A Rose flower crown is feminine jewelry that combines ancient traditions and modern fashion trends, and opens up incredible scope for imagination. It can be an exotic composition, a bohemian headdress or an accessory made of wildflowers with folklore motives. You don't have to buy a flower decoration - you can make a wreath on your head with your own hands, using available materials.

Flowers have always been considered a woman's adornment, so they have been woven into hair for centuries or used as an additional accessory for clothing. 

Recently it has become very fashionable to decorate your hair with a small rose flower crown. Paris Fashion Week is no exception. The models’ heads were adorned with headbands made of voluminous artificial flowers. A flower crown emphasizes the beauty and femininity of any girl.  Rose crowns have a natural beauty, but, unfortunately, they are not durable and require careful handling. The composition will not disintegrate if you pick up flowers and plants with long and flexible stems. 

In our article, we have collected the simplest and most popular master classes on making beautiful do-it-yourself wreaths on your head. 

How to Prepare for Making a Rose Flower Crown

preparing rose crownVery cute and attractive rose flower crown is made from natural materials. It is very difficult not to pay attention to such an accessory. You can use a variety of materials to make a pretty little thing. It can be multi-colored flowers, and twigs, and leaves, and berries - the list is endless. To make an original rose flower crown you will need the following basic materials:

  • Wire for the base.
  • Tape
  • Secateurs
  • Decorative wire
  • Roses.

Our first instructions for making rose crown that we present to you consists of four steps: 

  • Prepare materials and tools. You will need green wire, scissors, wire cutters, and tape.
  • Make a wireframe. Take two pieces of wire equal to the circumference of the head with an increase of 5-6 cm to connect the ends of the wreath. One piece of wire will be the frame, and the other will help fix the stems.
  • Weave flowers. You can alternate the buds in a specific order or create an asymmetrical arrangement. Berries, ears of corn, field herbs will look good as a decoration.
  • Connect the wreath. Make two loops atAt the ends of the frame, make two loops, Tthread the ribbontape through them, and tie your roses crown at the back of your head.


How to Make DIY Roses Crown

making rose crown

Fresh flowers always look great, especially when dressing a girl. Roses are beautiful fragrant flowers that you can use to make a crown of roses with your own hands. Roses crown is a great solution for a theme party, wedding or other festive event.


Master Class 1

To make a wreath of living roses, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • The first flower must be placed vertically.
  • The next flower is laid across the first. It is required to ensure that the inflorescences are as close to each other as possible.
  • The horizontally lying stem must be bent behind the vertical one, after which it should be carefully brought out to the front side immediately in front of the inflorescence.
  • The listed procedures must be repeated until the required length is reached.
  • The end of the accessory should be tied neatly but tightly with a thread or a beautiful ribbon.


2 Master Class on Making Roses Crown

  • Take a wire, wrap the head with it 3 times (you are creating a frame template for the future wreath) and increase the size of the wire by another 10-15 cm, cut the required length;
  • We proceed to creating a frame, cut the wire into three equal parts, connect the upper ends of the wire to each other;
  • Weave a braidfrom the resulting blank;
  • Lay out the flowers along the entire workpiece so that the composition of them is combined and looks original (it is recommended to alternately combine the large flower with the middle one, and end the composition with a small flower);
  • Once you have found the desired composition, take a picture of it (this way you will better remember the location of the flowers);
  • Wrap the wire frame with a satin ribbon, fix its position with glue;
  • We fix the flowers on the rim one by one using a glue gun, adding beads.
  • Rose flower crown is ready


Making Roses Crown 3

  • Wrap the wire with tape.
  • Bend the wire to the size of the head and carefully wrap the ends of the wire.
  • Cut the flowers and form small bunches of flowers and greenery, wrapping them with tape. Tape is a special floristic thing that helps a flower live without water for a longer time.
  • Begin to make a wreath. We attach the finished bundles to a wire base using tape and decorative wire for reliability.
  • Continue to weave a wreath. We place flowers only on the outside of the wreath base 
  • Mark the center with larger and open buds roses, having reached the middle of the wreath. After going through the center, continue with less open buds roses, and finish with the buds.

And now your Roses crown is ready! 



What are the instructions for making a rose head crown?
  • Prepare materials and tools. You will need green wire, scissors, wire cutters, and tape.
  • Make a wireframe. Take two pieces of wire equal to the circumference of the head with an increase of 5-6 cm to connect the ends of the wreath.
  • Weave flowers.
  • Connect the wreath.
What twigs to use for the head wreath?

Thin birch and coniferous twigs are best bent. You need to cut the youngest long twigs. The wreath should be weaved on the same day you cut the twigs so that they do not have time to dry out and lose their elasticity.

How to make a head wreath of roses for a photo shoot?
  • Match flowers to match each other.
  • Use the wire to make the base for the wreath.
  • Attach flowers to the base to calculate the approximate number of flowers and create a composition.
  • Tie a thread to the base and start wrapping around it.
How to preserve a flower crown?

Tip: in order for the flowers to stay fresh for a long time, we recommend that you put them in water for three to four hours before making the wreath. When the wreath is ready, you can spray it with water and put it in the refrigerator, if you need to save it for a while.


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