A bridal bouquet is a wonderful way to make any wedding event unique, but if it is made with your hands, it is many times more pleasant. Therefore, to make DIY wedding flowers, you need:

  1. Set the budget you are counting on.
  2. Decide on the type of flowers and their color.
  3. Think about the size of the bouquet and the number of flowers.
  4. Choose additional decorations and accessories (optional).

Probably, you think DIY wedding bouquets require skills and experience arranging flowers, but no. Now there are enough ways and tips to do it yourself, so every one of you can quickly learn how to make wedding bouquets with your own hands. The ability to do bouquets yourself is an excellent way to express your emotions and convey sincere wishes. And even if you make a simple flower bouquet without additional decorations, it will be more pleasant for the bride because your hands make it.


DIY Bouquet Guide in 6 Steps

Flowers are delicate plants that must be correctly cared for and arranged. For this reason, most of us do not want to bother with creating bouquets and entrust this task to florists. But what if you can make DIY wedding bouquets no worse than a florist? Here is a DIY wedding bouquet guide that will reveal the secret of its design and how to make it beautiful:


Step 1: Choose Flowers

Step 1: Choose Flowers


To make it easier, you should decide on a bouquet style and focus on the season in which the wedding is held. You also need to choose the flower color based on the design of your wedding dress, the wedding style, and the hall color scheme. 


Step 2: Think about the Addition

Step 2: Think about the Addition


Perhaps you would like to add some additional decorative elements to the DIY bouquet or complement it with greenery. Therefore, also think about their choice.



Step 3: Prepare the Flowers

Step 3: Prepare the Flowers


Next, you must put them on the table and remove the excess greens from their stems. Also, remove the extra buds, leaves, and flowers below the place where you will tie DIY wedding flowers.


Step 4: Choose the Central Flower

Step 4: Choose the Central Flower


Next, you need to focus on a specific flower that you want to highlight, among others. So select and take it in one hand.



 Step 5: Add Other Flowers

Step 5: Add Other Flowers


Add the flowers slowly with the other hand in order and watch their length, which should be the same. Then, add greenery gradually.



Step 6: Finish the Wedding Bouquet

Step 6: Finish the Wedding Bouquet


To do this, you need to cut the ends of the stems, so they are at the same level and tie them nicely with a beautiful ribbon.



In general, these are all the steps on how to make a bridal bouquet. The main thing is to carefully work with flowers and select them according to the wedding theme.


Why Should You Choose DIY Flowers for a Wedding?

Why Should You Choose DIY Flowers for a Wedding?

When you do it with your own hands, you can make everything according to your preferences and make something unusual. There are other reasons:

1. You can combine flowers in a creative arrangement, choose colors to your taste, and create a flower arrangement that will mean something special to you. So, if you are considering how to make a bridal bouquet yourself, you are on the right track.

2. The following reason why you should pick DIY wedding bouquets is the price. Homemade bouquets will cost much less because you don't have to pay for labor and can find cheaper flowers. Additional decor, greenery, or artificial details will also cost you many times cheaper. This way, a DIY bouquet will be 50% more affordable.

3. The bouquet's color at the wedding plays a significant role, so it is also best to choose it yourself so that the beautiful combination matches the wedding theme 100 percent. Even if you make a simple flower bouquet with only one or two colors, you can decide exactly the shade that suits you best with the dress.

As you can see, DIY wedding bouquets have enough advantages, from an independent choice of color to own packaging.


What Flowers to Pick for DIY Wedding Bouquets?

What Flowers to Pick for DIY Wedding Bouquets?

If you want to select DIY wedding flowers that are popular every season, we advise you to focus on options such as roses, sunflowers, alstroemerias, freesia, hydrangeas, and tulips.

  • Roses
  • Any variety of roses complements the wedding with love and looks beautiful against the background of the dress, especially if the roses are red and combined in two different colors. 

  • Alstroemeria
  • These DIY wedding flowers can impress everyone for a long time. After all, this flower's unusualness and incredible hues go beautifully with the bride's white dress.

  • Sunflowers
  • This flower gives warmth and looks beautiful in combination with white roses. Also, a simple flower bouquet made exclusively of sunflowers can look lush and luxurious in the hands of the bride.

  • Freesia
  • You can choose freesia if you don't know how to make an elegant, delicate bridal bouquet. There is no need to add other flowers to freesia because it looks harmonious when it consists only of its snow-white buds. 

  • Hydrangeas
  • Such flowers can be both an addition to a DIY bouquet and a bouquet as a whole. Hydrangeas colors are usually soft, so they are ideal for a wedding ceremony because they create an atmosphere of lightness and joy.

  • Tulips
  • Even a simple flower bouquet of one color of tulips will look tender and elegant because these flowers complement the feminine image of the bride with tenderness.

    So, there are enough options, so all you have to do is choose and combine a DIY bouquet that will match your wedding theme.



    Making DIY wedding bouquets is a great idea. It's a reasonably cost-effective process, which makes it perfect for people on a budget. Also, making your bouquet allows you to make it exactly as you would like. Your creativity is the only limit in this pursuit, so do it yourself.

    But if you are unsure that you can do it yourself and need advice on how to make wedding bouquets, Rosaholics can help you. We give you the opportunity to choose any flowers to your taste from our shop, and then we will combine them for you. If you can not decide on shade or design, you can entrust this matter to us.



    Is it cheaper to make your bouquets?

    It is even better if you already have an idea for a flower arrangement and know where to buy flowers because it will be faster and often cheaper. But you should know that creating a bouquet yourself takes time.

    How much does it cost to make your wedding bouquet?

    In general, the price of a bouquet depends on the type of flowers and their quantity. Also, the cost can be higher if you want to make your wedding bouquet design for order. But the average price will be around $59-70. Maybe a little more, but it usually costs no more than $77.

    What can I use instead of a bride's bouquet?

    If you want to impress with something more than just a bouquet, you can use a hoop bouquet, a bouquet of greens, a bouquet of vegetables and fruits, or flower crowns.

    How many flowers are there in a bridal bouquet?

    That is, everything depends on the type and size of the flowers. Florists offer 5 to 11 flowers for a small bouquet, 7-21 for an average bouquet, and 25 for a large one. But sometimes, the flowers have an extensive stem, so even for a large bridal bouquet, 11-15 flowers can be enough.

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