The tradition of congratulating on the marriage anniversary dates back to Antiquity. But back then, spouses celebrated only their 25th and 50th years together. We are also used to celebrating the anniversaries and beautiful dates of married life: 25, 30, and 50 years. But for the spouses themselves, every new year is the birthday of the family. It persists in spite of the turmoil of life and possible quarrels. That is why the husband and wife congratulate each other on their holiday of love. Spouses celebrate every year spent together, giving gifts and arranging romantic surprises. And, of course, the holiday does not pass without flowers for the anniversary. And what celebration passes without cute bouquets? In this article, we will tell you what flowers are the most appropriate for this fantastic day. The material is helpful for:

  • men thinking about a gift for their wives;
  • children who want to congratulate their parents. 

How to choose them? What is the meaning of all dates? You will find all about the answers and the best options in our article.


Best Anniversary Flowers by Years

There are universal variants of flowers that people present in marriage: 

  • roses are an eternal symbol of love and beauty;
  • orchids emphasize the sensual side of the relationship;
  • tulips are a sign that the emotions are as strong as in the honeymoon. 

You can give their compositions on any date and present them to both wives and husbands. 

roses bouquet for anniversary

If you do not want to follow the standards and think about how to make the gift more personal, we offer these ideas to get the best anniversary flowers:

  • Remember a significant family event and give flowers that are associated with it. The easiest option is to order a composition like a bride's bouquet on your wedding day.
  • Buy a bouquet in her favorite shade. Today's floral assortment is so rich that you can find even blue and black buds. 
  • Surprise her with an unusual decoration of the composition. Order flowers in a hat box, decorative frame, or handbag. Accessories turn an ordinary bouquet into a self-sufficient gift. Also, complement the arrangement with an anniversary card with warm words.

The main thing is to think of your other half when choosing a surprise. Let the flowers be a reflection of your feelings and attitudes towards her. Then even a simple bouquet will be unique. Read further about anniversary flowers by year.


Paper wedding: Flowers for the First Anniversary

Paper wedding: Flowers for the First Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the "paper" anniversary. A thoughtful way to celebrate this special occasion is to give flowers. Paper may seem like an unusual theme for a gift. But several beautiful floral options represent this theme. They symbolize the love and commitment of the couple's first year of marriage. One of the popular choices are:

  • Roses are the traditional flower for the first anniversary. They represent the couple's deep and lasting love. They come in various colors. The pink and red hues are particularly appropriate for this occasion. 
  • Another great option is the pansy. They represent the couple's loyalty and devotion to each other. These delicate flowers also come in various colors. Their cheerful appearance will surely make your partner smile.

No matter which flowers for the first anniversary you choose, include a heartfelt note on paper to complete a unique gift.


Second Wedding Anniversary: Cotton Celebration

Second Wedding Anniversary: Cotton Celebration

One of the best options are: 

  • The delicate and fluffy cotton flower is an obvious choice for this anniversary. Its soft, cloud-like appearance will surely delight your partner.
  • Another option is the daisy. It symbolizes innocence and purity, as cotton is a natural and unadorned material. 
  • Alternatively, the lily of the valley is another excellent option for this anniversary. As its white bell-shaped flowers are reminiscent of the delicate nature of cotton. Pair any flower you choose with a thoughtful gift made of cottons, such as a soft blanket or a cozy pair of pajamas. 

Combining the following elements to create a unique and meaningful flower bouquet for an anniversary. It will represent the love and commitment of your second year of marriage. 


Leather Third Anniversary

Leather Third Anniversary 

It may seem difficult to incorporate flowers into this theme. But several beautiful blooms can represent this occasion's sentiment:

  • The sunflower is an excellent choice for this anniversary. Its bold, warm, and rustic appearance symbolizes your marriage's strong foundation and durability. 
  • Another best anniversary flowers are the chrysanthemum. They represent love and loyalty, much like the strength and durability of leather. Its rich, warm colors and textured petals are reminiscent of the material's unique properties. 
  • The dahlia is another excellent option for this anniversary. Its showy, multi-layered petals resemble the texture and toughness of leather. 

Whatever flower you choose, consider pairing it with a leather gift, such as a wallet or a handbag. It will create a cohesive anniversary present.


5th Year Together: Sapphire Celebration

5th Year Together: Sapphire Celebration

The traditional flower for this anniversary is the daisy. It actually symbolizes loyalty, love, and purity. These cheerful and charming blooms come in various colors:

  • from classic white;
  • to bright yellow and pink.

So it is a versatile and meaningful choice for the fifth-anniversary gift.

Flowers are popular for this anniversary year. Red roses symbolize love and passion, while yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. Blue sapphires can be incorporated into a bouquet or floral arrangement. Flowers will bring smiles to your partner's face. 


10-Year Aluminium Anniversary

10-Year Aluminium Anniversary

The daffodil is one more good choice for this anniversary. Its bright and cheerful appearance symbolizes the endurance and resilience of your marriage. It refers to the durable and versatile properties of aluminum. Here are the best flowers:

  • Aster is a great option. As it represents love and patience, two essential elements for any long-lasting relationship. Its star-shaped blooms and vibrant colors are reminiscent of the strength and adaptability of aluminum. 
  • The gladiolus is the best anniversary flower. Its sturdy stalks and bold, striking blooms symbolize your marriage's, unwavering love. You also can complement them with lush hydrangeas. 

Whatever flower you choose, consider pairing it with an aluminum gift. It can be a picture frame or a kitchen gadget. It helps to create a thoughtful and cohesive anniversary present.


Shell Wedding Anniversary: 17 Spent Years

Shell Wedding Anniversary: 17 Spent Years

Here, we have gathered the best flower options:

  • The hydrangea is an excellent choice for this anniversary. Its lacy, delicate blooms and pastel colors evoke the tranquility of the ocean. 
  • Another option is the alstroemerias in light hues. It shows innocence, and purity, much like the loyalty of your marriage over the past 17 years. Its simple yet charming blooms are reminiscent of shells' natural beauty and simplicity. 
  • The hot pink rose is the most appropriate flower for this anniversary. Usually, it symbolizes gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. These are all important values in any long-lasting marriage. Its delicate petals also mimic the intricate and detailed patterns found on seashells. 

You can also pair a bouquet with a beautiful shell-themed gift. We recommend choosing between a seashell necklace or a decorative shell collection.


22 Amazing Years and Copper Anniversary

22 Amazing Years and Copper Anniversary 

When it comes to selecting flowers to mark this milestone, several blooms are perfect:

  • The orange rose are the best anniversary flowers. As it symbolizes passion, enthusiasm, and intense love. We suggest them to be all important aspects of any long-lasting marriage. Its warm and vibrant hues also mimic copper's warm and glowing tones. 
  • One more option is the sunflower in tandem with red roses. Such an arrangement can show your burning love and adoration. Its bright and bold blooms are reminiscent of the radiance and warmth of copper. This feature makes them a great option for this anniversary. 
  • The chrysanthemum of bright warm shades is another excellent flower for the anniversary. It symbolizes love, joy, and optimism, all important elements of any successful marriage. Its warm and vibrant colors also pair perfectly with copper's warm and glowing tones. 

You can choose any flower, but remember to pair it with a beautiful copper-themed gift. Consider a copper vase or a set of copper cookware.


Pearls Anniversary: 30th-Anniversary Flowers

Pearls Anniversary: 30th-Anniversary Flowers 

Here are the best flowers:

  • The elegant and sophisticated orchid is a great choice for this anniversary. As its delicate and exotic appearance symbolizes the beauty and rarity of pearls. 
  • The peony is another excellent option for this anniversary. Peony's luscious and luxurious blooms are reminiscent of pearls' smooth, iridescent surface. 
  • A white rose is also an interesting option. It represents purity, innocence, and loyalty, all important values in any long-lasting marriage.

Whatever 30th-anniversary flowers you choose, pair them with a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry. We recommend buying a necklace or earrings.


Flower Symbolism Regarding Family Values

flower bouquet

Before giving a bouquet for an anniversary wedding, it is essential to know what this or that flower means, what values ​​and human emotions it embodies and what wishes you need to say.

  • A delicate bell symbolises joy, openness, and protects the house from evil and the evil eye, which is so necessary for a young, fragile family. This flower can be given in the first years of family life.
  • Romantic daisies personify modesty, chastity, tenderness. Such peaceful flowers are also an ideal gift to a young couple.
  • Peonies and chrysanthemums in oriental culture mean wealth, abundance, prosperity. They will be a great wish for newlyweds on their wedding day and their first marriage anniversaries.
  • Irises, symbolising courage and resilience, are traditionally masculine flowers.
  • Freesia is a sign of refinement, sophistication, aristocracy. Through such a bouquet, you can express love, respect and admiration to a woman.
  • Roses are a bright symbol of love, beauty, admiration. It will be appropriate to present them on a meaningful, anniversary date of family life.
  • Lilies embody nobility and a rich inner world. Such a bouquet can be presented to a mature married couple.
  • Strict and exquisite callas, orchids, magnolias will be an excellent basis for an expensive and truly aristocratic gift for a married couple for a long anniversary from children or loved ones of the family.

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Are flowers an anniversary gift?

Yes, flowers are a popular and traditional gift for wedding anniversaries. Different flowers are often associated with specific anniversary years, making them a thoughtful and meaningful way to celebrate each milestone.

Do you send flowers for the wedding anniversary?

Yes, sending flowers for a wedding anniversary is a common way to celebrate the occasion, as you can show your love and appreciation for your partner.

What flower symbolizes an anniversary?

Roses are popular for many anniversary years, with red roses symbolizing love and passion and yellow roses representing friendship and joy.

Which flower is best for a wedding anniversary?

Some popular choices include roses, which are often associated with romance and love and are frequently given for milestone anniversaries such as the 10th and 25th, and lilies, which symbolize devotion and humility and are commonly given for the 30th anniversary. Other popular choices include daisies. They represent innocence and purity, and carnations.


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