As the weather warms up and the days get longer, our thoughts turn to romantic walks in the park and lazy picnics in the sun. And what could be more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers? But with so many different flowers available, it can be challenging to know which ones are in season when you don’t want to give  bloom all year round and want something more special. Here is a list of some of the most popular seasonal flowers:

  • Tulips (spring 🌱)
  • Daffodils (spring 🌱)
  • Roses (summer ☀️)
  • Lilies (summer ☀️)
  • Chrysanthemums (autumn 🍁)
  • Poinsettias (winter ❄️)

So whatever the season, there is sure to be a perfect flower for that special someone in your life. Read on to find the best seasonal flowers and solutions for flower presents.

Seasonal Summer Flowers Guide

After all, isn't that the time when flowers are most available? Giving flowers in summer shows you understand and respect the natural order of things. You know that flowers have a life cycle and that you honour their natural place in the world by giving them in summer. Giving flowers in summer is also an advantage, as you can pick them from every lawn you come across while walking.



They have an elegant look and are easy to find at your local grocery store.


Garden Rose

Garden Rose is an excellent present for someone you love. You can give her a bouquet of mixed flowers, including roses, lilies, and daisies.



Sunflowers are cheerful and brighten up any room, making them ideal for the summer months.



That bouquet of seasonal flowers will be suitable for wedding congratulations.


Mock Orange

This is a very delicate and romantic flower and can be presented in combination with light and airy hydrangeas.



It's a very bright and accented flower and fits perfectly into bouquets with various flowers.



This flower can be independent in a bouquet and has a catchy colour. It's a great solution to impress someone in summer.



They have a massive bright palette of colours, and they are also easy to grow, even for beginners in the flower business.



Fall Season Blooms

Ordering flowers in season is not only more affordable but is also eco-friendly. When you purchase flowers that are in season, you support local farmers and ensure that your money goes back into your community. What could be more romantic than that? 

Autumn is a great time to give flowers. And for a better variety of your gift, you can complement your arrangement with fallen leaves. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, from green to bright red. So take advantage of the autumn moment.

Here are some examples of fall flowers



They are delicate and fragile flowers. Roses fit into any surroundings, regardless of the occasion and the person the bouquet is arranged for.



This flower reflects the female soul: light, fragrant, and original for a gift.



A voluminous and airy flower, its smell will unobtrusively fill the space and make you fall in love with it.



Unpretentious to growing conditions, they will perfectly decorate your landscape and add a lovely accent.


It has an extensive palette of bright colours, an excellent plant for festivals. It will form variegated accents and deep dive.



The flower perfectly combines with voluminous open roses and splashes of greenery.



Dahlia is suitable for any festive occasion as a gift.



This flower of love is also called a male flower, and it has a glossy cover and an unusual shape.


Seasonal Winter Flowers

Flowers have always been associated with special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. But did you know that flowers can also be given in winter? In fact, winter is one of the best seasons for flowers! Here's why:

  • Winter flowers are often more fragrant than those in other seasons. 
  • Winter flowers are also typically more vibrant in colour than those in other seasons.
  • Flowers in this season are often less expensive than in other seasons. It happens due to growers' adaptation to the colder temperatures by growing fewer blooms. 

Wonder what flowers are in this season? Here is a short list of them.



Chrysanthemums are a winter favourite and look beautiful in bouquets. 



Perfectly creates an atmosphere of warmth and life in your home and pleasantly complements the surroundings.



It Is the star of Christmas, creating a festive, colourful atmosphere.



Creates a pleasant impression of a soft carpet on your landscape, even if it has a stone surface.


Star of Bethlehem

They grow in voluminous bushes and are spectacular both in composition and on their own.



Amaryllis is associated with winter holidays and makes a stunning addition to any holiday decoration.



Used as a spice, but also as a home decoration.



Seasonal Spring Flowers

Spring is a time of revival. At this time, you need to seize the moment and give flowers as often as possible, since the most delicate and colorful flowers begin to come to life in the spring. It is enough to go outside and look around, and the flowers are already there. The list of seasonal spring flowers below will give you some great ideas for what flowers are in season during this time of year.



It's a very delicate flower, which can be grown both in pots and outdoors, and will make everyone not indifferent to it.



Roses are of a wide variety, large and small, in multiple and single inflorescences, short and long, for every taste and colour.


Gerber Daisy

They will perfectly fit into a children's holiday. They look the same naive and defenceless as children but also the same colourful and festive.



Very unpretentious care flowers, but they will perfectly fill all the free space in your backyard.



Perfect as a gift for the spring holidays and will delight with its beauty.


Bird of Paradise

Unlike the plants you are used to, a unique flower is an excellent option for a non-standard approach.


Sweet peas

If you are a fan of tiny flowers, sweet peas will fit perfectly into your list of favourites.


Cherry blossoms

A gentle and atmospheric plant creates an accepted and warm atmosphere around itself, imprinted in your memory for a long time.


Bottom Line

Now you know what flowers are best to choose for each season of the year. Now you just need to collect some money, dress nicely and buy a flower that she will surely like. And with our short guide, you are guaranteed to make her happy with the best bouquet of roses or hydrangeas.



Why do we need to give flowers?

The biggest reason we give flowers gifts is to connect with an emotion. They communicate the most profound feelings most elegantly.

What is the most popular wedding flower?

Peonies, Garden Roses, Anemones, Ranunculuses, Dahlias, Sweet Peas, Hydrangeas, Lilacs.

What is the most popular summer flower?

Sunflower. Possibly one of the most popular summer flowers out there, sunflowers - with their tall stems and bright yellow petals - seem capable of bringing a smile to the face of anyone who passes one.

What month do flowers bloom the most?

Springtime is the time of new plant and animal life growth and renewal. Spring comes at different times in the North and South Hemispheres. Springtime in the Northern hemisphere is between March-May, and September - November in the Southern hemisphere.


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