created an incredible variety of rose colors.

            Is there a real blue rose?

            There is no natural blue rose. If you see such flowers, they are a result of floral coloring.


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