Autumn is a great time to make dried fall flower arrangements from natural materials. Literally, everything will go into business - seeds, leaves, grass, twigs, and, of course, fall-dried flowers. Beautiful autumn crafts will decorate your home and become a pleasant gift for any occasion.

Compositions made from fall dried flowers take a special place in the hearts of "craftsmen". To make it on your own, you can take both fresh flowers or dried flowers. It is better to dry flowers on the balcony or veranda but not put them in the sun. Lay the flowers out on a flat surface or hang them on a string with clothespins. After drying, you need to hang the flowers upside down.

Think carefully, imagine what result you want to get before starting the work. Look for the material you would like to use. At the same time, ideas often come after the sight of certain flowers.

Fall dried arrangements are a great way to discover the beauty of the surrounding world and reduce fatigue after a busy day. The palette of autumn colors is sure to cheer you up and give you the feeling of comfort.


Ideas of Dried Fall Flower Arrangements

Do you really want to preserve autumn colors in your interior? You can save a piece of nature at home in the form of an autumn composition. We offer such an unusual version of crafts made from natural materials.

Ideas of Dried Fall Flower Arrangements

Here are some fall-dried arrangements:

1. Form wide decorative vases from old phonograph records. To do this, you need to: 
    • take a knitting needle;
    • make a hole in it in the center, and a gramophone record;
    • hold in the hot air, and when the black fields soften, they form a beautiful shape; 
    • do not forget that you cannot go low over the fire. Fill the phonograph vase with green moss.

    You can read our guide about what to do with dried rose flowers in our other article.


      2. Decorate the vase with the dried flower and herb filling.

        Such an autumn composition can stand for a long time without water and does not change its color: it will delight your eye during cold winter months and bring pleasant fall memories back. If you like cones, chestnuts, nutshells, viburnum, rose hips, and autumn leaves - there is an option to create your masterpiece using all these materials. Do not hesitate and free your fantasy!

        The creation process is fascinating and captivating! Such fall dried arrangements

        it is not difficult to create, the main thing is to find time and desire.


        Voluminous Fall Dried Flowers for Art 

        Voluminous Fall Dried Flowers for Art

        There are many options for crafts and autumn compositions with autumn flowers, and here is one of them:

        • You need to dry the flowers without a press and keep such voluminous flowers in bouquets or compositions and place them under a frame with glass. The frame has to be of a suitable thickness so that the glass neither press nor break the dry bouquet of flowers and herbs.
        • For such paintings, the flowers are dried without a press: they are hung in a dry room with their heads down or the buds are placed in boxes with semolina and dried in the sun without closing the box. The groats absorb flowers’ moisture and the buds dry out without breaking their petals. Volumetric fall dried flowers can be used not only for paintings but also for other handicrafts made from natural materials.
        • In such autumn compositions, you can add pieces of moss, bark, plant seeds, dried fruits, poplar fluff, pebbles, cut twigs, thin branches, and other natural materials.

        Autumn is an amazing time that has a bunch of bright colors in its beauty. Autumn arrangements can be performed using dried flowers that are available in our Rosaholics store. And such an autumn craft will cheer you up every day. Do not miss the opportunity to take a piece of fall along!



        What flowers are suitable for dried flower arrangements?

        Winged ammobium; Helipterum; Gelikhrizum; Statice; Xeranthemum; Amaranth; Carthamus; Roses.

        What can be made from dried flowers?

        Compositions of dried flowers will help to keep the summer mood, which will fill the house with warmth, colors, and a delicate aroma: winter bouquet; painting; decorative panel; author's crafts; compositions in the form of baskets and wreaths.

        How to treat dried flowers so that they do not crumble?

        If the bouquet requires fixing, then dry flowers can be fixed with melted wax (the entire lower part of the stems is dipped into it, gluing them together). Many small flowers in the bouquet are sprayed with hairspray on all sides so that they do not crumble.


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