It is customary to accompany the wedding couple’s anniversary with beautiful bouquets and wishes. And it all begins on the wedding day, when the newlyweds, in the presence of loved ones, unite their destinies. On this holiday, the bride always holds in her hands a delicate composition that stylistically echoes the groom's boutonniere. It is customary to decorate with thematic bouquets both the ceremonial arch for painting, the ceremonial hall for the celebration and the young couple’s motorcade.

Flowers are always the best congratulations for a happy anniversary wedding.

In subsequent years, fresh and bright bouquets should also be a must-have for every family holiday. Moreover, flowers can be given not only by the husband to his beloved wife. In the article, we will tell you what flowers are customary to give on a wedding anniversary.

What flowers will be the best congratulations for the anniversary wedding?

flowers  for the anniversary wedding


The first ten years are very important in a couple’s life when every little thing matters. During these years, usually, the husband gives flowers to the young wife for the anniversary, and it is good if he does it rightly, putting a special meaning in each present. Some dates are directly related to specific flowers.

Below is a list with each anniversary wedding’s anniversary name and the most preferred flowers and wishes for a gift for those dates.

  • Paper wedding. The bouquet on this day should be light and colourful. Present delicate flowers that symbolise the thrill of the senses. Openwork bells, cornflowers, chamomile or carnations are best. Also, pay attention to gerberas and daisies. It is best to wrap the bouquet in paper and decorate with cotton.
  • A second wedding anniversary symbolises the fragility of a relationship. For such an anniversary, you can give graceful thin carnations, tulips, orchids and lags. Bouquets are best decorated with cotton flowers because cotton is the symbol of the second anniversary.
  • Three-year leather wedding. For this date, any bouquets that can be symbolically pulled with a leather cord will do. The best flowers for the third anniversary are sunflowers.
  • Four-year fruit wedding. Ask to tie the bouquet with twine or decorate it into natural burlap by adding fruit to the bouquet. The gift immediately becomes a symbolic marriage and has already become strong and reliable. Summer daisies and gerberas, and hydrangeas are appropriate on such a day.
  • Five-year wooden anniversary. It is welcome if the composition contains elements of a tree, a woody stem of a garden rose, chrysanthemum, peony. It is also original to order the composition in a wooden basket or a heart-shaped wooden box.
  • Cast iron or mountain ash wedding for six years. On this day, one should prefer a bright bouquet of flowers with the addition of a rowan branch or a decorative imitation of its fruits. Calla lilies, which are great for the sixth anniversary, will also look appropriate.
  • Seven years copper wedding. Warm metal tends to be orange and sunny yellow so that you can select sunflowers, chrysanthemums, gerberas and freesia of suitable shades as a basis for a bouquet.
  • Tin or bronze eight-year wedding. It will be original to give flowers of a cold shade, for example, blue irises, white chrysanthemums and lilacs. You can put them in a small bronze bucket. Every year flowers will be the best congratulations on a happy anniversary wedding for a loved one.
  • Nine-year ceramic wedding. Bouquets are best made from daisies and also require a combination of wildflowers.
  • A decade anniversary is called a pewter or pink wedding. It is best to give red roses or daffodils on such a day, symbolising the spouses’ deep and strong affection for each other.
  • Thirteen years lace or lily of the valley anniversary. From the name, it is clear which bouquet to prefer. If you can't find lilies of the valley, buy white, or cream cloves chrysanthemums are also fine. Their inflorescences resemble exquisite lace.
  • 15 years is a crystal wedding. Crystal represents purity, so select white tulips, peonies, white noble lilies, roses or orchids.
  • 17, 18, 19 years old, respectively, pink, turquoise, pomegranate. Give flowers of the same colour.
  • 25 years silver wedding.The best wishes for the anniversary wedding will be a gift of 25 premium Ecuadorian roses or high stem varieties.
  • Thirtieth pearl wedding anniversary. Compose a bouquet of lilies combined with white flowers as a sign of cloudless happiness, carelessness and warmth.
  • After 40 years of marriage, the couple celebrates a ruby ​​wedding. Crimson roses or crimson peonies are ideal for congratulations.
  • Forty-six years old lavender is the only floral anniversary name. Be sure to find a bouquet of fresh lavender.
  • It is customary to celebrate the anniversary of a marriage, the golden wedding, magnificently. Present an armful of flowers of fifty buds. To not inconvenience your spouse or parents due to the severity of the composition, order the decoration in the basket.

Families over 50 years old are considered marriage veterans. The gifts’ symbolic meaning is no longer so important as children and grandchildren’s attention—select beautiful persistent chrysanthemum or gerbera flowers for a happy anniversary wedding.

Do not forget to say words of gratitude, love, and give your loved ones flowers on this day. If it is not possible to congratulate in person, you can order delivery and the courier will bring the bouquet in time.

Flower symbolism regarding family values

Flower symbolism regarding family values


Before giving a bouquet for an anniversary wedding, it is essential to know what this or that flower means, what values ​​and human emotions it embodies and what wishes you need to say.

  • A delicate bell symbolises joy, openness, and protects the house from evil and the evil eye, which is so necessary for a young, fragile family. This flower can be given in the first years of family life.
  • Romantic daisies personify modesty, chastity, tenderness. Such peaceful flowers are also an ideal gift to a young couple.
  • Peonies and chrysanthemums in oriental culture mean wealth, abundance, prosperity. They will be a great wish for newlyweds on their wedding day and their first marriage anniversaries.
  • Irises, symbolising courage and resilience, are traditionally masculine flowers.
  • Freesia is a sign of refinement, sophistication, aristocracy. Through such a bouquet, you can express love, respect and admiration to a woman.
  • Roses are a bright symbol of love, beauty, admiration. It will be appropriate to present them on a meaningful, anniversary date of family life.
  • Lilies embody nobility and a rich inner world. Such a bouquet can be presented to a mature married couple.
  • Strict and exquisite callas, orchids, magnolias will be an excellent basis for an expensive and truly aristocratic gift for a married couple for a long anniversary from children or loved ones of the family.

Flowers will be the best wishes and gifts for the anniversary wedding. You can follow our recommendations to surprise your significant other every year. Besides, do not forget to please your loved ones with flowers and for no reason, because the bouquet will always cheer you up and delight.


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