A rose wrist corsage is an alternative to bridesmaids 'bouquets' at a wedding, which has undeniable advantages; the girls' hands are free, suddenly, in the process, the bride needs to fix something, remove a curl or take a glass of champagne, finally hug! And the free hands of girlfriends can be used for other accessories.

You can order a corsage or DIY. Here is an instruction on how to make a mini rose corsage:

  1. Cut off a small piece of wire and round off both ends. And then give the wire the shape of the wrist.
  2. Next, wrap our blank with tape - this will be the basis of our bracelet.
  3. Take buds for rose corsages. So, the stems are cut under the bud, leaving a maximum of 1 cm. Take the wire and bend it in half, and insert both ends into the middle of the bud.
  4. Leave about 6-7 cm of wire under the bud, cut off the rest. And wrap the wire itself with tape (2 pieces are wrapped together)
  5. Almost done. If you use buds of different colors, the wires of these colors need to be twisted together; this way, you get a double rose corsage
  6. Next, the wire must be wrapped around the bracelet.
  7. The only thing to do is to decorate the bracelet with a satin ribbon. 

This is just an example of how bracelets are made, and you have seen that it is not difficult. Let's take a closer look at all the stages further in our article.

diy rose corsages

DIY a mini rose wrist corsage

There are several ways to do a fantastic corsage on your own. 

First master class. 

What do I need?

  • My fav flowers; if you don’t know where to buy premium-class roses at a loyal price, this store is definitely for you. Choose the color you like the most - red, white, and even black roses;
  • Pliers;
  • Wire (1 coil thick and 1 thin);
  • Tape;
  • Scissors;
  • Satin ribbon (1 cm wide);
  • Thermal gun.

Step 1

Cut off the thick wire to the width of the wrist and use the pliers to round its ends and wrap with tape. This will be the basis for the rose corsage.

Step 2

Then, prepare the flower. Take a thin wire, bend it in a loop so that you can pass it through the bud to the center of the stem.

Step 3

Leave about 7 cm of wire at the bud, cut off the rest, twist the wire. Wrap the wire with tape.

Step 4

The flower is ready. Now, put elements of your decoration together: holding the bud with one hand, with the other hand, forcefully rotating around the corsage base.

Step 5

Now, decorate the base of the bracelet with a satin ribbon wrapped around the bracelet. And your red rose corsage is ready.

rose corsages

What if I want three roses in a corsage, what should I do? 

Second master class 

The materials are the same. Instead of red roses, take white and make a white rose corsage.

Step 1

Choose fresh flowers for the bracelet. 

Step 2

Just like the first method described, pierce the buds with a wire loop.

Step 3

If you use a couple of buds in a corsage, form small bouquets and twist the wire together. The wire must be wrapped with tape.

Step 4

Take a wide satin ribbon, make a hole in it, thread the flower stems through the hole, and stick them to the ribbon with hot melt glue..

Your white rose corsage is ready.

The double rose corsage

You need:

  • 2 roses;
  • 3 branches of greenery; these can be stems or branches of a rose with leaves;
  • Dried flowers; several branches of lavender inflorescence.

What to do:

  1. Cut off the stem of the rose, leaving about 2-3 cm. Cut off a piece of wire about 10 cm long and thread it through the stem, right under the bud. Do this with each flower.
  2. Then, bend the wire in half and wrap both ends together with tape. If the tape breaks, it doesn't matter. Start rewinding at the break.
  3. Add sprigs of greenery and dried flowers to the main buds. The composition of double rose corsage is ready.
  4. Now let's start to put them together. Take a piece of wire, wrap it with tape and build something like a pair of scissors with loops and ends.
  5. Then, take a satin ribbon of 60-70 cm long and thread it into the rings of our scissors.
  6. Next, cut off a piece of tape and glue it with a thermal gun on the front side of the composition to the tape.
  7. And on the backside, put our scissors with a threaded ribbon. We put the ribbon on the front side into rings and tie it on the backside into a tight knot. Now, your composition for double rose corsage is fixed. Do not touch the wide, long tape yet.
  8. Now, the composition needs to be attached to the bracelet. You have a blank bracelet. Make the buckle from a plastic bottle, then thread the tape through the holes and attach the bouquet to the bracelet.  Wrap the tape winding around the tape tightly, making a lush bow. 

Now, you know how to do a nice rose wrist corsage easily and quickly and with your own hands.

These tips will be in handy considering demand on the most popular adornment which is used for special occasions - weddings or, for example, graduation. However, choosing the flower to make a corsage, remember that some flowers are not appropriate for this. Roses are the most suitable blooms that look great on a girl's hand. By the way, you can choose and buy roses that will suit well for your wrist in our store.


  • What flowers to choose for a corsage?

You can choose the flower you like. But, roses are best suited for a wedding or prom party, as they are graceful and exquisite flowers.

  • What color of roses is the best for making a corsage?

Roses are ideal for creating a bodice. Any color of roses will look great on a girl's hand. For example, bridesmaids wear a corsage with a white rose to match the bride's dress for a wedding.

  • Is it difficult to make a corsage with your own hands?

In general, it is not difficult to create a bodice yourself, but you need to know how to do it correctly. For such decoration, you just need to find the time, purchase materials, and make an effort.

  • What is more expensive: DIY corsage or purchased one?

The DIY corsage varies from $30 to $55, contrasting to the purchased one - $5 and more. Take into account materials and choice of flowers. If you want a unique design, it is better to do it yourself! 

March 15, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik