Ice cubes with flowers are an exquisite way to decorate a cocktail and surprise guests. It's an open field for experimentation. Think about what you've been particularly inspired by lately. And put your impressions into action!

If you don't have any ideas yet, we recommend trying ice cubes with spices, hibiscus, or grapefruit. Violets, for example, not only spice up the flavor, but also look very pretty on ice. Roses are also a great option for flower ice cubes. They look exquisite and will grab the attention of your guests. You can use any variety of colors. But remember, bright colors will look best. Everyone is sure to love your culinary skills. Making floral ice is easy, but there are a few details to remember for the best result. In this article, we will detail all the steps and nuances.


flowers ice cubes

Edible Flowers for Ice Cubes  

Those who have vacationed in Thailand, for example, have encountered serving cocktails with ice cubes in which flowers are frozen. It is easy to do at home, and your drinks will amaze your guests.

You should not serve flower ice cubes to those who suffer from allergies.

You must be sure that the flowers were grown without pesticides and that they were not picked by the side of the road or near industrial plants. The best choice is freshly picked flowers from your garden. Avoid wilted flowers or those with obvious signs of spoilage.

Below is a list of all edible flowers for ice cubes:

  • Honeysuckle. This beautiful flower gives a sweet taste;
  • Nasturtium. If you add this flower, you get a peppery flavor;
  • Zucchini Flowers. It's a great vegetable that a lot of people like. Remember that you can also use flowers from it;
  • Violets, pansies. These pretty flowers also have a sweet flavor;
  • Fragrant violets. This option will add a sour-sweet flavor to your сoctail;
  • Pumpkin flower. It's pretty big, so it's best-used petal by petal. Such flowers have a delicate, sweet taste;
  • Sunflower. Yep, its petals are good to eat. These colorful plants will make flower ice cubes beautiful and delicious.


Note: violets and pansies have an edible bud base that is not tasty, and you should not eat them.


You may also see other flowers with only edible petals:

  • Roses. The queen of flowers will give you a fragrant, sweet taste;
  • African marigolds. These flowers will add some spice as they have a spicy taste;
  • Onion flowers. This spicy flavor will be good for cocktails with tomato juice and vodka
  • Lavender. The pretty purple flowers will add a minty-rosemary flavor;
  • Hibiscus is responsible for the sour citrus flavor and aroma;
  • Velveeta. These rare flowers will add an interesting peppery flavor to the ice cubes;
  • Fragrant geranium is an apple-lemon flavor. It is versatile and will be loved by many of your guests;
  • Cloves. This well-known flower has a pungent, spicy taste;
  • Alstroemerias. The lush flowers have a mild floral flavor.


The interested reader may have noticed that the above list contains enough flowers of the vegetables we are familiar with - zucchini, pumpkin, etc. And yes, that's a hint. Most of the   flowers of vegetables and fruits that can be eaten are edible for ice cubes. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but in general, the principle is followed.

But it is vital to remember that allergic reactions can occur to the flowers of those fruits or vegetables to which a person is not allergic. And vice versa. If a person is allergic to a pumpkin, that does not automatically mean that they are allergic to a pumpkin flower. That's the way it is.

Of course, summer and spring are the seasons for picking these flowers  for ice cubes. Therefore, you can think about networking with traders now.

One more life hack is to remember school skills and stock up on summer bartender herbaria, which can then be used to conquer the hearts of ladies behind the bar.

 ice cubes with edible flowers

Flower Ice Cubes: Step-by-Step

Now you know about the edible kinds of flowers, you can start making ice! For this step, we will need:

  • ice molds. You can use not only classic but also in the form of stars, hearts, etc.;
  • dried flowers;
  • cooled water boiled twice.

Step 1: Pour water into ice molds and place the flower

Pour water up to halfway into the ice molds, and put a flower in each cell. We use petals of big flowers:

  • roses;
  • hibiscus;
  • lilies.

Then gently place the flower on the surface. Add a few drops of water on top so that the flower stays in place when frozen. You can use several flowers to create a flower ice cube composition.


Step 2: Put ice molds into the freezer 

Now put the mold in the freezer until the water gets completely frozen. At the end of 1-2 hours, take out the form, fill the water to the edges, and put it back to freeze. You can make cocktails and drinks. The decorative flower ice cubes are ready!


ice cubes with red flowers

How to Get Cristal Clear Ice

Everything seems straightforward here. Therefore, there are some small recommendations. If you just pour water into the ice molds, the flower ice cubes will be cloudy and bubbly. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use filtered water or non-carbonated bottles. Moreover, in both cases, you should boil it twice. After the first boiling, let it cool down completely.

If you wish, you can use food colorings to tint it:

  • First, boil clean water and let it cool.
  • Then add a few drops of dye or lemon juice. Consider the intensity of the desired color. Food flavorings can also be an addition, as long as they are appropriate for the drinks served. Be sure to use a toothpick to stir. It will help remove any excess air. Consequently, you won't have any bubbles.
  • Pour into molds and place in the freezer overnight.


Bottom Line 

Do You want to surprise your friends and have a cool party outdoors? Cooking flower ice cubes is quite simple and uncomplicated. But in a glass, even with plain water, floral ice is impressive. Contact our florists for the freshest flowers for your ideas!



Can you put fake flowers in ice cubes?

No. We strongly recommend that you do not do this to cool your drinks. If you are using ice as a decoration, however, you can. The main thing is not to eat it.c.

How long do ice cubes with flowers last?

On average, they can refrigerate your drinks for up to two hours. If you use floral ice cubes in a bucket to chill your drink, they may last longer. On the order of five hours.

Can you put rose petals in ice cubes?

Undoubtedly yes. Roses are one of the best choices for floral ice cubes. We recommend you take petals, although you can also use buds.

Where do I get flowers for ice cubes?

Harvest in the expanses of your family vegetable gardens and homestead plots. And yes, having established contact with vendors at the collective farm markets in advance, you can place an order for all this beauty.


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