Our world is rich in many beautiful plants, but they have one queen - a beautiful rose! The shape and shades of the buds allow you to select original compositions in bouquets. One of the mysteries of this type of flower is cream roses. Such roses capture the hearts of others thanks to their delicate shade of petals. 


Besides cream flowers, there are many other different pastel roses. It can be subtle pink, lavender, soft yellow, and others. All these pastel hues represent grace, gentleness, and admiration. So, if you're trying to show someone how much you appreciate them, a bouquet of light roses is the move. You can give such flowers to:

  • a loved one;
  • the parents and grandparents;
  • the teachers;
  • the friends.


By presenting pastel-colored roses, you are not only offering a bouquet of beauty. Besides, you subtly communicate a unique message of emotions. That's what will touch the recipient's heart in a truly exceptional way.


The History of Pastel Roses

pastel roses

In nature, such a shade of flowers is quite rare, and to create such delicate and luxurious buds, breeders had to work hard. 


There have been many attempts at crossing white varieties with pink ones, the results differing in many color nuances and degrees of saturation. Luck smiled at the Chinese craftsmen who managed to create a flower that was amazed at its sophistication and warmth. 


Roses of the color of baked milk became widespread in the 17th century. Growing these hybrid varieties required diligence. Flowers were very expensive and considered the privilege of aristocrats and royalty. These touching buds have become a source of inspiration for artists, sculptors, and poets. Pastel-colored roses are the embodiment of dignity and loyalty.


Pastel Roses Meaning

The delicate pastel shades of rose blooms are more than just pretty. Their soft hues hold meaning that can speak straight to the heart. So, whether you want to convey friendship or joy, pastel roses speak their language. Stick around to explore the pastel meanings of seven famous roses:


  • Pink Pastel Roses
  • Pink light roses symbolize sweetness and innocence. Their soft, delicate color conveys a sense of gentleness and grace. The sender wants to express tender affection if you receive pink pastel flowers.


  • Yellow Pastel Roses
  • The soft yellow hue of pastel roses signifies friendship and an optimistic outlook. Giving yellow pastel buds is a thoughtful way to light someone's day and lift their spirits. Their delicate shade conveys tenderness, affection, and nurturing support. Place a vase of yellow pastel blooms on a table to create a welcoming ambiance.


  • Orange Pastel Colors
  • With their warm glow, soft orange roses evoke feelings of excitement. If you want to show someone they inspire you, such pastel flowers are the perfect choice. Their hue is uplifting and mood-boosting. Orange flowers remind us of sunrises and sunsets. It encapsulates themes of new beginnings and transitions. So why not give others a little bit of warmth and love with them?


  • Peach Pastel Roses
  • Peach rose pastel color conveys feelings of appreciation, sincerity, and gratitude. Their soft glow signifies deep affection and kindness towards someone special. With their charming hue, they can light any room and mood. A bouquet of peach roses lets that important person know you value them greatly.


  • Green Pastel Roses
  • Green roses mean renewal, growth, health, nature, and fertility. Receiving green roses lets the recipient know you wish them well in their new endeavors. The green color also represents healing, luck, and harmony. So, choose such flowers if you want to give someone a piece of balance. The green shade of nature will provide others with peace and mental joy.


  • Blue Pastel Roses
  • The enchanting blue rose signifies mystery, imagination, and dreams. Their unique color evokes feelings of intrigue and impossibility. Blue roses do not occur naturally, so they are bred to produce their light shade. Receiving blue pastel roses lets the recipient know they are as rare and unique as the rose itself. Such roses are perfect for dreamers and imaginative souls.


  • Lavender Pastel Roses
  • The soft, dreamy shade of lavender roses signifies romance and expresses love. Their color evokes feelings of enchantment and adoration. Lavender roses are perfect for a new romance. Or it's good when you want to express your deep feelings to a loved one in a fanciful way. Their sweet scent and delicate petals make lavender roses a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates whimsical beauty.
    So, consider choosing a rose shade that shows what you really feel. In this way, you can send the appropriate pastel meaning to the recipient. In addition, you can impress others with the delicate shade of the bouquet.


    Pastel Roses Are the Best Gift 

    A harmoniously arranged pastel bouquet is always an ideal gift option for others. But for it to be successful, you need to know the pastel meaning. Besides, you should know what color of flowers the recipient wants to receive. It is how you can make a lovely gift from a pastel-colored roses bouquet. And what are the reasons why it is the best gift? Read on:


  • Universal symbolism
  • Roses in light shades can have completely different symbolic meanings. It makes them versatile for any situation. They can express friendship and affection. Or they can even serve as a comforting gesture in times of sadness. It allows you to give anyone a pastel bouquet of roses.


  • A positive aura
  • Light shades of flowers can create a positive atmosphere and induce a sense of calm. Rose pastel color can lift the mood and add a touch of optimism to any room. By giving such flowers, you provide not only beauty but also harmony.


  • Support
  • If you have close people going through life difficulties, pastel roses are their best gift. Because such shades of flowers soothe and give warm support.


  • The embodiment of tenderness
  • Pastel-colored roses are often a symbol of tenderness and care. They have a refined and attractive look, making them ideal for a gift to someone you want to touch. Light flowers convey feelings of care and love to the recipient. It provides a sense of comfort and security.


  • Lasting pleasure
  • Roses belong to flowers that have long-lasting freshness. Light roses, if adequately cared for, can delight the recipient with their beauty for a long time. They create an opportunity to enjoy the gift and remember your attention for a long time.


    What Pastel-colored Roses to Give? 

    Have you chosen the color of roses for a gift? But wait. Are you sure it will be suitable as a gift to this person by its meaning? Before giving pastel-colored roses, make sure that it is an appropriate gift option. How? Learn some rules for giving delicate roses:



    pastel colored roses

    For a Loved One 

    Cream roses, in combination with red, symbolize love, tenderness, and sophistication. It can express tender feelings and fascination for a beloved person. If a loved one has recently appeared in your life, lavender roses are just what you need. Their delicate shade of petals speaks of your secret desires and love.




    roses bouquet for parents

    For Parents and Grandparents 

    Bouquets of rose pastel color symbolize respect and gratitude to the older generation. Pale yellow flowers are a particularly good choice. They symbolize joy, friendship, and optimism. Thus, it can be a perfect choice for parents and grandparents. Giving it to them, you express gratitude for their joyful presence. 




    bridal's roses bouquet

    The Bride's Bouquet 

    The choice of roses' pastel color for the bride's bouquets depends on personal likes. Also, it depends on the style of the wedding theme. Pale pink is a classic choice for a bride's bouquet. It expresses romance and femininity, creating a feeling of love. 





    pastel roses bouquet

    Flowers for Teacher

    Usually, people give teachers flowers to express their gratitude to them. To convey such a message, it is best to choose blue pastel roses. They symbolize peace, harmony, and wisdom. It can express appreciation for the mentorship and understanding that teachers provide to students.




    Send Pastel Roses with Rosaholics 

    Pastel roses from Rosaholics are charming, fresh flowers that can decorate any special atmosphere. These roses are distinguished by their unique shade, which combines passion and sophistication.


    All our roses are ecologically grown flowers in appropriate conditions. Thanks to the professionalism of our florists, they can please you for a long time in a vase. After all, they are stable and long-lasting. Also, our roses have a wonderful aroma that gives unforgettable sensations.


    So, if you are about to buy pastel roses from us, do the following steps:


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    What are pastel colors in flowers?

    Pastel colors in flowers are light shades that resemble a subtle color palette. They often include gentle pinks, soft yellows, and creamy and pale lavender. Such hues present a delicate visual appeal in floral arrangements.

    What are the most gifted pastel roses?

    The most popular pastel rose for gifting is light pink. It is known for its soft and attractive color. Besides, pastel lavender roses are also highly sought-after as a gift. It symbolizes grace and elegance.

    What is the most romantic pastel color?

    The most romantic pastel color is the delicate lavender. It conveys a sense of enchantment and deep affection. But besides, there is one more option of romantic paste color. It is the subtle peach, evoking warmth, sweetness, and an intimate connection.

    What pastel color goes with everything?

    It is a gentle and neutral pastel cream. This color is universal. So, it can create a harmonious bouquet look with all other colorful flowers.


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