Multi-colored roses are trendy today. It is not a bouquet of different colors, but one rose that looks like a rainbow. Each rose petal has its color and shade. Such a flower is mesmerizing because it shimmers with all the rainbow colors and somewhat resembles not a living plant but an explosion of fireworks. It got its name thanks to its unique property. A bouquet of these flowers can improve the mood of any person.

Flowers are very popular with consumers, despite the very high price, and are used by florists to create unique compositions and decorate special events, birthdays, and anniversaries. If you want to do something nice for your beloved woman but can't figure out how to give her such an unusual bouquet, you will surely make a strong impression.


How did Rainbow Roses Come About?

How did rainbow roses come about


Multi-colored roses owe their appearance to the Dutch florist Peter van der Werken. Peter obtained the original color scheme during experiments with unique dye pigments. The dyeing technology is based on the well-known fact that flowers drink water, and with the help of their system of vessels, they carry it from the stem to the petals. If you cut the stem’s tip into several equal parts and then immerse each in a test tube with a dye of a certain color, you can get an incredible flower with petals of all possible shades. The lifespan of rainbow roses is 3-5 days at average room temperature.

Of course, due to the laboriousness of the staining process, such roses are not cheap. But every woman will be delighted with such a bouquet. Rainbow roses are a great gift that will delight and be remembered for a long time. Due to such roses’ rarity, it is difficult to find them, but you can use roses online ordering, and the best florists will put together a harmonious bouquet for you. Moreover, you can present a bouquet to a person while he or she is in another city thanks to delivery. If you need a bouquet for a specific day or time, the courier will be able to bring it to the address, and you will not have to go to the store and wait for the florist to arrange your bouquet.


Is it a Myth or Reality to Create Multicolor Roses at home?

It is quite possible to create rainbow roses with your own hands despite the task’s seeming complexity. This means that when the stem is immersed in colored water, the colored liquid will rise to the bud. The water will evaporate from their surface, and the paint will remain after the dye penetrates the petals. You can make a rainbow rose in just one day using food colors. You should take white flowers; the buds of other shades simply do not lend themselves to coloring in the desired colors to create a petals’ rainbow shade.


How to Make Rainbow Roses?

To change the color of a rose, you need to use the principle of transporting nutrients to the leaves and petals of the plant. If rose stems are immersed in water with food coloring, the colored liquid will rise to the buds. The water will evaporate, but the color on the petals will remain. You can not immerse the stem in one glass of paint to get multi-colored petals. Then the bud will be painted in the colors obtained by mixing all the shades. In order for each petal to get its own tone, the stem must be split.


Step 1. Rose selection

Rose selection


Buy a rose with a stem 20-23 cm long. It is advisable to choose a white rose so that the color is bright and clear.




Step 2. Choose 4 contrasting colors

Choose 4 contrasting colors


You should not use combinations of blue and indigo or red and orange. The right choice is contrasting colors: red-blue-green-yellow, purple-red-blue-yellow, or yellow-purple-green-blue. It is necessary to experiment - the results can get great! Mix 4 selected paints in glasses with water.



Step 3. Splitting the stem of a rose

Splitting the stem of a rose


It's time to split the stem of the rose. To do this, use a scalpel or a clerical knife. The task is to divide the stem into roughly equal segments carefully.




Step 4. The cut stem is placed in glasses

The cut stem is placed in glasses


Now, parts of the stem are dipped into separate glasses, and the whole structure is fixed so that the flower does not fall. In the next 24 hours, a miraculous transformation will occur with the rose, the sequence of which can be captured in the photo.



What Flowers are Combined with Roses in a Bouquet?

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers, with which royal grace and delicate, tender aroma delight others and are an adornment of any holiday. But not everyone knows how a rose will combine with other plants and what roses are best to choose for a certain event.


What flowers does a rose go well with?

The rose is believed to be a versatile and classic flower that complements any bouquet flawlessly. However, there is a rule that flowers should be in harmony with each other in the shade so that the composition looks whole.

The most advantageous in the bouquet are lilacs, orchids, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, and lavender.

Surprisingly, roses look good even with wildflowers, and you can complement the bouquet with fresh herbs.

In any case, rainbow roses should be combined with flowers that are most suitable in the shade of your bouquet.


What flowers are best not to include in a bouquet?

Depending on the purpose for which you buy roses, the list of colors changes with which you can combine roses. Florists use almost all types of flowers to decorate the premises. But if you want to give a bouquet that will stand in a vase for a long time, then remember that not every plant can coexist with a rose.

Take care that the bouquet does not contain the valley's carnations, daffodils, and lilies. They release special substances into the water, due to which the rose will quickly wither.


How to Choose the Right Colors for Flowers?

How to Choose the Right Colors for Flowers?


Try not to get the contrast between the color shades too sharp when composing multi-colored bouquets.

About 60% of the bouquet volume should be the darkest color, about 30% in between, and the remaining 10% the lightest. With this approach, the bouquet will look stunning; different colors skillfully complement each other. Remember these proportions when adding additional decorations from other flowers and plants to rainbow roses.

If you want to add wildflowers to your bouquet, try to use as many color shades as possible. 

Using these rules, anyone can collect a good bouquet. Nevertheless, it is better to entrust the work of drawing up bouquets to professionals who know all the rules of floristry to the subtleties.


Multicolored Rose Bouquets

A multi-colored bouquet looks prestigious and expensive, so it does not need to be supplemented with other gifts. Making rainbow roses yourself, you can color them according to your preferences, choosing exactly the shades you like. 


Cotton Cloud
Cotton cloud


An incredibly beautiful bouquet that will convey your most tender feelings. The combination of cute flowers in one bouquet: purple, cream, and light blue evokes tender feelings. Rainbow roses are a great solution for those who want to surprise their loved ones with something interesting, exotic, and unusual. They are combined with other flowers and look great in bouquets and separately.





Such a queen of flowers will not leave anyone indifferent because it is unusual to receive a rose sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow as a gift. The bouquet is suitable for a fun holiday, a wedding celebration, or just to cheer up a loved one. Even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of beauty will not be able to hold back a smile holding such a bouquet in their hands. The pattern of its petals is always unique and unrepeatable. Present such a bouquet, and you will be described as an original personality, keeping up with the times and the latest fashion trends in the field of floristry and flower art.




Incredible, bright and beautiful at the same time. No need to choose one color - a combination of odd petals in one bouquet will be your successful choice. You will be surprised, but you can buy rainbow roses for absolutely any celebration, from a birthday to a romantic date: rare and unusual buds will surprise your girlfriend, mother, grandmother, and even a strict teacher. The dazzling bouquet is sure to please.

Very often, trying to surprise a loved one and picking up flowers, you want to give an unusual bouquet. The flower market allows everyone to choose the plants they like today. Recently, rainbow roses have been trendy. These roses can be given for any holiday and will cheer you up.



What does a multicolored rose mean?

A bouquet of rainbow roses means happiness and joy. A color kaleidoscope is associated with brightness, a riot of colors, positive and carefree. With the help of such a gift, they wish for a good mood, a positive attitude, and optimism.

Are rainbow roses natural?

Roses of unusual shades are created in three ways: selection and internal or external staining. They are not natural initially and do not grow in nature.

What are the multi-colored roses called?

Rainbow roses are specially colored roses with multi-colored petals: green, blue, yellow, red, pink, and purple. Thanks to a special staining technique, the buds can be given any color and even completely unnatural: black, light green, blue, or neon.

How long do rainbow roses last?

The only drawback of this technique for breeding such beautiful flowers is that their lifespan is much shorter than that of ordinary rose varieties. They usually stay fresh for 3 to 7 days.

Are rainbow roses rare?

Rainbow roses are very popular, although rarer than classic red roses. Rainbow roses are called the "anti-depressants" of flowers because their bright hues always bring a smile.


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