Flowers as a gift are a universal way to congratulate, support, or remind about your attitude towards another person. Flowers accompany people throughout life. They are given for various celebrations. People meet babies with flowers from the maternity hospital. They decorate the room on holidays, and even the bride always has a floral bouquet.

flowers for gift


But why do people give flowers as gifts and whether they are so important?


The tradition of giving flowers was formed in ancient times when they were the decoration of the most important moments in people's lives. At that time it was believed that when you give flowers, they are endowed with magical properties healing the body and protecting the house from evil spirits. But what is the history of giving flowers?


A Brief History of Giving Flowers

The most touching version of giving flowers meaning is the legend of Adam and Eve. After being expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve longed most for the garden’s beauty and, especially, for its flowers. Adam wished to please Eve and make the environment on Earth at least a little like Eden. He spent a long time looking for a way to do it and came across a meadow full of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. Adam picked a huge bouquet and presented it to Eve. Since then, the tradition of giving flowers has begun.


Importance of Flowers Giving in Relationships

Flowers as a gift are an essential part of a relationship. They are given not only on different holidays but also at other events to show your attitude toward the person. It is a nice gesture of attention, which will bring a smile to someone’s face.

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woman with flower bouquet

7 Reasons to Give Flower Bouquet 

Do you still think about when to give flowers? Do you believe that flowers should be only on holiday? We have prepared the seven reasons for when to give flowers.


1. Confession of Feelings

Even the most inexperienced young man can use the language of flowers to declare his adoration in love. Both a young lady and a more mature woman will be equally happy when they are given flowers. Choose the best-selling bouquet for your soul mate, and you certainly won't make a mistake. And remember, the meaning of giving flowers is a way to say a lot without saying any words. And, believe us, you will be understood without words.


2. Way to Compliment

Many women are endowed with a rich imagination. Having received a surprise in the form of a floral arrangement, most of them regard it as recognition of her uniqueness and special importance to the man. A suitable option will be luxurious roses, or a unique bouquet as if just picked up in a glade in the woods. To complete the experience, the gift can be supplemented with a note with the desired words.


3. Fighting Bad Moods

Flowers as a gift can be a good antidepressant. Nothing will be able to cheer up a delicate and sensitive nature as a bunch of fragrant buds. In this case, it's better to give a multicolor composition that will radiate a good mood. View all kinds of multicolor roses at Rosaholics, or choose a bouquet with flowers in different colors, such as Breathless Fresh.


4. Unobtrusive reminder

Floral gifts given without any occasion are a great way to remind yourself. This style of man's attitude will melt even the brutal woman's heart. It is always easy and pleasant to give flowers, and the joy will be on the woman’s face as if she has won something significant. Remember this, and choose flowers wisely, not the first ones you find.


5. Apology

A bouquet of favorite flowers is the best way to say "I'm sorry" to your beloved woman. And no matter who is to blame for the quarrel - a floral surprise will help put an end to it. After all, as Erich Maria Remarque wrote in his novel Three Comrades:  "Never apologize. Never talk. Send flowers. No letter. Only flowers. They cover up everything…"


6. Building Business Relationships

You can present a floral arrangement to your business partner. The meaning of giving flowers, in this case, takes on a business sphere. In the business sphere, partners often present flowers both to women and men. The bouquet can be presented not only to the female partner but also to a man. And do not worry, it will not look strange if you give flowers to men. Just choose the right option for a man, and Rosaholics will provide you with flowers as a gift to a man and help you make the right choice.

You can also choose orange compositions conveying pride in achievement. They are well suited for active people with a strong focus on work. 


7. Distance Smoothing

For a man away from home, a bouquet ordered with home delivery is the best way to tell his beloved how much he cares about her. After all, why do people give flowers? Because it is a great way to express feelings - love, care, attention, support, and much more with just one bouquet.


The Meaning of Giving Flowers 

Let's look at the meaning of each flower so you can choose the perfect one for a gift.


pink roses

Since ancient Rome and Greece time, roses have been very trendy. At all times, roses and love were inextricably linked. And now, no celebration can do without a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. Often excessive interpretation arises around their color palette

Red is associated with burning love and passion. A white bouquet of roses symbolises innocence, purity, and youth. Orange roses symbolize the restraint and charm of the recipient. The bouquet of yellow roses refers to a profound respect for a person you want to impress. The pink rose bouquet is presented to those with whom you have trusting relationships and very warm feelings. 



sunflower bouquet

One of the brightest summer bouquets is a composition of sunflowers! The juicy color of plants, reminiscent of the warm, sunny rays, stirs up positive emotions and a happy smile at the mere sight of decorative flowers! 

Sunflowers mean tenacity, love of life, optimism, faith in the future, positive attitude, prosperity, luck, and well-being. Also, the meaning of the flower can be seen as a manifestation of spiritual love without romantic overtones. Such flowers are presented as a gift to friends, girlfriends, little or very young girls, and classmates for the prom. 



white tulips

Tulips symbolize prosperity, love and happiness. People can give tulips for no reason like any other flowers, just because you care about someone. At any celebration, a bouquet of tulips will look quite appropriate. Thanks to the rich color palette, you can express any emotions and wishes with a presented bouquet. 

White tulips symbolize a sincere and noble attitude; pink is a symbol of innocence and romance; bright red or scarlet tulips will tell about your love, passion and admiration; yellow tulips represent sincerity, good luck and success; lilac tints of tulips will be able to convey your deep reverence and respect; orange ones express care and respect. Tulips are a universal flower that in any color can give a sea of tenderness and positive emotions!



white daisies

Delicate and luminous daisies have been the embodiment of purity and femininity at all times and in all cultures worldwide. In ancient times, girls traditionally wore white flowers with the yellow core in their hair, emphasizing their beauty, and men were giving armfuls of these flowers, thus expressing their love.

Today, daisies are especially popular. Bouquets of delicate white flowers give both young girls and women of a more mature age. These flowers are always welcome, associated with lightness and ease. Their peculiarity is that they can be given without any reason - just because. And florists emphasize to men that white flowers are perfect for making a little surprise to the one and only.



pink lilies

For centuries, beautiful lilies have fascinated people. The earliest civilizations of the East regarded the lily bouquet as a symbol of freedom, resurrection, and love. The Middle Ages glorified this flower even more; in these times, it was used in the heraldry of the powerful.

It will be a great idea if you think of giving lilies to young ladies. Today, the lily is considered the flower of the Virgin Mary and a symbol of purity, innocence, and tenderness. Therefore, the meaning of giving lily flowers will have a sweet and humble connotation.




Gerberas are very bright and cheerful flowers with a vast variety of colors! A bouquet of gerberas will be a great gift for anyone and on various occasions.

In the language of flowers, gerbera symbolizes friendship, luck, and happiness. Presenting such a bouquet, the giver wishes the recipient success showing loyalty and respect. Every color is associated with different traits: white symbolizes beauty and purity, yellow symbolizes energy and financial prosperity, red symbolizes love and sincere feelings, and orange symbolizes success in any initiative.




As history says, irises appeared on the planet about two million years ago and were almost the first flowers. In Florence, magnificent irises are the city's coat of arms because they have managed to conquer all people with their attractiveness. 

The main meaning of the iris flower is sincerity and friendship. These flowers as a gift are great for best friends, fellow, and colleagues. Different countries have different attitudes toward irises. For example, the inhabitants of China believe that this delightful flower carries the meaning of elegance and beauty. And the Greek people associate this flower with cheerfulness.   



pink peonies

Gorgeous peonies are an excellent choice for any, even the most festive event. Brides have often chosen peonies for their wedding bouquets in the last few years. Delicate petals, voluminous buds, and delightful fragrances will make the composition lush and original. Peonies are feminine flowers, so to give these flowers to your wife or girlfriend is a great idea.

This flower is considered special in Japan and China, as it is a symbol of feminine grace and beauty. It is still believed that you will get a promotion if you put them at work. An unmarried girl will meet her soul mate if she has them in the living room of her house.



forget-me-not flowers

The "blue-eyed child" in all the people of the world is characterized as a symbol of fidelity and purity. Not without reason, it has such a name. In the gesture language of the gift composition, a guy can say that he will never forget his beloved, and she will remain in his heart forever.

Interesting fact: it is believed that if a girl puts a small bouquet of these flowers on a young man's chest, or hangs a wreath on his head, then his love and loyalty are guaranteed.




Lilacs are recognizable flowers that can be in many different tints. In the language of flowers, they mean first love, which is why such flowers as a gift are often presented only once, as the first flower in a relationship.

The meaning can vary depending on the color of the lilacs:

  • White is associated with first love
  • Violet means your heart belongs to a particular person
  • Purple reflects doubts and asks for love without words
  • Pink is interpreted as a love confession

In general, lilac is a romantic flower that allows you to plunge into the excitement of feelings. Such a flower arrangement will be relevant in many situations.


Bottom Line

Remember that everyone likes flowers. And it is not necessary to give flowers only for a certain occasion. You can give flowers just to please the person. And Rosaholics will always help you to do that.



Is sending flowers a good idea?

It is one of the best ideas for any occasion. Giving flowers is a universal way to convey emotions without words.

Do you give flowers to the bride?

Yes, you can give flowers to the bride. It is a noble gesture that the bride will definitely remember.

Do flowers represent love?

Yes, you can use flowers to express love and more. Flowers show your attitude toward the person.

What kind of flowers mean I miss you?

You can express it with any flowers by adding a nice note to it. But it is better to choose flowers that the person likes.


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