The closer the Super Bowl, the more questions florists ask themselves about decorating bouquets. If you are looking for a sporty-themed party, then flower NFL football gifts, and themed decorations are indispensable. With the help of beautiful bouquets decorated with sports elements, you can cheer up the guests and the players, the team spirit. Let's take a look at some ideas for a football flower bouquet.

  • Decorate the bouquet with your team logo or symbol. Any even ordinary bouquet with the right decoration immediately acquires originality. A football player will be happy to receive such a bouquet, or it will also be able to decorate your home.
  • Choose flowers that match the colors of the team. You can achieve original and themed football flower arrangements with this simple technique.
  • Buy or make a soccer vase. You can find it in the store or decorate your flower vase with a football theme. This decoration will make the centerpieces of your football flower bouquet.
  • Choose flowers with the right meaning. You can also complement the floral NFL team gifts with flowers that symbolize athletic performance. For these purposes, hyacinths and gladioli are most suitable. These are not only bright and beautiful flowers that will look great in your bouquet, but also their symbolism makes them special.
  • Make a yellow bouquet. If you do not want to offend anyone, then collect a bouquet of yellow flowers; they are neutral and look good.
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Football flower centerpieces elements and principles

Each professional florist has a unique technique for creating flower arrangements and creating unusual football flower arrangements. There are many interesting tricks to make the bouquet brighter and more attractive. They will surely inspire you to create gorgeous floral art.

  • Unusual combinations. Often, adding luscious greenery to a bouquet makes it come alive enough. Lily of the valley leaves folded in a circle or a heart woven from grass will transform the most ordinary bouquet. You can add color by diluting the composition with small branches of trees, such as aspen, maple, oak. Spruce branches will give a special floristic zest. A lush pine branch will set the New Year or Christmas mood.
  • Floral foam. The hydrated foam will allow you to keep the stems at the desired angle when creating a bouquet. The foam should be securely fixed in glass or ceramic containers using plastic clips or a stationery stapler. With this simple trick, you can easily create an unusual football flower bouquet. It is especially convenient to use foam when working with hydrangeas and gerberas. To maintain freshness, they are placed in a hydrated foam. The stems of these flowers lose their flexibility after cutting, and the foam helps them maintain their appearance for a long time.
  • Large greens. Large juicy greens will add richness to the composition. These can be palm, fern, or ivy leaves. When choosing exotic greens as a frame for a bouquet, you should pay attention to the degree of allergenicity of the plant. Since the health problems of the florist and the client are absolutely unnecessary.
  • Glassware. A little creativity and an ordinary vase turn into a work of art. Frosted glass vases filled with fresh flowers or themed vases to be decorated in a football-style will help give the floral football flower centerpieces a festive and magical mood. Brilliant decorations and unusual details will add originality and emphasize the style. Ordinary jars and bottles can be used as a basis for floristic creation, painting them with special paint.
  • Plastic holders for arranging a bouquet. You can use a special holder to prevent the cascading bouquet from losing its shape and retaining its structure. It fixes the flowers during the arrangement of the bouquet. The stand is a plastic base on which the flower arrangement will be created.
  • Ribbons and laces. Decorating a bouquet with a ribbon or lace garter will surely attract the buyer's attention. For example, the design of cream roses, pastel lilies, light pink peonies with a wide mother-of-pearl ribbon looks especially advantageous. Glued crystals, pearls, and beads add extra shine.
  • Glue as a magic wand of every florist. The glue gun is the magic wand of every florist. They can fix any detail of even the most complex football flower arrangements. Moreover, as a basis for gluing, you can choose not only dishes, packaging, or decor but also decorate the flowers and leaves themselves with original elements. Some varieties are very fragile and easily injured. Therefore, you can fix the most unreliable parts of the flowers in advance for reassurance.

When you create bouquets, pay attention to the little secrets of florists to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer.



  • How to form football flower arrangements?

Decorate bouquets using team colors or their brand names and symbols. You can add a small flag to the bouquet or place the flowers in a ball-shaped vase.

  • How long will the flowers stay fresh?

Use floral foam. It retains moisture well and will help flowers look fresher for longer.

  • How to decorate the Superbowl table originally?

You can add a football flower bouquet to your decoration. Place flowers in ball-shaped vases, and they will look original.

  • How to diversify football flower arrangements?

Add large green leaves to the bouquet; they perfectly complement the flower arrangement. You can also add tree leaves, small berries, flags, and other decorations.

September 07, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik
Tags: flowers