Rose is a national flower of the US. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan decreed that the rose should be recognized as the national emblem. The number of roses in the USA is about a hundred; they have various origins from Asia, Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Species, varieties, and hybrids are grown as ornamental plants because of the beauty and aroma of their flowers and the extraction of essential oil used in perfumery and cosmetics for medicinal purposes (herbal medicine) gastronomy. 

American flower leaves can be evergreen or deciduous, petiolate, and pinnate with five to nine serrated leaves and basal stipules. 

There are a huge number of varieties of roses in the world. Roses are obtained by the selection, the petals of which have all kinds of colors. Along with the large flowers, the American Moore managed to grow miniature roses. It is difficult to describe the beauty and scent of roses. Many poets and artists praised the beauty and tenderness of this wonderful flower. About four thousand songs have been sung about these plants by Americans alone, which makes it no surprise that roses have become a national flower of the US. The song Yellow Rose of Texas was very popular in its time, raising the power of love and friendship over the betrayal. No wonder the rose is called the queen of flowers. It is loved and grown all over the world. Roses in the USA decorate gardens, parks, and squares. Bouquets of roses are a permanent attribute of holidays and anniversaries.

american flower

Useful properties and facts of roses

Besides beauty and aroma, the American flower has healing properties for the body:

  • So, using aromatherapy, you can fight depression and heart feelings. This scent improves mood and soothes the nerves. 
  • Rose petals are edible; they are used to make jam, add to tea and desserts. 
  • Infusions strengthen the body and fight ailments. A very valuable and most expensive oil is made of roses. Five tons of blossoming buds are required to produce one liter of oil.

Some interesting facts about roses:

  • Rose, the oldest plant on earth, is more than 30 million years old, although, in cultural monuments, they started talking about it only 5 thousand years BC.
  • The first flower outlines that have survived to our time were found in Crete and the tombs of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt.
  • A classic rose has only five petals. The varieties we know today are artificially bred.
  • Lady Banks, a giant white rose bush in Arizona, takes over an area of ​​the football field and produces 200,000 flowers at the time of flowering. (The record is included in the Guinness book).
  • The White House has its rose garden, where it is customary to meet guests of honor and give public speeches.
  • Every year on January 1, the Rose Parade is held in the USA, a grandiose procession accompanied by fabulously beautiful figures decorated with roses. The holiday is over a hundred years old, however, its popularity has not diminished. Each year, lovers of the exotic occupy the places along the path of the column in advance, and the balconies of nearby houses become paid theater boxes. The holiday takes place all day, accompanied by exhibitions, where amateur gardeners present their varieties, and professional florists make gorgeous compositions.
  • In the United States, sculptural groups are inconstant. For a set period, cities conclude contracts for the placement of sculptures of a specific theme. Therefore, one day in New York, 38 huge roses came into bloom, created from steel and fiberglass. The largest roses reached seven meters in height but seemed incredibly realistic. Sculptures adorned the city throughout the year.
  • More than 4 thousand songs have been sung about roses in the USA. In the songs, preference is given to traditional colors as the most symbolic. For example, yellow symbolizes friendship, happiness, positive, new beginning.
  • The national flower of US roses varies in fragrance. The most intoxicating variety is Aida, the scent of which can be felt several meters away.
  • Americans prefer not the scent of a flower, but its admiration, so their varieties mostly do not have perfume fragrances but affect with a rainbow of colors.

Whatever color and shape a rose may be, it evokes positive emotions and sets you in a romantic mood. Once at an exhibition of roses, there is a strong desire to create a magical pink world at home, the aroma of which soothes.


  • What is the national flower of the USA?

In 1986, the US Congress decided to recognize the rose as the symbol of the United States. The law, which declares the rose as a symbol of the United States, says: “Americans have always loved the flowers with which God adorns our earth.

  • What does the rose symbolize?

The rose is one of the most controversial symbols. It is credited with the values of purity, virginity, life, tranquility, but at the same time passion, desire, even grief, and mourning.

  • Why is a rose as a symbol of love?

Red rose means true, passionate love and desire. The scent of red roses expresses passion and deep love. Only with the help of red roses you can express your feelings for loved ones.

  • What does it mean when pink roses are given?

These flowers are often presented without an obvious love subtext. It is a symbol of tenderness, sweet thoughts, and romantic dreams. They can express joy, gratitude, admiration. If a man gives pink roses, then by doing so, he expresses gratitude, loyalty, and gratitude to his wife, with whom he has lived for many years.

  • What is the famous flower in the USA?

In the United States, each state has its own flower, but the most important is the rose, as it is the national symbol of this country. In addition, the rose is popular all over the world and has many legends.

  • Why is the rose The American flower?

Rose is one of the most polar flowers in the world and is very popular with Americans. Ronald Reagan even signed a law according to which prose became the emblem of this country.

June 19, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik