So often, when men think of romance in relationships, they imagine grand gestures or come up with ever more elaborate and creative ways to impress their girlfriend or boyfriend. Being able to be romantic with your partner is something you should strive for throughout your life. The great thing about it is that it doesn't require much effort. But that's just not the case.

Romance comes in all forms. Sometimes the small, sweet, simple gestures make the most significant impact. But just remembering the little things and trying to show your spouse how much you appreciate and love her or him makes your relationship happier and more meaningful.

Of course, being romantic is easier said than done, and if you're not particularly good at these things, it can be hard to think about how actually to do it. So, let’s consider a list of 10 ways to be romantic with your partner.


What Does Romance Mean in Relationships?

What Does Romance Mean in Relationships?

Being romantic means accepting your partner, pampering them with pleasant surprises, and supporting them. While some guys and girls find some standard activities quite romantic, others equate romance with candlelight dinners and red roses. 

Doing something romantic for your partner is sometimes a lot easier than making a big deal about explaining to them how much you love them. There's no single guideline for being romantic or making your spouse happy. The best way to be romantic is to find new and unique ways to let your sweetheart know how much you love, care and appreciate. And do it in a way that pleases your soulmate. Here are some more simple examples for bringing romantic to your loved one to help keep your relationship strong.


How to be Romantic?

To be romantic means to create a sense of passion, anticipation, and excitement in a relationship. Over time, the word "romance" has become associated with dramatic love stories in general. It is one of the reasons why people talk about romance today, they mean excessive gestures between lovers.


№1 Surprise Your Partner

Surprise Your Partner


All people like to be surprised. If you want to earn some brownie points, planning a surprise for your partner that you know they'll just love is a great way to bring romance back into your relationship. This means you've been thinking about your partner and making an effort to please the other half.


№2 Cook for Your Partner

Cook for Your Partner


Everyone likes it when their partner cooks for them. Even if you're not the best chef in the world, cooking for them demonstrates that you know how to be romantic. They'll think it's super cute, regardless of the result!



№3 Romantic Dates

Romantic Dates


Don't let this be a trip to the cinema, but rather a quiet, private place where you can devote attention to each other. A cozy restaurant or home cinema would be great. You can also rent a house by the sea for the weekend, where no one will disturb you.


№4 Give Compliments

Give Compliments

Be more creative in your compliments. Not every person will appreciate permanent honesty, but everyone wants to hear compliments. Being romantic means letting your soul mate know what you like about him or her. You can add some poetry or write something heartfelt when complimenting your sweetheart to make the gesture even more romantic example.

If you want to make a maximum impression, say that the girl has recently blossomed and looked even more feminine. For a guy, a great compliment would be if you point out his masculine energy and strong character. Watch their face light up, and you'll be left wondering why you have never started complimenting them long ago.


№5 Pamper Your Partner

Pamper Your Partner

Anything that can relax your sweetheart after a tiring day will do, but it can also be a romantic tip. For example, it can be a simple foot or head massage, a refreshing cocktail, warm tea, cocoa - whatever. Just offer it with love, and you'll see the magic. You can improve your relationship with these thoughtful actions that show how much you care about the person.


№6 Improvise


Don't be afraid to improvise and do it in a bolder, more fun, relaxed way. An unplanned trip to a bakery or café or a late-night drive can show that you know how to be very romantic. Because the journey is unexpected, it becomes exciting, bringing an element of surprise into your life. Sometimes these plans can trump even the most lavish date nights because the aspect of spontaneity disappears when you wait for a date. 

When you do something spontaneously, however, you're both in the present moment and making the most of it without any expectations or preconceived notions of what each next moment should be like.


№7 Give Presents and Pleasant Surprises

Give Presents and Pleasant Surprises


Be sure that it will bring real romance to your relationship. They can be inexpensive (a chocolate bar, a soft toy, or perfume) but romantic and exciting. Don't forget that gifts can sometimes be bespoke, and personally engraved, so the gift value increases to the person. 


№8 Give Women Flowers

Give Women Flowers


It's a pretty old but unspoken rule. All women love flowers; you just need to know what kind, and you're sure to make her happy. Red or white roses are, of course, the classic choice. For being romantic, you can order a composition out of several types of flowers.


№9 Sharing Hobbies

Sharing Hobbies


Of course, each partner should have their hobbies and personal space, but why not dilute that with some exciting time together? Consider dancing, drawing, yoga or other creative activities. They are said to bring people together best.


№10 Romantic Quest

Romantic Quest

A one more good romantic example of how to surprise your partner is to prepare a surprise, hide it, and play out the way to it as a quest. Think of fascinating tasks or questions related to some moments in your life together. And your other half will be delighted with this surprise!



Well, now you know a little more about how to see your partner romantically. Rosaholics florists will be happy to help you find the best gift for your sweetheart.



What makes a person romantic?

Being romantic stems from a person's desire to express their love and to show a special, sensitive, and caring attitude towards their spouse. There is no greater joy for a genuinely loving person than to see joy and happiness on the face of their other half.

What is romantic for a woman?

First and foremost, actions and gestures of attention are romantic signs for every person. Of course, words are important too, but not as actions. So learn to show your love in this way.

How can I improve my romance?

Do small things to please your loved one. Have breakfast, spend weekends, and develop and learn new things together. You can also ask your partner directly if he or she would like to add to the romance in your relationship.

What is the most romantic thing?

According to psychologists, the most romantic examples for your spouse to receive were "a home-cooked candlelight dinner" and "an adrenaline-inducing pastime together." Most men and women believe that a romantic gesture is an act unplanned by dates. For women, for example it can be flowers without any occasion.


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