Selecting a beautiful bouquet is only half the battle. An important point is a word you want to say, giving it. The best way is to give a bouquet with best wishes for the birthday in person. It will be enough just to smile, hug and write a congratulation. Everything is different; you need to choose the right bouquet that will say more than the words on the postcard. The best gift for a girl is flowers. They, rather than words, will help convey your feelings. But what flowers should you select to make the girl happy?

How to present a bouquet of flowers in an original way?

present a bouquet of flowers in an original way


Find out in advance what flowers the girl likes. Or select a bouquet that will surely please the chosen one. The most versatile flowers are roses; they are appropriate for any occasion. You can give a bouquet with a courier’s help to deliver the flowers to the right place and time. Don't forget about wishing messages; this is important even if you give a bouquet for a birthday

Use our tips to make the girl surprised and remember your original gift:

  • If the girl drives a car, place a bouquet under the wipers of her car. We recommend you to do this a maximum of an hour before the expected time of her leaving home or work so that the flowers do not have time to freeze, and so that they do not get to someone else. Wow, the effect of such a surprise is guaranteed. For more intrigue, you can leave no notes; the girl will be extremely embarrassed. But it is better to leave a postcard with wishing messages if you make a surprise on her birthday.
  • Order flowers delivery to the place when your loved one does not expect to receive a gift. A courier can meet a girl on the way to the metro, at work, at a lecture, come to a cafe where she is resting with her friends, this is always spectacular and very pleasant.
  • Arrange a small surprise quest. Ask the girl’s friends on her birthday to send a note with the message that the girl should go to a specific cafe and order a cup of tea. The cafe employees warned they would bring a bouquet to your beloved instead of tea. The quest can be done in several steps; the main thing is not to overdo it.

We have listed the most interesting and easy-to-implement options for unusually giving a girl flowers. We hope that our methods will help you or give you ideas on beautifully giving flowers to your girlfriend and best wishes for birthday.

What flowers to give besides roses?

What flowers to give besides roses?


Although roses are the queen of flowers, some believe that they look too ordinary. Fortunately, you can choose an elegant bouquet with the most unusual combinations. The best birthday message is a bouquet of luxurious flowers. 

What flowers to select?

  • All girls dream of lush peonies. To get a gentle cloud of flowers is real happiness for everyone. But hurry, the peony bloom season is from May to June. It is much more difficult to find them in winter.
  • Many people associate tulips with the arrival of spring and the first warm days. Bright, textured, they will definitely cause a smile.
  • Girls love lilies and chrysanthemums for their pleasant aroma. Besides, they amaze with their durability; the bouquet will delight up to two weeks.

Whichever arrangement you select, remember that flowers are the best birthday wishing message. The girl will definitely understand that the bouquet was presented from the heart, and she will be glad for a surprise.

Signs associated with roses

Since the rose symbolises love, it was often added to love potions, used in love spells and rituals to speed up the wedding. Another belief is associated with the persistence of the bouquet, the longer it stands in the vase, the stronger and more sincere the feelings of the giver.

It made sense when the flowers were cut right in the garden, and they were definitely fresh. But in the modern world, the omen can hardly be trusted. Still, the durability of flowers does not depend on the senses’ strength, but on the buds’ freshness.

Various prejudices and traditions are associated with this beautiful flower.

  • A rose was placed on the table to show the interlocutor that the conversation should not be divulged. At feasts, rose petals were sprinkled on the table and floor for the same purpose.
  • When the girl doubted which of the fans to choose, they advised to carry out the ritual. The first letters of the names of young men were written on the petals, and they were lowered into the water. The petal that sinks first will show you which one to give preference to.
  • If there are long failures, light a fire and throw a few rose petals into it. They will take the trouble with them.
  • Rose bushes were planted around the house’s perimeter so that their thorns would protect from evil spirits and misfortunes.

How to sign a postcard to a bouquet of flowers?

How to sign a postcard to a bouquet of flowers?


A cute flower bouquet has always been appropriate and means best wishes for birthdays. You can give such a present at a personal meeting or order flowers with delivery to a specific address. The courier will hand over the bouquet at the most unexpected moment, which will serve as a pleasant surprise for the recipient. This service is very convenient because your lady may be from another city or even a country, but do not disregard a dear person.

If a bouquet with flowers is not presented personally, but through a messenger, it is rarely left without a signature. A beautiful postcard or card with a laconic message is a good form. Professional florists will tell you how to correctly make confessions or show your feelings and care through cards and flowers.

Do not be afraid of honesty and frankness

Flowers with birthday wishing messages are a gesture of the most sincere and warm feelings. What could be better, more pleasant and important than the manifestation of real positive emotions? You don't need to write grandiloquent words or intricate rhymes for this. Give a simple heart to heart message. Such lines will always be understood and appreciated.

 What can a flower note contain?

  • Declaration of love.
  • Gratitude for the perfect action.
  • Asking for help.
  • Apologies.
  • A confession of the unbearable separation.

Your words will have the most positive effect if you are as open and honest as possible. A floral note should not be just a dry line formality. With real emotions, it will acquire individuality.

Get creative with your birthday message

Get creative with your birthday message


What can be your originality? It's great if you write a phrase, word or quote from a famous work that will be clear only to both of you in a postcard accompanying a bouquet. 

It will once again show how close you are and how your interests coincide. Besides, such a trifle will demonstrate that you are really not indifferent to a person, because you subtly notice his jokes, worry about his achievements, and remember casually dropped judgments and wishes.

Share fond memories in birthday message postcard

If you want to send flowers with delivery to a loved one for no reason, just as a sign of attention, it is unnecessary to come up with something special for an accompanying card. The simplest thing that can be done is to remember the pleasant moments lived together. Perhaps it was a vacation together, going to a concert, a recent date in the right setting.

A note like this in a cute bouquet is a very sincere and personal gift to give. You can simply write best wishes by sending a bouquet for a birthday.

Express your sincere wishes

Express your sincere wishes


Flowers and a card with warm wishes are the ideal solution to congratulate a person on a significant event, especially if you can't do it in person. These can be different reasons.

For originality, connect the parting words and wishes with the nature of the flowers presented in the bouquet. For example, "May your life be bright and sunny, like these gerberas" or "Stay as gentle and sweet as roses in your bouquet."

If the addressee of your bouquet loves adventure, put in flowers not just a note, but a mysterious message.

It can be a jigsaw puzzle of letters from which to assemble the desired word or sentence, or an encrypted message.

However, it is essential not to overdo it and not make the postcard text for flowers too complex to decipher.

If you do not know how to sign a flower card for a birthday or other festive occasion, contact the florists. Besides, do not forget that sometimes flowers can express feelings and wishes better than any words.


March 22, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik