There is only one thing to know about September: Grandparents' Day is quickly approaching! Grandparents' Day is a special occasion to honor our grandparents and all they have done for us. This is our chance to let them know how much we value everything they do for us. On Grandparents' Day, do you want to express your love and gratitude to your grandparents?

Then Rosaholics has lots of ideas and ways for you to celebrate Grandparents Day. Read on for inspiration, hurry up, pick an idea, and start putting it into action! Whether you decide to go big or limit yourself to simple gifts, these ideas will show how much they care about you.

What is Grandparents Day?

Grandparents' Day is a day of celebration and appreciation for our grandparents. It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the United States. The original meaning of Grandparents' Day is spending time with our grandparents to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. The relevance of this day does not diminish today.

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day with Family

Family is one of the most significant values in everyone's life. And grandparents are an integral part of that family. They are the people who watched you grow up, who supported you in difficult moments, and were always there to give advice. So it's only natural that you want to do something special to show them how much you love and appreciate them.

And for this reason, we have prepared ten grandparents' day celebration ideas for your family and relatives.




Organize a small party for your grandparents. It doesn't have to be expensive or a big event. You can cook their favorite foods, buy a cake, or organize a picnic in the park. The important thing is that you spend time with them and make them feel loved.



The Perfect Weekend

The Perfect Weekend

A weekend trip is an excellent theme for Grandparent's Day celebration. It's a great way to show them how much you love them. You can go camping, to nature, make a fire, and sit and talk with grandparents. Or you can get out of the country, to a hotel, and walk around the suburbs in a fun atmosphere. You can do whatever you want; the most important thing is that you spend time together and create new memories.


Fun Games

Fun Games


Games are always a great way to spend time with your family. And on Grandparents' Day, you can organize fun games for your grandparents. For example, you can play cards, charades, or board games. Or you can even go outside and play sports together. Just be careful to choose exercises that do not harm, such as light yoga.





If your grandparents live far away, you can use Grandparents' Day as an opportunity to visit them. Even if they don't live far from you, you can take a day trip with them. Use this excellent opportunity to create happy memories for International Grandparents' Day.


Online Time

Online Time

If your grandparents don't live near you and you, unfortunately, don't have the opportunity to visit them, we have ideas for celebrating Grandparents' Day - online. You can call them by video link, send them pictures or e-cards, or even play online games together. The most important thing is to make time, even if you are very busy, because grandparents are essential people in your life.


Family Dinner

Family Dinner


Another way to celebrate Grandparents' Day is to have a family dinner. You can cook their favorite foods or even go out to eat at their favorite restaurant. It's a great way to bond, spend time together, and create happy new memories.


Night of Memories

Night of Memories


On Grandparents Day, you can spend the night looking through old family photos and memories. This is a great way to learn more about your family history and to bond with your grandparents.


Announce Important News

Announce Important News

If you have essential news to share with your family, Grandparents' Day is an excellent time to do so. It could be something like a pregnancy announcement. You can buy gifts for expecting grandparents to announce your news creatively.

Or maybe it will be the news that you're getting married, a promotion, or even deciding to buy a car. These would be great themes to talk about during Grandparents' Day celebrations. Your family will support you either way.


Something Special

Something Special

If Grandparents' Day falls on one of your grandparents' birthdays, you can make it memorable by throwing a party to celebrate their birthday. If you don't have ideas for a birthday party for your grandmother or grandfather, you can combine it with another event on this list, such as a family dinner or an evening of memories.


Shower Grandparents With Gifts

Shower Grandparents With Gifts


Lastly, you can also celebrate Grandparents' Day by giving them gifts. No matter what you give them, they are sure to appreciate your care. Below we have prepared a list of gifts for grandparents always expecting you to visit.


How to Choose a Gift for Happy International Grandparents Day?

When choosing a gift for your grandparents, it's essential to consider what they would like.

  • For example, a new set of garden tools would be a great gift if they are avid gardeners. Or, if they're always cooking, a new cookbook or kitchen gadget would be the perfect gift.

We've put together a list of gifts that would be perfect for your grandparents.

Photo Book With Your Photos Together

A photo book is a cute way to show grandma and grandpa how much you love them. Fill it with pictures of you and grandma and grandpa together, and add attractive and funny captions to each one.

  • Take our word for it; this gift will have a significant meaning to your grandparents, especially if you give them this Grandparents Day gift in person. 

Hand Casting Kit

Hand Casting Kit

You've probably seen this kind of gift option on the internet before. It is such a unique and memorable gift!

  • With this hand casting kit, you can make a cast on your grandparents' hands. 
  • You can then fill the mold with plaster or resin to create a lasting keepsake.
  • Your grandparents will be very touched by this gesture.

    Bouquet of Flowers

    A bouquet is the simplest yet one of the most meaningful gifts for grandparents. We have prepared several options for flowers for Grandparents' Day from Rosaholics:

    Do you want something original for your grandparents? Then we offer to your attention a bouquet in white and purple colors. You will no longer find such beautiful and unusual flowers for grandparents, so feel free to order from Rosaholics.


    This flower bouquet's soft, pastel colors are perfect for greeting your grandma and grandpa. Filled with tiny white flowers, the Belcia Bouquet consists of creamy orange roses combined with light purple roses, creating a wonderfully peaceful palette that is sure to bring peace and positivity.


    Beautiful pastel colours take centre stage in this delicate pink, lavender, peach, and white roses arrangement. This flower bouquet would be suitable for grandma and grandpa.



    If the previous bouquet is gentler and calmer, this one is more bright and cheerful. In the bouquet "Breathless Fresh", bright yellow, red, green, orange, and pale purple roses create a feeling of joy and happiness. These flowers will be perfect for grandparents.


    Mugs for Grandma and Grandpa

    Personalized mugs make an excellent gift for your grandparents. You can add their names, pictures, or another text to the mugs. Your grandparents will enjoy using these mugs every day.

    Pair Sweaters

    If your grandparents are always cold, they will appreciate a cozy gift like these paired sweaters. These sweaters can be personalized with their names or initials. Your grandparents will enjoy wearing them all winter long and remember you warmly.

    And when you call them online and see them wearing the paired sweaters with happy faces, you'll remember what a great idea it was to give them this for Grandparents Day and how well you celebrated it.

    Your Bouquet From Rosaholics

    Well, now you know the different ways to celebrate Grandparents' Day. In addition, we hope the list of gifts we have prepared will be to your liking.

    On our website, you can find even more bouquet options for Grandparents' Day. Hurry up and choose your perfect bouquet for a suitable date and order, and we will deliver your bouquet fresh and beautiful.


    How can I make Grandparents Day special?

    Prepare a particular time and gift for them. Show your grandparents how precious they are to you.

    Do I need to buy flowers for Grandparents day?

    Yes, you better buy a bouquet, because it will be a pleasant surprise for your grandparents. Surprise them with a unique bouquet.

    When is Grandparents Day celebrated?

    In the United States, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on September 11. But other countries may have different days; for example, France celebrates it on July 24.

    Why do we celebrate Grandparents Day?

    We celebrate Grandparents' Day to pay tribute to what your grandparents have done for you. In the future, your grandchildren will surprise you on this day, too.

    Is there a grandchild day?

    Yes, there is such a holiday, but it appeared relatively recently, in 2014. It is celebrated on the last Sunday in June.

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