Although October is no longer such a warm month, this month is beautiful with its special beautiful colors🍁. October has a wide range of plants from wildflowers to garden flowers, which are trumped by special care. Flower lovers will be able to find all kinds of flowers they need, even in a cool month like October.

In October, we can see the following flowers:

  • Japanese anemone;
  • Tatar aster;
  • Bluebeard;
  • White turtle;
  • Golden aster;
  • Meadow saffron;
  • English lavender.

Blooming October flowers include simple wildflowers as well as garden plants such as roses and sweet William.


In the second month of autumn, you can find any flowers that differ in shape, color, size, and care requirements. Among the deliciously scented flowers, you can find Russian sage, butterfly bush, and English lavender.

Flowers such as Japanese anemone, Tatar aster, meadow saffron, and Bluebeard have their bloom period from September to November, but white turtle, golden aster, Clematis Golden Cross, Clematis Rooguchi, and English lavender begin their bloom period in summer and bloom until November.


Perennial October Flowers

Perennial October Flowers

These autumn flowers will give a pleasant, joyful mood even in cool autumn. Here is a list of some delightful October flowers:

  • Japanese anemone. This member of the buttercup family is native to China but has been cultivated in Japan for so long that it has settled down and has been mistaken for an aboriginal. It prefers moist but well-drained conditions, with soil that does not dry out completely and does not get wet with standing water. Establishes slowly but will spread and form colonies over time. These flowers have their bloom period from September to November.
  • Tatar aster. This tall, late-blooming purple aster looks good until the first frost. The "Jindal" cultivar was first discovered in the Jindai Botanical Garden in the suburbs of Tokyo. While some asters get leggy and need pruning in the summer to look their best, this one does well without it as long as it grows in full sun.
  • Bluebeard. This flowering shrub has fragrant deep blue flowers that lure butterflies and pollinators. It is especially attractive when planted in groups or as a low hedge, and benefits from tough pruning that can be done in early spring as it blooms in new growth. 
  • White turtle. This native wildflower is found in much of eastern North America. It requires a moist environment with rich soil and is good for woodland and wetland gardens, as well as for irrigating ponds and streams. The name comes from the shape of the white flowers that resemble the head of a turtle. These flowers begin their bloom period in summer and bloom until November.
  • Golden aster. This aster is a native of the southeastern United States - the second part of its Latin name, Mariana, means that it comes from Maryland. It grows naturally in all kinds of open, sunny areas such as grasslands and roadsides, especially where the soil is sandy. In the garden, it prefers well-drained soil, can tolerate a little shade, and can withstand drought once it has established itself well.
  • Meadow saffron. Crocuses are generally considered harbingers of spring, but there is also an unrelated but species-like group of flowers called the fall crocus, of which this is an example. It is charming in forests and meadows and at the edges of garden beds, but it should be planted where its yellow foliage will not be unsightly as it is dormant in the spring.
  • English lavender. This is an amazing October flower. Typically grown in herb gardens, lavender is also effective in perennial borders or even in groups as a low hedge. Fragrant flowers can be dried for sachets or potpourri. The plant requires full sun and well-drained soil and is intolerant of moisture and intense winter cold. These flowers also begin their bloom period in summer and bloom until November.

    Birth Flowers of October

    Birth Flowers of October

    Birth flowers of October - marigolds. These are adorable flowers, besides they have a delightful smell as if created especially for those who have October birth and are one of the favorite flowers of garden lovers.

    Birth flowers such as marigolds have a long history, one of the very first uses of them was among the Aztecs, who believed that these flowers have magical and healing properties. They used to treat skin diseases.


    These delicate October flowers symbolize perseverance in their actions and determination. From the point of view of beauty, these flowers have a very bright color, look delicate and symbolize the diligence and passion of the one who is lucky to have October birth.

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    What flowers have their bloom period in October?

    Asiatic Lily. Celosia. Dahlia. Orange Gerbera. Purple Alstroemeria. Calla Lily. Chrysanthemum, disbud. Leucadendron.

    Can flowers be planted in October?

    Despite the already decreasing ambient temperatures, October is not a good month for planting autumn flowers. So, yes, of course, you should plant flowers in October, taking into account their care requirements.

    Can perennials be planted in October?

    Those perennials that bloom in spring are best planted in early autumn when the ground is still warm. This will allow them the opportunity to take root well.

    What flowers do I plant in the fall?

    In the fall, you can plant flowers such as сhrysanthemum, cockscomb, dahlia, eternal daisy, gazania, geranium, gerbera, impatiens, kangaroo paw, marigolds, nasturtium, petunia, purslane, rudbeckia, sage, snapdragon, and sunflower.


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