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BOO! Our roses are tinted to perfection to decorate a spook with Halloween's signature colors.

halloween flowers

When it comes to Halloween, the possibilities for fun and joy are endless, from costumes and treats to holiday decorations and themed parties. As Halloween approaches, many people are also starting to think about decorations. And while most people think of pumpkins with creepy facial expressions and cobwebs, there are other ways to decorate for the holiday. 

However, one often overlooked way to get into the Halloween spirit is to use spooky and exciting floral arrangements in your home decor. 

Not only will these arrangements add a touch of spooky fun to your holiday season, but they also make a stylish and sophisticated addition to your decor. So if you're looking for a unique way to celebrate Halloween this year, why not order some flower arrangements that reflect the season's spirit? 

Halloween Flowers Delivery by Rosaholics

Rosaholics has a wide selection of Halloween flowers perfect for this spooky, fun holiday. Whether you are looking for a mysterious bouquet to decorate your interior or want to send a friend or loved one a holiday arrangement, we have something for everyone. 

Our Halloween flowers include spooky roses in black, orange and red. And we even have roses available in a unique gold colour!

No matter what you are looking for, we guarantee that our Halloween bouquets will make your holiday season even more special. So order today and get ready to celebrate in style! 

What is the Best Bouquet for Halloween?

If you want the perfect Halloween bouquet, choose spooky yet stylish and elegant floral arrangements.

For example, the Xoxo bouquet from Rosaholics is a classic choice for Halloween, and the drops of special paint added to a few of them create a spidery accent and make the bouquet even more spooky elegance. 

Choose a combination of orange and black roses for a more playful Halloween look to create a vibrant pumpkin-themed arrangement. Examples include bouquets like Pumpkin and Black Sun (Exclusive).

If you want to go above and beyond, you can choose something extraordinary like Golden Frost. These Halloween roses are sure to create an atmosphere of mystery and unconventionality.

Best Rose Colors for Halloween

It is necessary to observe the colour scheme to create the atmosphere of an enjoyable Halloween party. You can use traditional colours of flowers like black and orange or try something new like pink, or even white. Let's look at each colour:

Black Roses

Of course, the most popular colour flower for Halloween is black roses. This colour symbolizes darkness, mystery, and suspense. A black rose bouquet will be an excellent decoration for your party. You may also consider adding some green foliage to your arrangement to make it more festive. We have two options for all-black bouquets Black Dragon and Black Mamba.

Orange Roses

Orange is the perfect colour for Halloween because it is associated with pumpkins and fall. This colour will add a touch of fun and playfulness to your Halloween flower arrangements. You can combine orange flowers with black flowers or even white flowers like in the Viva La Vida bouquet.

Pink Roses

Pink roses can be used to create a more romantic and girly feel to your Halloween decorations. You may consider using pink flowers as accents in your arrangements or even as the primary colour in your bouquet. Paramour (Exclusive) bouquet will reflect the right atmosphere.

Red Roses

Red roses are perfect for a more traditional Halloween look. The thing about red is that it reflects the colour of blood, which is often found on such a spooky holiday. Rosaholics has the perfect combination of red and black roses for you for Halloween. Take a closer look at the Manchester bouquet to decorate your home with a spooky-beautiful bouquet.

At Rosaholics, we know Halloween is about spooking and scaring people with ghoulish floral arrangements. That’s why we have a wide range of options for our customers who want to send the perfect message this holiday season. Whether you are looking for something traditional or something more unique, our team can help you create a one-of-a-kind arrangement that will scare your friends and family members witless. So don’t wait any longer; order your Halloween bouquet today!


How do you decorate a room with flowers for Halloween?

Order a beautiful yet spooky bouquet from Rosaholics and place it prominently in your home. You can add Halloween-inspired decorations like a pumpkin or toy spiders and spider webs next to it.

How long does Halloween flower delivery take?

At Rosaholics, we understand that Halloween is a busy holiday. If you order a bouquet now, the bouquet will arrive on time. But in general, delivery takes 3-4 days.

Where can I buy Halloween roses?

The best place to buy Halloween roses is at Rosaholics. We have a wide selection of Halloween bouquets and arrangements that are sure to please.

Do black roses are great for Halloween?

Yes, black roses are perfect for Halloween because they symbolize darkness, mystery, and suspense. But in combination with black roses, you can add other colors.