The most classic way to decorate your home with flowers on each holiday is just to put a simple bouquet in a vase. It is the most traditional and a win-win option out of all. But sometimes, it is an urge to try out new things and ways. And a lot of people search for some special decorations for the Thanksgiving table.  

There are plenty of different decorations for Thanksgiving, but flowers are still the key point of every house adornment and even costumes as well! Indeed, even basic bouquets in vases already transform the holiday to a whole new level. Besides, there is something special in the fall atmosphere, and flower decorations with yellow leaves or pumpkins are great at conveying it. Besides, there are many more options on how you can decorate your home with flowers only. So, if you want to stick with a traditional way of home decorating but just add something new to it, here you are!

House decoration includes many points, like choosing a color scheme, flowers, placing, etc. Here we will try to give you a couple of ideas on your home decoration and also additional tips on how to make it the best!

Thanksgiving flower decorations for the table

5  Thanksgiving flower decorations for the table

On each holiday, flowers are in the public limelight. The proper table centerpieces will easily create a bright Thanksgiving holiday’s mood. So, here are some extraordinary ideas for flower decorations.

  1. Dried herbarium. There is no more fall-atmosphere decoration than dried herbarium. You can stick it with the glue on the piece of cloth and put it in the frame. Or you can attach it to some glass or transparent surface. For instance, a beautiful glass table centerpiece decorated with dried flowers is a great adornment for Thanksgiving!
  2. Vase bouquets. Don’t think we are talking about ordinary vases here! In fact, you can buy some colorful vases or choose one of bizarre form. There are plenty of nonstandard vases for flowers; you only have to choose the one you like most. An extraordinary vase of earthy color will definitely set for a fall mood.
  3. Pumpkin vases. If there is no plan to buy a new vase, the great idea is to use pumpkins instead. Why pumpkins? They have a round shape and vivid orange color. Put a pretty bouquet of fresh or dried flowers in such a vase, and the room fills with new colors. It is a great Thanksgiving decoration for the  table!
  4. Table adornments. You can acquire some special table centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Of course, you can use your small bouquets in vases to decorate the table. Also, you can make up a special craft for it, using flowers or pumpkins.  
  5. Colored flowers. Dyed flowers are a way unusual thing. Dyed flowers are a bit higher in price, but it is not necessary to buy them. In fact, it is quite easy to change their color at home using special dyes. For example, black roses will surely add a more gothic atmosphere to your holiday.

Colors and floral compositions for Thanksgiving decorations

Colors and floral compositions for Thanksgiving decorations

So, how can you improve your home decoration? Here are some ideas:

  • Pick a color scheme. Not many people pay enough attention to making their home in one style. And actually, this is a mistake. Thanksgiving decorations for the table should harmonize with the other adornments in your home. You can try to combine several compatible colors.  
  • Pick up different herbals. Traditionally for Thanksgiving, people try to buy some fall or fall-related herbs, like fir cones, pumpkins, etc. But why not turn your gaze to some unusual flower choices?

On the whole, choosing Thanksgiving decorations for the table might be quite a time-consuming task; specifically, if you desire something unusual. But, sometimes you don’t have to make up something ornate, but simply give a new life to traditional things.


  • What flowers are good for Thanksgiving?
  • Generally, you can choose any flowers, but they have to be yellow, orange, red, brownish, or even green colors. People typically use sunflowers, daisies, or red carnations.  

  • Do florists deliver flowers on Thanksgiving?
  • No, unfortunately, no. Most florist shops are closed, so you will have to buy flowers in advance. 

  • What types of flower arrangements are created for the Thanksgiving holiday season?
  • Well, typically, people make up fall flower bouquets. Crafts are also very popular, i.e., a basket full of flowers and leaves. 

  • How should I decorate my house for Thanksgiving?
  • Typical Thanksgiving house decoration includes pumpkin crafts, fall flowers of symbolic colors, table clothing (usually white or brown), candles and a lot of coats and pillows.

    September 06, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik