Our world is rich in many beautiful plants, but they have one queen - a beautiful rose! The shape and shades of the buds allow you to select successful and original compositions in bouquets. One of the mysteries of this type of flower is cream roses.

The history of pastel roses

In nature, such a shade of flowers is quite rare, and to create such delicate and luxurious buds, breeders had to work hard.

There have been many attempts at crossing white varieties with pink ones, the results differing in many color nuances and degrees of saturation. Luck smiled at the Chinese craftsmen who managed to create a flower that was amazed at its sophistication and warmth.

Roses of the color of baked milk became widespread in the 17th century. Growing these hybrid varieties required diligence. Flowers were very expensive and considered the privilege of aristocrats and royalty. These touching buds have become a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors, and poets. Pastel-colored roses are the embodiment of dignity and loyalty.

Pastel roses are the best gift

A bouquet is a classic present in any life situation. For the composition to be timely and help reflect your thoughts and feelings, you need to turn to professionals for help. Experts will help you create an individual bouquet or tell you which of the proposed will be the most successful in your situation.

The loved one is far from you, and you cannot present her gift personally? Distance is not an obstacle, and you can deliver your love and congratulations in a bouquet of fresh flowers to any corner of the world. 

What pastel-colored roses to give?

pastel-colored roses

The language of flowers has been known since ancient times. The right combination and number of colors can tell a lot more about your feelings than words.

Rules for giving pastel roses:

  1. For a loved one.

Pastel-colored roses combined with red flowers speak of ardent love and secret desires. But the buds of creamy shades, complemented by exquisite orchids, sound like a declaration of first love, touching tenderness and dreams.

  1. Parents or teachers.

Bouquets of light shades will become a sign of gratitude and respect for the older generation. With other colors, you can create compositions that convey your attitude towards a person: from reverence and gratitude to deep love.

  1. The bride's bouquet.

Delicate pastel colors are the color of youth and poetry. If not the bride, then who will be adorned with these silk petals with a soft, exquisite scent? Against the background of juicy greenery of ruckus or salal, creamy shades of buds look brighter and more elegant. The addition of strict white lilies makes the composition even more solemn.

The shades of the morning dawn embody hope and dreams. Express your feelings with our bouquets!


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January 11, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik