The ritual of laying flower arrangements on the grave is rooted in paganism. In ancient times, plants were endowed with various symbolic meanings, including they were perceived as guides to the world of spirits. Today, alive sympathy flowers are carried to the funeral to send off the last journey, to express sorrow and pain of loss.

Flowers for sympathy can be different, for example, irises, gladioli, calla lilies, roses (in our store you will find the perfect bouquet of condolence roses), tulips.

Flowers will allow you to express condolences to the relatives of a person who has gone forever. In such a sad moment, it is very difficult to find the right words, but flowers will say everything for you. It is sad to realize, but flowers bring more than just joy. Flowers are given not only for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or the birth of a baby. It is also customary to present them in days of sorrow. Parting with loved ones is an ordeal for everyone. With the help of flowers, you show your respect, love for the deceased.

In this guide, we will explain:

  • how to choose funeral flowers
  • recommendations for choosing condolences: for a woman and for a man

    How to choose flowers for condolences?

    Sooner or later, most of us have to deal with the funeral of relatives, friends, or acquaintances. And at such moments, in addition to the unthinkable bitterness of loss, and sometimes even panic, many realize that they do not even know what flowers for condolence should be carried to a deceased person. There are certain points to follow when choosing and buying condolence flowers.


    • Deceased status. Only a loved one can be presented with his favorite bouquets without restrictions. What color roses for sympathy do I put to relatives? Relatives are given red roses as a symbol of consanguinity. Friends - chrysanthemums, teachers, and senior mentors - carnations.
    • Plant type. There are no significant prohibitions. The main thing is that discreet tones of flowers for sympathy, variegated petals, and bright colors are unacceptable. For example, you can buy a bouquet of roses of the delicate color “Cielito Lindo” in our store. Preference is given to mono-bouquets, or compositions, where there are no more than three shades of a similar tone. Be sure to add greens as a symbol of eternal existence. Evergreen coniferous twigs are ideal.
    • Religion. Among the world's confessions, only in Christianity and Buddhism, the laying of flowers is allowed. In Islam, it is forbidden to bring plants to the cemetery. In Judaism, such actions are considered as an echo of paganism, they are condemned, but not prohibited.

    Such variants of bouquets you can buy in our shop for this occasion:

    flowers for sympathy

    Recommendations for choosing condolences: for a woman and for a man

    The choice of flower for condolences depends on the sex and age of the deceased. We will provide basic guidelines to help you buy flowers for a sad event.

  • Sympathy flowers for women:

  • In this case, warm shades are suitable. The specific color of the inflorescences depends on the age of the deceased.

    • The girl is sent on her last journey with light bouquets: white, pale pink, or cream. Roses or tulips are usually bought. What color roses for sympathy choose for a girl? Roses for a girl should be light shades. They are the ones associated with innocence and purity.
    • Orange or yellow buds are placed on the grave for a woman. 
    • Scarlet roses are carried to beloved one.
    • The grandmother and the elderly woman are paid tribute to the memory with the help of chrysanthemums and carnations.

    1.     Sympathy flowers for men:

    • Choose a cold palette (blues, blues, lilac tones) and plants with an elongated, elongated shape. You can look at the bouquet of lilac color “Vintage Fresh” on the website of our store. The exception is maroon roses. They are versatile and suitable for saying goodbye to a father or husband. 
    • Carry irises, gladioli, calla lilies, or daffodils to a young man.
    • Choose chrysanthemums, carnations, dahlias, and lilies for elderly ones.

    Our shop has a large selection of bouquets for condolences, some of them are:


      Flowers can express any emotion without words. And it is at such a difficult moment as condolences to the deceased that you can choose a bouquet that would say everything for you. Now you know how to choose the right bouquet for a funeral and you can make a purchase in our store.

      February 09, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik