Presenting a bouquet to your beloved is a great way to cheer her up and wish her a happy birthday. Someone buys a bouquet for congratulations on the way to the holiday, but most of them think in advance which composition to choose. What flowers to choose for the bouquet to be liked? Should I give roses for a happy birthday? How many flowers should there be in a bouquet? You can find out the answers to these questions in this article.

What flowers to give?

Select flowers depending on the occasion and your goals. If you don't know which flowers a girl prefers, just ask her. After you have chosen the perfect bouquet for a happy birthday, it remains to give it correctly.

When the girl comes up to you, calmly hold the flowers in your hands. Be sure to keep the bouquet with the buds up. It is bad manners to give it in the transparent film; it can ruin the whole appearance. If it is in a protective thermal pack, it is better to open it in advance. Be sure to tell your lady that the flowers are as beautiful as she is. Enjoy a sincere smile and eyes shining just for you. There are no special difficulties; the main thing is not to rush and do everything elegantly.

The best bouquet is the one that suits the tastes of the girl. But if you do not know about her preferences and are embarrassed to ask, use our tips:

  • If the girl is young enough, present lush bush daisies, tender white rose, snow-white gerberas or tulips. They symbolise purity and girlish innocence.
  • For birthday greetings with round dates of 20, 25 and 30 years, choose premium Ecuadorian roses or lilies. They look really chic. Give preference to bright colours or, conversely, pastel mixes, two-tone varieties or bouquets with a gradient.
  • In the spring-summer period, the girls' favourites are peonies and tender coloured roses. Take this opportunity to wish the birthday girl longevity, prosperity, good luck and great happiness, presenting an amazing bouquet of the best flowers.
  • If you are looking for a bouquet for your beloved's birthday, choose sensual red roses or orchids. The last flower means not only love but also sexuality and eroticism.
  • When choosing a bouquet, be guided by the rule the younger the birthday girl, the lighter the buds’ shades should be. Creamy, peach and rose petals look delicate and sophisticated.

What flowers to give for coming of age?

What flowers to give for coming of age?


The coming of age is an exceptional event to tell you about the congratulatory bouquet in detail. When buying a flower presentation, you are guided by one of two rules.

It is customary to give a gift that will be remembered for a long time on a memorable date. It can be 101 roses or a luxurious arrangement in a basket. If you cannot deliver the bouquet in person, then you can order the delivery of roses for birthday.

Start from the symbolism of the flower. The way to adulthood opens before the birthday girl. Wish her luck in the flowery language. This can be done with sunflowers or yellow roses.

How many flowers to give a girl for her birthday?

Choose the size of the composition following the number of years performed. The main thing is that the number is odd. If the girl turns 22, 24 or some other even number, add one bud to the present. It is a wish for wealth and profit.

Birthday flowers are integral and often the most beautiful part of a surprise.

What flowers to combine with roses in a birthday bouquet?

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers, whose royal grace and delicate, soft aroma delight others and are an adornment of any holiday. But how will the queen of the garden be combined with other plants and what colour of roses is better to choose for a certain event?

It is believed that the rose is a versatile and classic birthday flower that flawlessly complements any bouquet. However, even in such an elegant plant, there is a rule that flowers should be in harmony with each other in the shade so that the composition looks incredibly amazing. 

The most advantageous combinations look like: lilacs, orchids, faeces, peonies, hydrangeas, lilies and lavender.

Surprisingly, roses look good even with wildflowers, and you can complement the bouquet with fresh herbs such as fern leaves, lobeline palm twigs, and ruscus.

What flowers shouldn't be combined with roses in a birthday bouquet?

Flowers not combined with roses


Depending on the purpose for which you buy roses, the list of colours you can combine changes. Florists use almost all types of flowers to decorate the premises. But if you want to give a bouquet for a birthday that will stay in a vase for a long time, then remember that not every plant can coexist with a rose.

Take care that the bouquet does not contain carnations, daffodils and lilies of the valley. They release special substances into the water that kill the rose.

Moreover, you can always order delivery of roses for birthdays from professional florists who will make the perfect bouquet.

What flowers are combined with white roses?

It is believed that white symbolises the purity of the soul and the youth of the heart. Brides and young girls adore bouquets of white roses.

The combination of white buds with wildflowers looks very natural, and combinations with delicate white lilies and orchids emphasise the rose’s tenderness and fragility. An original solution would also be to add blue shades to the composition: hydrangeas or bells. Such a bouquet of roses will be a great birthday greeting.

What flowers are combined with pink roses?

Pink is always associated with something cute, soft and affectionate. It is used to give pink roses for birthdays to young women, sophisticated personalities and soul mates. You can add the following flowers of pastel shades of rhododendrons, hyacinths, lilies, lilacs, irises to the roses to fill the bouquet.

A delicate tea rose looks good in combination with these flowers. But, such a variety is rarely added to bouquets, it looks too modest.

What flowers combined with burgundy roses?


This deep, dark shade is a symbol of passion. A bouquet of burgundy roses for happy birthday can vary with juicy bright colours and more muted tones.

White lilies and chrysanthemums will perfectly harmonise with the composition’s star, a burgundy rose, and burgundy callas and tulips will make the combination exquisite. Besides, yellow roses will also be great in such a bouquet.

What flowers combined with red roses?

Classic roses look best with white lilies, gypsophila or other delicate pastel colours, and light brown day lilies. Red looks expensive against the background of such a bouquet.

If you want to surprise your loved one on a birthday, order the delivery of a bouquet of red roses.

What flowers combined with yellow roses?

What flowers combined with yellow roses?


It is customary to combine the yellow colour of a rose with white chrysanthemums, roses and daisies. However, even brighter blue shades of bells, poppies and calla lilies will favourably emphasise the yellow colour and radiance.

The best bouquet for a birthday has always been and will be roses. The variety of shades allows you to create magnificent bouquets. Please your loved ones and close people with bright and extraordinary bouquets.


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