It's hard to imagine how boring and monotonous our life would be without flowers. Imported flowers remain fresh for a long time as they are usually grown:

  • with advanced technology;
  • in a warm, friendly climate. 

So we can enjoy a huge variety of colors, up to the most fantastic. Still, the origin imposes the mark. The best roses in the world from different countries are not similar. And these differences are important to consider when arranging bouquets. 


The variety of colors and flowers offered today in stores can make you dizzy. Roses seem to be specially created to give warmth and light in endless work days. But, Dutch horticulturists are now primarily engaged in exporting tulips and roses. Holland, among other things, is the best place for roses to grow. It is also the world center for all kinds of flower festivals. For example, the town of Almere has had one of the most famous parades for 60 years. People sell up to 4 million roses and tulips at the flower auction in just one hour. Only the biggest manufacturers in the world can take part in the show.


Thus, Holland becomes a transit point where you can find flowers worldwide. Flowers from Israel, India, Kenya, and China are in particular demand. After all, their beauty stands alongside tulips from Holland and roses from Ecuador. Read our article further to discover the locations of the most beautiful rose in the world.


The Best Roses from Ecuador

bicolor roses

Among the billions of roses that fill flower catalogs, one rose in two comes from Ecuador. Nature itself told us to grow roses on the sun-drenched slopes of the Andes. After all, they are generously fertilized with volcanic ash. Ecuadorian plantations have better flowering conditions than greenhouses: 

  • bushes grow up to 90-100 cm, pleasing fans of elegant austere bouquets with long stems;
  • large elongated buds grow up to 7-8 cm in length. 

Besides the price, you can only say against Ecuadorian roses that they don't smell at all. But for allergy sufferers, that's more of an advantage than a drawback! Some varieties of these most beautiful roses in the world, such as the Forever Young, never open completely. And they never finish their intrigue, drying out with their petals clenched tightly.


When buying Ecuadorian roses, make sure they have intact bracts. Some vendors do the customers a disservice by ripping off the shirt and damaging the bud. The offended rose does not forgive the brutal violence - within two or three days. The flower becomes completely bald. 


Because of their massive oblong buds, Ecuadorian roses are unsuitable for arranging bouquets. Their element is chic bouquets in hat boxes and laconic compositions with three roses on a long stem.


red rose

Choose Holland Roses for Beautiful Bouquets

If you wonder where roses grow best, you will definitely hear about The Netherlands. Holland roses are highly prized for their origin. This country is actually known for its advanced and sophisticated flower industry. The country's ideal growing conditions contribute to the quality of its roses. They are:

  • mild climate;
  • fertile soil;
  • access to water. 

The Netherlands has a long-standing tradition of cultivating and exporting flowers. And its growers have perfected their techniques over many years. It results in consistently beautiful and superior-quality roses. 


The Dutch rose looks rather modest against the background of luxurious relatives. Thin stems of standard length (60-70 cm) with few leaves are crowned with delicate buds. These best roses in the world will soon turn into fragrant multi-layered flowers. The flat shape of the glass contributes to a tight fit of the buds. 


The Holland roses look very nice in flower arrangements. Florists use them in traditional round bouquets and in fancy Flemish-style fan-shaped compositions. Roses from Holland are practically devoid of thorns and generally seem fragile. Greenhouse cultivation has softened the proud temper of the queen of flowers.


The most beautiful roses in the world  are available in various colors, including:

It makes them a universal choice for any floral arrangement or display. They are fully admired for their long-lasting freshness and fragrance. That's why they are a favorite option among florists and flower enthusiasts.



Colombian Rose is One of the Most Beautiful Type of Rose

Roses from Colombia act as an intermediate between Ecuadorian and Dutch roses. If you ask where roses grow best, we will surely name Columbia. But they cost less than both two. Roses in Colombia are also grown on high plateaus but at a lower level than in Ecuador. So they don't grow as tall but keep some of their fragrance. The buds of Colombian roses are smaller than those of Ecuadorian roses. But they are noticeably larger than those of Dutch roses. Unfortunately, Colombian growers sometimes break the rules of rose cultivation. And the quality of their flowers is not homogeneous. But large floristry studios, including ours, are reliable suppliers. 


The ideal growing conditions in Colombia contribute to the high quality of roses. These are:

  • high altitude;
  • consistent temperature.

So Columbia is one of the best places for roses to grow owing to these features.


Colombian roses are often prized for their:

  • beauty;
  • fragrance;
  • durability.

All these features make them a sought-after luxury item in the floral industry. You can use them in a bouquet or as a single stem. As the beauty of Colombian roses is sure to capture the hearts of anyone who lays eyes on them.


rose bouquet

Choose Small Kenyan Roses for Their Rich Aroma 

Elegant miniature roses from Elgon, Aberdeen, and Kenya Highlands would surely please Thumbelina. The sturdy, rounded buds look like multi-colored balls and are highly expandable. When the time comes, the best roses in the world turn into ornate wide-flattened glasses. They also have a deep sensual fragrance. Despite their outward fragility, Kenyan roses are unpretentious and tolerate transportation well, and they have no equal in durability: cut flowers can last up to three weeks.


The color palette of the most beautiful roses in the world resembles that of South America. They are usually:

  • red, burgundy, chocolate;
  • peach, white, and pearl;
  • pink, coral, yellow, and orange;
  • bicolor.

Kenya is the place where roses grow best. It has the world's largest rose garden, an eight-hectare private greenhouse owned by Indian flower magnate Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi, nicknamed "The King of Roses. During peak season, the company sells up to 1.8 million roses a day - enough for all the artists in love!


A Few Words from Rosaholics

So now you know where the best roses come from. Also, we believe that delivering beautiful roses to your loved ones should be a seamless and hassle-free experience. That's why we offer a premium roses delivery service. So it will deliver stunning roses straight to your door. Our roses are carefully selected from the best growers around the world, and we take pride in ensuring that each stem is of the highest quality and freshness.


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Which country has the most beautiful roses?

Ecuador is the country of the highest quality roses in the world. First, they have bright and rich color, a large bud, and a long stem. Secondly, Ecuadorian flower queens are the most enduring - a bouquet lasts up to 14 days in a vase.

Where are most roses originally from?

Roses are believed to have originated in Asia, specifically in areas that are now modern-day China, Iran, and Iraq. They spread to other parts of the world, including Europe and North America. Today, roses are cultivated and grown in many different countries around the world.

What is the perfect habitat for roses?

Roses can thrive in various habitats and climates with proper care and attention. The perfect habitat for roses includes well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients, ample sunlight, and consistent watering. Roses also require protection from extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold and pests or diseases.

What is the most common rose color?

The most common rose color is red, which is often associated with love, passion, and romance. However, roses come in many other colors, including pink, white, yellow, orange, and purple.


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