The flowers remain fresh for a long time, grown with advanced technology in a warm, friendly climate. Roses from different countries delight with a huge variety and colors, up to the most fantastic. Moreover, they are not similar to each other, and these differences are essential to take into account when drawing up bouquets. Where do the most beautiful varieties of roses grow? In this article, you will find out which roses florists use to make the most beautiful bouquets.

Is it worth choosing roses from Ecuador?

Is it worth choosing roses from Ecuador?


Roses from Ecuador are the most popular globally, and every second bouquet is made up of them. The most beautiful roses grow here thanks to the sun and good soil, which is generously fertilized with volcanic ash. The conditions for flowers on Ecuadorian plantations are much better than in greenhouses. The only drawback of roses from Ecuador, they don't smell at all. But, for allergy sufferers, this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

When buying Ecuadorian roses, make sure that they have intact buds. Some sellers damage the bud, thinking that this makes the flower look prettier. In this case, the flower will lose all its petals within three days.

Due to massive oblong buds, Ecuadorian roses are not suitable for arranging group bouquets and compositions. These roses are perfect for laconic mono bouquets or for presenting a bouquet in a box.

Ecuadorian roses are considered the most beautiful because of their large buds and long stems. The flower receives more sunlight due to the country's proximity to the equator in Ecuador. Moreover, fantastic shades of roses are grown in this country, making them one of the world’s most beautiful.

Choose holland roses for beautiful bouquets

Holland does not have such a favorable climate as Ecuador. Against the background of a luxurious Ecuadorian rose, the Dutch one looks rather modest. Roses from Holland are almost devoid of thorns and, in general, seem fragile and defenseless. The Dutch rose has slender stems of standard length with few leaves. Delicate buds that soon turn into fragrant multi-layered flowers. Growing roses in greenhouses are widespread in Holland. 

The Dutch rose is considered the most beautiful because in this country they are bred new, unusual varieties. Besides, these roses that can stand for a long time in a vase, delighting you. You can most often see Dutch roses in flower shops. The rainbow rose is one of the varieties and the pride of Dutch flower growers. Dutch roses look great in prefabricated compositions, adorning both traditional bouquets and fashionable fan-shaped compositions.

Colombian rose is one of the most beautiful

beautiful Colombian rose


Roses from Colombia are similar to Ecuadorian and Dutch roses, but they are cheaper. Roses in Colombia are also grown on high plateaus but at a lower level than in Ecuador. Therefore, they do not grow so tall, but they partially retain their wonderful aroma. Colombian roses have smaller buds than Ecuadorian roses but noticeably larger than Dutch ones. Colombia is a country where roses are grown all year round. The pleasant aroma and long stems with various colors make this rose one of the most beautiful. A bouquet of these roses will be able to please and give a piece of the sun.

Why choose small Kenyan Roses

Graceful miniature roses from Kenya are rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Strong, rounded buds, similar to multi-colored balls, are distinguished because they open beautifully. Over time, the buds open and give an incredibly rich aroma.

Despite the external fragility, Kenyan roses are unpretentious and tolerate transportation well, and they have no equal durability. Cut flowers can last up to three weeks in a vase and look fresh.

Kenya has the largest rose garden in the world. During the peak season, the company sells up to 1.8 million roses per day. The color range of the original Kenyan varieties is close to the South American one. Red, cream, white, mother of pearl, pink, coral, yellow, orange, burgundy, chocolate, and two-tone roses are on sale. You can easily choose a beautiful rose for every taste. Growing technology makes these roses the most popular and attractive. These roses are grown and packaged to a high standard.

Kenya rose is used to make large bouquets with over 101 flowers and standard date bouquets. Florists have the opportunity to create complex multi-tiered compositions thanks to the long stem. Flowers on short stems are useful for arranging a pretty flower basket or a charming mini-bouquet. Moreover, excellent spray and peony roses of elite varieties are grown in Kenya, from which perfect bouquets are obtained.

How to keep the beauty of roses longer?

keep the beauty of roses longer


Rose is quite capricious in care. If you buy a bouquet of the most beautiful roses, you need to know a few rules for the bouquet to delight you longer.

  • Trim off the leaves and thorns at the bottom of the stem before placing the roses in the vase. Florists recommend doing this procedure under running water. Cut off the stem at the same time, making the cut area as large as possible. You can cut the bottom of the stem into several pieces. This will open the way for the water to reach the buds.
  • It is recommended to put roses in settled and boiled water at room temperature, which should be changed every day, cutting and dissecting the stem.
  • Choose a vase-shaped and size so that the stems are half or two-thirds submerged in the water.
  • An aspirin tablet or sugar will prolong the life of the flowers. The roses will remain fresh for several more days in such water.


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