Quite often, men and women wonder how a husband should treat his wife in marriage. It is no secret that family harmony depends to a large extent on these relationships. Yes, as many believe, it is achieved through the woman's behavior. But at the same time, the man must behave properly. Otherwise, there will be no marital harmony. After all, a woman is also a person. She should not tolerate bullying and disrespectful attitude. 

Every couple can build a happy union, regardless of their financial situation, number of children, flat, car, or country house. Family matters concern almost everyone. But not every couple can make it from the wedding palace to "live happily ever after." When starting a family with the person they love, many think that their feelings are strong and that they will go through any difficulties, and that harmony and love will only grow stronger with time. 

So what rules and actions should be taken into account to make the relationship for couples work well?


What are the Most Important Rules for a Successful Marriage?

What are the Most Important Rules for a Successful Marriage?

One of the most important rules for a happy marriage is respect. It should be remembered all the time. Of course, trust, good communication, and frankness are also worth knowing. Below you can read about all the rules in detail:

  • People who have been married for 10 to 15 years say that the most significant thing in a healthy relationship is communicating and discussing all their concerns. 
  • However, those with 20, 30, and 40 years of marriage say respect for one another is the most critical rule in marriage. The fact is that conflicts in couples are inevitable. And we hurt each other's feelings, no matter how much we want to avoid them. And the only thing that will help you stay together is mutual respect, a sense that you value each other above all else, trust each other, and believe that your partner will do what's best for you. Just don't forget that you need to respect yourself as well. 
  • Trust is also needed to deal with unpleasant feelings like jealousy. We all need to understand that your partner may have other interests and talk to other people, and you shouldn't get angry when you see them talking to someone else.
  • Another key to a successful marriage is being frank and respectful of your other half. It is essential to talk, especially about things that hurt you. If something is bothering you in the relationship, you should talk about it: When we talk openly, it creates a sense of trust that builds intimacy. It can be painful, but you have to do it anyway because no one will fix your relationship but you.

 There are different vital marriage rules you can read about below.


1. Celebrate the Good News 

Celebrate the Good News


According to research, couples who pay attention to good occasions more frequently have higher intimacy, trust, relationship satisfaction, and responsibility towards each other. So, it is recommended to remember to make your life a bit happier and more diverse.



2. Leave Space for Each Other

Leave Space for Each Other

One of the most critical rules for a happy marriage is not to merge completely. The secret to success is separate bank accounts, credit cards, friends, and hobbies. Even holidays may well be spent separately. Some of those giving advice to newlyweds even suggest using separate bathrooms and toilets. It sounds strange - indeed, many people are afraid to let go of their partner and give them freedom.



3. Learn How to Quarrel Properly

Learn How to Quarrel Properly

We already know that quarrels in a couple are inevitable, but you have to get it right. There are a few relationship rules for couples that should not be broken. First, you shouldn't criticize your partner's personal qualities: no, "you're stupid" - just "you do stupid things." You should not take a defensive position in a conflict like, "I wouldn't have done it if you hadn't…". It is forbidden to impose guilt on your partner. 



4. Learn the Art of Forgiveness

Learn the Art of Forgiveness


It is hard to believe, but even the strongest families have unsolvable contradictions. There are issues we will never agree on; the solution is to come to terms with them. And it's also a matter of the marriage rule of respecting each other.



5. Remember to Surprise your Wife

Remember to Surprise your Wife

All girls are crazy about unexpected, pleasant surprises and gifts. Don't forget to make your wife happy is also a key rule for a successful marriage. A bouquet of red and white roses, "Dolce Amore" can be a wonderful gift. Men send bouquets to their beloved women to surprise them and say, "I love you." Flowers are the perfect way to tell them how you feel. Whether it's the start of a relationship, an important date for both of you, or just a token of affection for your beloved wife. Long-stemmed fresh roses, in particular, serve as a classic and heartfelt expression of love and affection.


You can read our helpful guide How to Decorate a Bed With Rose Petals in the Rosaholic blog.


6. Maintain Warm Relationships with Family Members and Friends

Maintain Warm Relationships with Family Members and Friends


Today, marriage sometimes resembles a cocoon of two people who only rely on each other. But this situation is far from realistic. You have to maintain relationships with family members and friends. The relationship with your spouse is primary, but not the only one.



7. Allow Yourself Little Pleasures

Allow Yourself Little Pleasures

There are relationship rules for couples that can make your family happy. Pay attention to the little things when going to the movies, eating lunch together during work hours, or going for a walk on the weekend. Hold hands during the film, say "I love you" to each other before bed, and cook coffee or breakfast in the morning. These things will help you confirm that you appreciate and respect her.



Your wife deserves all the love you can give her❤️. Do these simple things daily to let your loved ones know how much you love, appreciate and respect them. Also, don't forget, that Rosaholics can help you make your significant other happy at any time. Small things and rules are incredibly important for a happy marriage.



What makes a strong marriage?

Values and trust are the foundation on which your marriage is built, and on which it will only grow stronger.

What are the five principles of marriage?

You may often hear relationship rules and advice for couples, but the main ones are: 1. Have equality in everything, especially in the duties 2. Communicate to solve problems 3. Maintain partnerships, i.e. finding compromises 4. Make time for yourself and your partner 5. Have an internal and external balance

What is the biggest mistake in marriage?

The biggest mistake people make when they get married is the initial false choice when these people have nothing in common at all - no religion, no culture, no ideals, no upbringing. If they do fit together, a terrible mistake is to "show character," "stand on principle," boycott, and do things out of spite.

How do I stop mistakes in my marriage?

You can start talking about problems more often or see a marriage therapist who will guide you towards a solution. A prolonged crisis is easier to overcome if the two spouses start working on it together. Saving the marriage could be only when both husband and wife want it.


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