Halloween is already knocking on the door, so it's time to get out the decorated pumpkins and prepare spooky costumes for a worthy celebration 🎃! Halloween has no restrictions on costumes and can show the strangest and creepiest images. Therefore, if you have some crazy fantasies, Halloween is the time when you can turn them into reality. 

Witches, blood vampires, and zombies can be good options for an image. And if you think this is irrelevant because many choose such suits, then you are wrong. You can add something special to each image that will make you stand out from the crowd. However, if it is essential to you to be different from everyone else, we recommend selecting flower costumes that are suitable even for adults. With such an idea, you will not be left without compliments.


Unusual Halloween Costume Ideas with Roses

Do you want to attract the attention of many people? So you can complement your image with roses. This decoration will make you stand out among others and, as a result, you will get a fantastic flower outfit. The rose is considered the queen of flowers, so adding one rose flower to your jacket or on your arm as a bracelet will already make your look more luxurious. Here are many ideas on how to use this flower in the form of additions to your costume, so we want to share them with you:


1. Funky Headband, Bandana, or Flower Crown

Thanks to such decorations, you can create an image from a cute girl to a mysterious witch. It all depends on the color of the flowers you choose and their size. To emphasize the head ornament, we recommend combining two colors of roses for contrast.



Wrist Decoration

2. Wrist Decoration

Halloween costumes are perfectly combined with jewelry on hand. So make a bracelet out of fresh flowers and wear it on your wrist. The more lush flowers you pick, the more they highlight your look.



3. Necklace with Flowers

Such flower costumes are suitable for adults, especially women who want to emphasize their neckline. So make a neat necklace with red or dark roses. It will make you not only mysterious but also elegant at the same time.  



4. Rose Costume

Don't want to select flowers and make accessories out of them? Then you can become a flower yourself. Make a costume like a red rose, and then the attention will be focused on you for the whole party.



Flower Earrings

5. Flower Earrings

This option is perfect for those who like minimalistic and something extravagant. So, make earrings in the form of colored roses that match your theme. But choose small flowers to create a balance between the costume and the decoration.



Sunflower Costume

6. Sunflower Costume

Do you like to be different from everyone else? Create a sunflower costume for yourself. Make the outfit green and wear a decoration like yellow petals on the head. It will go perfectly with the symbolic colors of Halloween.




7. Basket with flowers

Are you a fan of flowers? Then a composition in the form of a basket with a bouquet to your rose costume will be a great option. Just imagine how mysterious you will look in a super outfit with a basket of big roses.




Covered in Flowers

8. Covered in Flowers

One of Halloween's most challenging but most impressive ideas. Cover your suit completely in roses of exotic colors. You can do this with hot glue. The main thing is not to leave empty places on the clothes and to decorate everything orderly.





Halloween Costumes for Adults

You're mistaken if you think an adult is old enough to wear costumes because they can even wear a flower costume, and it'll look perfect. And all because Halloween allows you to show all your creativity and has no restrictions on clothing. Therefore, keep more ideas for costumes:

1. Witch Costume

Scary classic versions of evil older women with big noses and warts on their faces shock others, especially if beautiful girls hide under this image.





2. Costume of Vampire

Both costume and makeup are essential here. Bluish skin shades, dark circles under the eyes, bloody wounds, and streams of blood from the lips can distort the image and give it uniqueness.



Multicolored Unicorn

3. Multicolored Unicorn

When everyone is creating a spooky atmosphere, you can dilute it with these multicolored unicorn Halloween costumes with impressive horns and tails. But to match the festive theme, add decorations in the form of spiders or take a lantern with you.



4. Nurse

If you don't have time to buy an outfit for Halloween, take a white medical coat and stain it with artificial blood. Appropriate make-up and hairstyle will complement your image with attractiveness. 



Vecna ​​From Stranger Things Series

5. Vecna ​​From Stranger Things Series

Such a Halloween costume will make you stand out from the crowd. It's an idea for those who love adventure and something unusual. So, focus on blue veins and artificial blood.





6. Ghost

A ghost costume is a good option for Halloween. It makes you invisible and gives people creepy feelings at the same time.




7. Pirate

A simple pirate is interesting, making it even more attractive when there is some additional trifle. So, If an adult chooses this variant and adds a flower to this costume, they will be the king of Halloween night.




Harley Quinn

8. Harley Quinn

You can't do without this on Halloween. Because dressing up like Harley and doing fake blood makeup can make you the center of attention at a party.





9. Nun

Do you want to look terrible and cause fear in others? Put on a black dress and white gloves and make a pale face. Then add flowers to it to make an outfit scarier. The shocking impressions of others are guaranteed to you.



10. Skeleton

If you add some flowers in the form of decorations to such a costume, you will have an unreal look. A skeleton with flowers is a combination of the otherworldly and the living. But not everyone dares to look like this.




11. Catwoman

A cat outfit is a fashionable option for girls. A woman always attracts attention in a tight black jumpsuit or a short, full skirt. For interest, you can add a couple drops of artificial blood to the costume.




12. Evil Sorcerer

It's an ideal option for a boy. You will need a long black cloak cape and a stick. You can also wear a mantle and cover half of your face for mystery.






Flowers Suitable for Halloween Costumes

In general, there are a wide variety of flowers that you can use to complement your Halloween costumes. But to avoid considering the choice of many types for a long time, we recommend paying attention to the roses. It is a classic and, at the same time, chic flowers that will suit any image and complete it with the appropriate atmosphere. But if you can't decide on their color, we recommend you take a closer look at the following options:

1. Black and Yellow Roses

It is more suitable for suits of dark shades. Against their background, such a bouquet will stand out and look attractive.

2. Black and White Bouquet 

Black - death, white - life. What could be scarier than such an unusual combination of flowers? Only such a bouquet in combination with plain Halloween costumes.

3. Black and Orange Roses

Perfectly emphasize the autumn season and decorations in the form of pumpkins. Therefore, such a bouquet will be suitable for any image.

4. Black and Red Roses

Suitable for people who want to highlight their enigma flower outfit. Exactly, black and red can give the whole meaning of the Halloween mood and spooky atmosphere.


A Word from Rosaholics

As it turns out, a flower can be an excellent addition to a spooky atmosphere on Halloween. Whether it is flower jewelry or a rose costume, it will look magical and unusual. So, we recommend you take a closer look at such an idea and use it. The only difficulty you may have with these ideas is their choice because all of them are interesting, but you need to choose one. However, you can not worry about it and entrust this matter to us. Rosaholics florists know how to work with flowers correctly, choose them according to your image, and arrange them harmoniously. So, if you want to impress with a flower outfit at a Halloween party, we are waiting for your order.



What are the five most popular costumes for this Halloween?

The top 5 costumes for this Halloween are Barbie and Ken, Stranger Things, House of the Dragon, Bridgerton, and Sarah Sanderson from Hocus. They are quickly gaining popularity, so finding them will not be difficult.

What is the most popular costume among adults?

It is estimated that the most popular costume for this Halloween is a witch. This costume has become a tradition, so there has not been a single Halloween without such an image.

Is it better to use fresh flowers or dried ones for a Halloween costume?

If you select the color of fresh flowers that matches the Halloween costume, it will be better than dry flowers.

How long does it take to prepare a Halloween costume?

It depends on where you will take the suit. Will it be tailoring or just buying in the store? But to avoid doing everything at the last moment, preparing in the first two weeks of October is recommended.


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