The loss of a close relative or friend is always the most sorrowful moment in every person’s life, so it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words of comfort in such a situation. Therefore, people give roses for sympathy. How do you express your condolences? Funeral bouquets are a traditional way of expressing sympathy on days of mourning. The choice of flowers will depend on how familiar you were with the deceased person. Flowers are versatile gifts to express sympathy. In this article, you will learn how to make the right bouquet for a funeral.

Rules for presenting flowers at funerals

How to express sympathy with roses, show your feelings of the deepest sorrow and irreparable loss? A woman should purchase a bouquet of dim flowers since they serve as an expression of this woman’s brightest memories. In many countries worldwide, white symbolises death, so a bouquet of white roses would be appropriate to express sympathy on a day of mourning. Men usually get red, yellow, or pink flowers, mostly roses. When buying flowers for a funeral, do not forget to put a card with farewell words.

Moreover, when choosing a bouquet for the deceased, you need to take into account the generally accepted rules:

  • The bouquet should be strict, laconic,  and discreet.
  • It is better to choose dark or white shades of colours.
  • Do not overly decorate the bouquet with wrappers, ribbons, and another decor.
  • Too lush floral arrangements with more than three shades will be inappropriate.
  • It is more expedient to buy bouquets without cellophane, simply tied with a mourning ribbon.
  • If you can't personally attend the funeral, you can send the bouquet by courier. At the same time, it is better to order a solid basket of roses, which will express sympathy and an apology for the absence.
  • If you are going to a funeral in a group, it is better to order a large full-fledged wreath of live, fresh, or artificial plants instead of a bouquet.

You should not choose too luxurious, expensive bouquets for the funeral. Flowers in the composition should be as resistant as possible and undemanding to care to keep fresh for longer.

What flowers are suitable for a funeral?

Flowers for a funeral


Certain flowers cannot be unequivocally called funeral flowers. Choose the following flowers to express sympathy:

  • You can select flowers based on the taste of the deceased person. These can be carnations, irises, callas, roses, tulips, or orchids that express sympathy.
  • The number of flowers in a bouquet can be any. If you don’t know what flowers would be appropriate to express your sympathy, take roses. Rose bouquets are considered versatile flowers that you can gift for any occasion.
  • In the cultures of many countries, irises symbolise the hope of rebirth. Therefore, it will be an incredibly touching gesture to honour the deceased’s memory with a bouquet of these particular flowers.
  • It is sometimes advisable to present artificial ones instead of fresh flowers. Such plants last longer, look beautiful in any weather. Modern artificial plants are visually almost indistinguishable from real ones.

What colour to choose flowers for sympathy?

When choosing flowers for sympathy, you need to consider their colour. You should choose a bouquet for a funeral carefully. Besides, do not think that the flowers of sorrow can be exclusively black or maroon. You can opt for a yellow rose arrangement for a sympathy bouquet.

Red, scarlet flowers will also be quite appropriate. You can give preference to dim red, blue and even light colours. Such a bouquet will help express condolences to the person and emphasise your respectful attitude.

How to arrange a bouquet for sympathy?

arrange a bouquet for sympathy


Funeral floristic compositions should contain a minimum of decor. You can tie flowers with a black satin or a cellophane ribbon with gold or black tapes. Also, suitable for funerals are bouquets in baskets and bouquets in black hat boxes.

If there are few flowers in the bouquet, they can be wrapped in transparent, glossy cellophane or parchment paper to make the bouquet look more solid. Florists can leave a lush composition without a wrapper at all. Fern, fatsia, lily of the valley, or peony leaves are used to complement flowering plants. Flowers at a funeral are the best way to express what cannot be said in words. You can show respect, sorrow, and empathy by bringing flowers. Moreover, to express sympathy, you can add a gift to the bouquet to comfort the bereaved.

What flower arrangement is suitable for a funeral?

A composition for a funeral is specific and complex flowers. These can be special wreaths or bouquets that will stand in vases. Such bouquets should be voluminous but restrained. The general colours for the flowers used at the funeral should be the same. Choose a muted burgundy, red, purple, or white bouquets. You can present a sympathy rose decorated with a dark red or black ribbon with words of sorrow.

The most appropriate way to express your sincere condolences is with a wreath of flowers. You can buy a ready-made artificial plant arrangement, but it is better to order a wreath of fresh flowers. It is better to arrange a wreath with restraint and without unnecessary decor. You will need many flowers, and a professional florist should be engaged in its preparation to decorate a wreath.

If you cannot attend the funeral in person, send a bouquet for sympathy and complement it with a small appropriate gift with a postcard.

A rose bouquet is the most reliable way to express your feelings. It is often difficult to express sympathy with words at funerals, so flowers or gifts are the best solutions. You can bring a bouquet to a funeral or give it personally to those who are mourning. Flowers have always been the best way to convey emotion.


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