When we prepare for Halloween, we first think about what costume to choose. But have you thought about the hairstyle? For this, you only need to stock up on: 

  • invisible hair elastics;
  • hairspray; 
  • pastel chalk or spray paint;
  • hairpins, and other accessories.

And you should not think that creating a spectacular hairstyle for Halloween is the task of hairdressers in salons. In fact, it is not difficult to do it independently. Thanks to these elements, you can create a chic hairstyle yourself. However, before doing this, you should know what costume you will wear. After all, the hairstyle should highlight your image and fit it. So, when you decide on the look, you can start with your hair. According to stylists, holiday hairstyles can be very diverse - from easy natural hairstyles to incredible braids. But what to choose is up to you.


Easy Natural Hairstyles

Easy Natural Hairstyles

If you decide to change your image and make an original hairstyle, it is unnecessary to do something incredibly complicated. Easy does not mean not beautiful. You can do the simplest hairstyle and look your best. The main thing is to add some zest, such as unusual flowers or colored locks, to give you a creative image. So, keep some easy natural hairstyles that will make you look amazing:


Pigtails with Orange and Black Ribbons

This option is suitable for those who want to look cute and festive at the same time. Start pleating the braids from the beginning of the head and gradually weave them together with the ribbons. Pull the braid on each side and make the stripes stand out to add volume.


'80s Rockstar (Curls Hairstyle)

Do you want to remember the '80s? Apply foam to wet hair, loosening it with your hands. After drying, use a thin curling iron or wand to curl the hair. When this hairstyle for Halloween is ready, you can add a flower behind the ear or clips for creativity. It will give you a mysterious look for your Halloween party.


Messy Bun

Use this idea if you have thought about your hairstyle at the last moment. Braid the bundle and sprinkle hairspray on top to fix it. Next, add some creepy accessories like fake bats, and that's it. Your easy hairstyle is ready.


Hairstyle with Bouffant

Bouffant allows you to make the hairstyle more voluminous. So, tilt your head and brush with a comb from the scalp to the hair ends. From the side, it may seem scary because such a Halloween hairstyle is unusual, but it is ideal for this holiday.



This effortless hairstyle is suitable for any Halloween look. Tie a very high tail and wrap it with colored ribbons. You can also add hairpins in the form of spiders to your head. It will give you a Halloween mood and a more exciting look.


Hairstyle for Halloween with Flower Decorations

Hairstyle for Halloween with Flower Decorations


Flowers can be a significant element for hair. Choosing them in dark shades or autumn colors can complement the costume and give a mysterious look. And the most important thing is that they are straightforward to use, and there are many ways to do this. So, we have prepared for you several ideas for hairstyles with flowers:


Ariel Hairstyle

Are you in the mood for a mermaid? Dye your hair with temporary red dye for this hairstyle for Halloween. Then fasten the front strands with a barrette in the form of stars and add seashell accessories. And to complete the look, add hydrangeas inside the hair or behind the ear. Add artificial blood to your clothes and makeup to create a creepy look.


Loose Hair with a Roses Hoop

The most challenging part of such a hairstyle is the creation of a flower hoop. Make it from colored roses that match the theme of Halloween, and wear it on your head with loose hair. But to complement such beauty with frightening impressions, insert artificial vampire teeth into your mouth and add fake blood around it.


Princess Leia with Alstroemeria

Braid two bundles like Princess Leia right next to the ears and fasten an alstroemeria flower to them. At first glance, it may seem gentle, but if you add bloody makeup, it will look scary and complement your Halloween hairstyle.


Hairstyle "Spider on a Sunflower"

The sunflower is perfect for any look because it complements the autumn colors. So, braid a high bun on your head and attach a sunflower to it. Adding a fake spider to it will make you look like the holiday queen at the party.


French Braid with Interwoven Roses

Want to look for Halloween like a witch, thanks to your hairstyle? We advise you to make a French braid with red and black roses. Such colors symbolize Halloween and are suitable for any image.


Scary Halloween Hairstyles

Scary Halloween Hairstyles


Halloween is a fun and frightening holiday at the same time. That's why most people create creepy photos for themselves to have fun. But weird looks aren't just about costumes and decor. It's also about hairstyles. As it turns out, you can also make them scary and complement your appearance with them. So keep some ideas for such hairstyles:


Cruella de Vil Hairstyle for Halloween

From the outside, this hairstyle looks very effective and professional, although it is effortless to perform. All you need is temporary black and white paint. But before applying it, you need to wind your hair with thin curls and then paint one side white and the other black.


Image of Maleficent

This image is for those who want to convey scary feelings with the help of a Halloween hairstyle. And you can do it using special horns that cling to the hair. So, let your hair down, attach black horns and make a pale face with makeup.


Harley Quinn Hairstyle 

The image of Harley Quinn is perfect for the Halloween theme. So, if you want to feel like a thug at a party, braid two ponytails and dye them pink and blue. And to complete the look, paint your lips red.


Scary Witch

Halloween witch hairstyles look spectacular on long hair. To perform it, comb the hair at the roots, and braid the ends. To decorate the hairstyle, use a branch without leaves, purple flowers, or unique hairpins on the appropriate theme.


Vampire Hairstyle

You can create the image of a bloodthirsty and lovely companion of Count Dracula with the help of unique vampire hairstyles for Halloween. Curled loose hair, combing, or a long tail is what you need for an effective look.


Marilyn Monroe

Merlin flaunted her short blond curled hair and red lipstick. As if nothing is terrible in this, but if you bleach your hair, curl it, and add artificial blood to your make-up, everyone will be scared of you at the Halloween party.


An Evil Spirit

A good option for those who have such Halloween haircuts as a cascade. However, it is also suitable for any other hair. All you need is to cover your hair entirely with white powder and make a mess on your head.


Wednesday Addams

A too cute face can suddenly turn into a scary character; to do that, you can make your hair like Wednesday Adams. Plait two ordinary braids on the sides, and wear black lenses when you come to the party. Everyone will be amazed by such a simple and, at the same time, scary image.


Costumes for Men with Long Hair

Costumes for Men with Long Hair


When men have long hair, they have no fewer ideas for hairstyles than women. But they can use hair not only as a hairstyle but also for the complete image of their costume. Just imagine a man in a cloak, suit, or mantle with long hair and a headdress. It looks fantastic, so keep some ideas for Halloween:


Wizard Costumes 

A long cloak may be sufficient for a wizard costume. But to make it look more attractive, you should make a scary Halloween hairstyle and add props such as lanterns or candles. However, it's if we are talking about the general costume of a wizard. Besides it, there are several more examples of specific characters:



Feel like a powerful magician in this costume. Put on a cape dress and tie it around your waist. Throw a cape over your shoulders, straighten your long hair and put a big hat on it like a magician. Finally, be sure to carry a witchcraft stick with you.



You don't need a unique Halloween haircut or hair length for this costume. You only need to repaint it grey with temporary paint and add a small cap. Next, just wear a long light-colored cloak.


Ranger Cloak

Just release two strands in the front of the face and hide the rest of the hair under the hood of a large black cloak. You must wear a vest, wide pants and long boots under the cloak. For props, take arrows.


Plague Doctor

This costume is perfect for men with long hair. Although the hair should be hidden in this look, wear a Plague Doctor mask to add your zest. Just wear a hat on top and let your hair be invisible. And, of course, wear a black robe.


Costumes of Superheroes

If you want to feel the power of a superhero, it is enough to choose a costume like them. A hairstyle, clothes, and additional accessories do not necessarily have to be the same, but so that there is a similarity between you and a superhero. However, if it is difficult for you to decide on a choice, the following ideas are for you:



Dress according to the image of this superhero and make an easy natural hairstyle by simply pulling the front strands back. With a unique weapon - a magic hammer, you will make a courageous impression on yourself.



A red suit with a yellow vest will make you the center of attention at the Halloween party. And for the hairstyle, there are two options: tint your hair green and comb it, or wear a ready-made wig. To complete the look, take a flower arrangement as a prop.



A white shirt, wide black trousers, a black vest and boots are all you need for the image of this hero. In addition, you need a suitable hairstyle for Halloween. So braid long hair into pigtails and tie a red bandana on top.



It's probably one of the easiest costumes for men for which long hair is not necessary. Just wear a black and white striped suit and make your hair a mess. It will be enough to make a spooky impression on Halloween.


A Word from Rosaholics

Even simple loose hair, supplemented with flowers, already looks festive and attracts attention. Therefore, if you have decided that flowers are an option for you and want to make a hair hoop out of them or add flowers as an accessory, we are waiting for your order. Rosaholics is always happy to help you choose flowers and can create beauty for you.



How can I dress my friend up for Halloween?

It depends on the theme you want to choose and on the preferences of your friend. For fun, you can wear a Unicorn or a Hocus Pocus costume. For something spooky, select a vampire or skeleton costume. To make your friend look more creative, add some decorations for them.

How can you dye your hair for a Hallowen costume?

Hair sprays are considered the best way. They need to be applied to dry hair, and then they keep the dyed color on it for some time. But if you have dark hair, you must use more spray to see the result.

Can I get my hair done for Halloween if I have short hair

Yes. Picking a hairstyle for short hair is sometimes difficult, but not for Halloween. For this holiday, there are many ideas with which you can complement your hair and make it more expressive. Even ordinary styling with exciting decorations will look fascinating.

How long does Halloween hair spray last?

It depends on your chosen product and how often you wash your hair. A weaker spray is usually washed off after the first hair wash or after a week. A stronger product can keep the color for several weeks, about 3-6.


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