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Orange roses – the variety of meanings

Want to present special flowers for a special occasion? Consider orange roses. A wide range of shades from bright salmon and tangerine to tender peach gives them different meanings. Depending on the tint, they can express friendship, passion, enthusiasm or gratefulness. How not to get lost among them and choose the right one? Just find out what they symbolize.

Pure orange

It is a result of mixing red and yellow. The first color reflects strong feelings like love, admiration, desire and respect. Yellow is a symbol of friendship. Therefore, orange roses can be a sign that their presenter wants to develop a relationship and be more than just friends. 

What associations does this color evoke in you? Apart from tangerines, it reminds us of fire. Darker inner and lighter outer petals look like a flame, which is a symbol of passion and admiration. Sending such flowers conveys the excitement of your loved one. It says that the relationship with this person is as breathtaking as the appearance of orange roses.

This color of blooms also expresses attraction and fascination. It’s a confession that you’re completely captivated and charmed with someone. Presenting them, you can say about it even without words. Such a bouquet means that it’s hard to stop thinking of this person just like it’s hard to look up from these beauties.

Besides love and admiration, these flowers mean pride. They are the best way to show that you are proud of somebody. No matter, whether these are academic achievements, job promotion, discovery or the right life choice, orange roses will convey your recognition and encouragement. 

Looking like fire, such blooms reflect energy and call to action. They symbolize enthusiasm for the new beginnings. Reminding us of flames, these flowers express an untamed desire for taking part in every activity. They will be a good present for a person who never sits idle, generates plenty of ideas and has enough courage to implement them.

Just like sunrises and sunsets have all the shades from red to yellow and are splendid everywhere, orange roses will be a good present for any occasion. They convey deep emotions and best wishes. You can make your loved ones, family members and even friends happy with such a bouquet. 


meanings of orange roses


Orange is rich in hues. Those which are close to the traditional color, have a similar meaning. But if there are more intense shades from other palettes, they may change it. The most common variations are salmon (coral) and peach tints. So, let’s find out what they symbolize. 

Salmon or coral

It’s a wonderful shade of orange roses that looks special due to the pink tone. It also reflects desire and excitement. But the presence of pink adds tenderness and romantic emotions. A bunch like this may express adoration of beauty, sweetness sincerity and elegance. It’s a perfect mix of fervent love and winged sentiments. 

This tint of flowers catches the eye of everyone and doesn’t let it shift. That’s why such a color symbolizes fascination, excitement and shows that you can’t help thinking of this person. Falling so deep in love kindles the enthusiasm to start a new relationship. This kind of orange roses will be a good gift for such an occasion.

Happiness is also the feeling that can be expressed by coral blooms. They convey the wish to thank for all the good moments and emotions this person bestows. Moreover, it’s a claim that romantic feelings are still alive and love is not quenched.


This color speaks for itself. Tender petals show grace and thankfulness. It’s a good way to thank somebody. Such a tint of orange roses will say how much you appreciate their recipient and everything he or she did for you. It’s a rare hue, that’s why sending them means that you value the close relationship you have.

The softness of these roses reflects modesty and fragile nature. This shade is close to the color of skin and may symbolize purity, genuineness and sincerity. Presenting such flowers demonstrates earnestness and commitment of the one who sends them. Another meaning is sympathy and missing somebody.

It’s interesting that peach roses can be a symbol of friendship and social relations. You can often see them at parties and other events. They reflect a positive mood, good cheer and joy of getting together. If you visit friends and don’t know what to present to the hostess, this shade of orange roses will be a good option. They will demonstrate that you appreciate a warm and friendly relationship between your families.

If pure orange is a symbol of new beginnings, enthusiasm and adventures, peach flowers are chosen when the deal is closed. They represent harmony, peace and the good end. That’s why they often decorate afterparties or celebrations of good bargains.


This great variety of meanings allows sending orange roses in many cases. Their romantic message is perfect for dating and anniversaries. If you want to make an unusual present for St. Valentine’s Day, these flowers will cope with such a task. Expressing pride and enthusiasm, they can be sent to relatives or colleagues for birthdays and other memorable dates. Bright orange color is a symbol of autumn, that’s why these roses will decorate Thanksgiving or Halloween party well.

Since peach blooms have a different meaning, they will be an appropriate present for other occasions. Reflecting gratitude and appreciation, they can be a good way to thank someone. People also choose this color as a sign of sympathy. Due to the meaning of a good end, a bouquet of peach roses is often present at important meetings and parties devoted to signing profitable contracts. If you want to emphasize how pleasant it is to get acquainted or have friendship with someone, these flowers will be a good choice.

Orange roses are rich in meanings and tints. They can express a wide range of feelings and emotions. It makes such blooms a good gift for many occasions on the one hand, but the message can be perceived wrong on the other hand. To avoid this, Rosaholics offers you to add a greeting card where you can write intentions, wishes or congratulations. But if neither you nor the recipient cares about the meaning, bright roses are beautiful enough to choose them for a present. Such flowers will look good and add energy to any bouquet.

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