Roses aren’t the only romantic flowers that can get the heart aflutter. There are many other whimsical varieties of romantic flowers that can make a fresh-cut bouquet feel like a real first-class gift from a loved one. These underrated beauties can boost the volume of passion in a bouquet – whether they’re taking center stage or mingling alongside classic roses in a vase. 


What’s Wrong with Roses?

NOTHING! Let’s emphasize that once more – there is absolutely nothing wrong with sending fresh roses to a loved one for an anniversary, date night, or special surprise to show your romantic feelings. In fact, roses still rank number 1 when it comes to choosing romantic flowers as a gift. Red roses, in particular, continue to be one of the most classic bouquets of romantic flowers, which is why they are a foolproof option when searching for a present for a partner or lover.

The truth is, many people have become so accustomed to receiving roses as a present from their significant other that they have come to expect these romantic flowers on the regular. Whether it’s a single rose or a bouquet of 2 dozen roses, these romantic flowers simply never fail to demonstrate love, admiration, and desire. In addition to red roses, pink, cream and mauve rose varieties are also quite popular choices that are always a hit.

Rosaholics even has gorgeous bouquets that blend all these passionate colors into a single gathering of romantic flowers. If you’re looking for a classic blend of red, pink and cream roses that clearly pump up the romance, check out the Wild Spirit Rose Bouquet – it won’t disappoint!

With that said, sometimes people are so accustomed to sending or receiving all-rose bouquets that they want to explore other options in the floral world. The good news is that there are many other romantic flowers available that are just as well-equipped at communicating love, passion, excitement, and romance. Getting to know these underrated varieties can help you pick fresh and exciting arrangements brimming with romantic flowers.


What Makes Flowers Romantic?

Fresh flowers have a long history of being associated with romance. Roses and other romantic flowers are even mentioned all the way back in ancient Roman and Greek mythology, recognized as a popular and significant symbol of love and affection. But roses aren’t the only flowers that are used to symbolize amorous feelings. Tulips, primrose flowers, and mistletoe are just a few examples of other romantic flowers that carry their own weight in the romance department.

But beyond the deep-rooted cultural symbolization of romantic flowers, there are other reasons why sending fresh flowers as a gift is considered romantic in the modern era. Displaying fresh-cut flowers in the home or office establishes a direct link to the natural world, and nature can trigger powerful feelings in people. Scent alone is a powerful force, and the smell of fresh roses and other romantic flowers can awaken the senses, reconnecting us with our surroundings and lifting our mood.

Plus, receiving romantic flowers as a gift can be particularly moving when they arrive as a surprise delivery. Sending romantic flowers is a wonderful gesture that can show your partner that you’re thinking of them and want them to have a wonderful, beautiful day. What’s more romantic than that?!


What to Look for in Romantic Flowers

While all flowers have characteristic charm that delights, there are some qualities that can make a certain flower variety more romantic than another.

Color can be a huge factor in how romantic a beautiful bloom feels and looks. Red is obviously a classic that communicates love and passion, while pink and mauve are quick follow-ups. Pastel colors from other areas of the color wheel can carry a romantic charm to them as well, and they’re a great pick if you want the fresh flower bouquet to be more on the sweet side of the spectrum rather than passionate. Butter yellow and soft lavender tones are great examples of pastel colors common in romantic flowers. On the other side of things, if you want the bouquet to provoke passion and trigger desire, bold colors are a must. In this case, it’s better to go with strong, rich colors, like deep reds and purples.

The shape of the romantic flowers will also play a role. Bouquets that pull at the heartstrings often have dainty, cascading shapes or curled petals that hold up an elegant appearance. Steer clear from flowers with sharp lines, like zinnias, as these can be perceived as more youthful and playful, rather than romantic.

Romantic Flowers that Deserve More Attention

It’s highly unlikely that people will start ditching gorgeous fresh roses for other romantic varieties. Yet being in the know about other romantic flowers can help you diversify your bouquet selections in the future. Whether planting romantic flowers in your garden or preparing a bouquet, these varieties will delight. Even when arranged together with roses in the same bouquet, these romantic flowers can pump up the passion and turn a classic rose bouquet into a jaw-dropping, passionate presentation of romance in bloom.

These are a few of the most romantic flowers (besides roses) that should be on your radar:

  • Alstroemeria
  • Dahlia
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Hydrangea
  • Goldenrod
  • Ranunculus
  • Lavender
  • Larkspur
  • Peony

    Best Bouquets with Romantic Flowers

    Not ready to give up on roses? We don’t blame you! Rosaholics has put together many romantic flower bouquets that incorporate understated varieties alongside classic roses. These bouquets are a great way to switch up your flower delivery routine and add extra excitement to romantic bouquets. Take a look at some of our favorite bouquets that use a variety of romantic flower types in their composition.

    • Maroon Unique Rose Bouquet
    • Ti Amo Fresh Flower Bouquet 

    Remember, all of Rosaholics’ bouquets are delivered nationwide, which makes it easy to send romantic flowers for delivery straight to your lover’s doorstep! Since our flowers are cut fresh on the farm the same day they’re shipped, you can count on the bouquets arriving in exceptional quality – after all, your loved one deserves only the best when it comes to romantic flowers!


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