It is difficult to argue about which flower is the best. Each of them is beautiful in its way, bringing its fragrance to the world and pleasing in its appearance, not to mention that many of them have a medicinal effect. 

The bright colors delight the eye, and the fragrance delights the sense of smell. Where would the world be without this beauty? These plants are a pleasure to look after, decorate your garden, grow in pots, put in a vase, give, touch and admire. Flowers evoke happiness, relieve stress, reduce pain and help curb anger. Flowers are probably the most beautiful and unique thing that nature could give us in the history of evolution.


Most of the flowers listed below are available on our Rosaholics website, and you can easily order flowers at any convenient time and surprise your loved ones. Flowers give a lot of pleasant emotions. But are there any most beautiful flowers?


What is The Prettiest Flower for Any Bouquet?

The rose is rightly considered the most beautiful flower in the world, no matter what anyone says. The world's most beautiful flowers make an impressive list, including specimens from every corner of the globe: 

  • Some varieties are not flowers in the usual sense and are as big as a small tree. 
  • Some are a joy to look at for an entire season, and others last for hours. 
  • Among them are some that never leave a lasting impression. 
  • Many of the world's gardeners dream of growing the coolest flowers on their plots, but this is not always possible.


The variety of flowers is mesmerizing, they can be:

  • bright and delicate;
  • big and small.

It's hard to say that some flowers are more beautiful than others, as every plant has its taste and color. Some people admire snow-white roses. Others proclaim loudly that nothing is more beautiful than lilacs.

There are many flowers, and each has its admirers among humans. But humankind has developed a strong preference for blooming plants over the centuries, which have conquered the world by their sheer beauty. So here are 9 of the prettiest flowers, among which house and garden plants have established themselves.


1. Long Stem Roses

Long Stem Roses

How can you do without this flower, considered the queen of all flowers! It's many people's favorite flower. That's why they can rightfully be considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. No other flower can be compared to long stem roses. It is one of the most beautiful plants on earth, known to humans since ancient times - since 500 BC. Its flowers are associated with the most beautiful human feelings and concepts, such as beauty, love, passion, and honor.

The best flowers have a lovely, noble fragrance, subtle yet rich. It makes it a favorite flower of many. No other can compete with its fragrance. Approximately 100 species are grown by gardeners today.


2. Lilac


    The smell of lilacs, filling everything in May, is intoxicating and stupefying. The great shrub is associated with spring and approaching summer, with warmth and first love. Lilac shrubs are native to Persia. It was cultivated there as early as the 4th century. From there, it found its way to China, where its medicinal virtues were appreciated. From China, it spread throughout Europe and has still been cultivated.

    Lilac bushes are true longevity. A typical plant can live for a hundred years or even longer. So, they are not only one of the coolest but also pretty long-lived flowers.


    3. Marigold



      These flowers symbolize the king of beasts - the lion. Given the language of flowers, these plants are a sign of courage. Flowers differ from others by a peculiar, pungent aroma. Interestingly, the leaves smell more robust than the flowers. The homeland of incredible marigolds is considered to be America. Their wild growth begins in New Mexico and Arizona territories and continues to Argentina.


      4. Tulips


        If you think this flower is banal, perhaps you haven't seen how wide, colorful, and unusual varieties of tulips there are! In the Netherlands, an entire Keukenhof garden (about 32 hectares) is devoted to this plant. Huge fields of iridescent colors create excited and gorgeous feelings in the prettiest flowers.

        There are 150 species and about 3000 varieties of tulips altogether. They vary in color, size of bud, and stem height. Tulip blooms are at their peak in spring.


        5. Alstroemeria



          The best and most fantastic flower, which appeared on the shores of Peru, was considered a magical plant there. The Incas believed it was a gift from the sun god, giving them incredible physical abilities, for example, the ability to become invisible or transform into different animals. In the language of flowers, alstroemerias are used as a gift to symbolize friendship and loyalty. They are said to bring good luck, prosperity, and wealth.


          6. The Oriental Poppy

          The Oriental Poppy

            It is perennial because it has lived for about ten years. It can grow to a height of up to 90 cm. The open poppy flower has a diameter of 20 cm. It blossoms from early May to the end of June. The flowers may live for no more than three days. Its homeland is Central Asia, but experienced growers have acclimatized it to other regions.

            Experiments have resulted in different varieties of this flower. The oriental poppy can tolerate frosts of 40 degrees. This flower has inspired more than one artist with its beauty. Van Gogh and Monet are among them who were charmed by one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The image of this delicate plant is repeatedly seen in their paintings. 


            7. Dahlias


              These fantastic flowers are famous as the prettiest worldwide. In America, dahlias symbolize late summer, while in Japan, the flower has become a symbol of the emperor and is still considered one of the most important in that country's culture today.

              There are about 42 types of dahlia. They vary in the shape of petals, size of buds, foliage, and plant height. When it comes to the palette, the colors are enchanting. Bright and pastel, dark and light, monochrome and variegated, is a favorite for everyone. 


              8. Hydrangeas


                Hydrangea bouquets are works of art. This flower arrangement leaves no girl indifferent. The coolest hydrangea's flower color palette is astonishing in addition to the "standard" white, pink, and blues; the blossoms can be a piercing hue of lettuce or a deep purple-green. 

                The second name of hydrangea is the Japanese rose because it was introduced to Europe by French navigators who visited the Land of the Rising Sun on a round-the-world expedition. In Japan, the flowering plant is called 'Ajisai', which translates as 'Purple flower that looks like the sun.’


                9. Sunflowers



                  The bright and sunny sunflower impresses everyone who touches it with joy and optimism. This prettiest flower, revered by the ancient Aztecs, is surrounded by rich positive symbolism. Nowadays, only decorative sunflowers are used by florists, as an ideal addition to any bouquet or as a unique independent composition.




                  The beauty of the world around us inspires and has always inspired creative people. It inspires our most noble feelings and pushes us to do beautiful things. The flight of the soul is incomparable at the sight of such beauty.  And all this beauty of flowers can be given to loved ones and open their hearts to the most beautiful feelings in the world. Rosaholics florists can help you arrange beautiful flowers for your loved ones without occasions!



                  What is the rarest, most beautiful flower in the world?

                  It is called the "Venus slipper." The flower of the goddess of love and beauty grows in Southeast Asia. The plant does not get such an exciting name by chance. The flower's unusual pocket resembles a slipper - a 'love trap' into which insects fall. They get out of there by getting pollen all over them and then flying off to pollinate more flowers.

                  What is a unique flower?

                  “Guzmania” is considered to be such a flower. The bright scarlet, yellow, and deep red leaves arrow upwards and are admired for their unusual exotic appearance. It blooms once for three months, only to die afterwards.

                  What's the most expensive flower?

                  The most costly and prettiest flower in the world is the yellow Shenzhen Nongke orchid plant with a bright pink center, bred by Chinese breeders. The plant is incredibly inconsistent and blooms once every five years.

                  What is the oldest flower?

                  The lotus is one of the oldest flowers on earth. They existed as early as the Cretaceous period, over 100 million years ago. Their fossils were found in North America, the Far East, and the Arctic.


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