What flower colors are popular in fall? Can I decorate my home with rose bouquets in autumn? How do I know which flower bouquets are best for autumn? We can help! We’ve got lots of tips – and some handpicked selections – for helping you find your new favorite flower bouquet this fall.

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What to Look for in Fall Flower Bouquets

Cooler temps, falling leaves, cozy sweaters – autumn is a vibe! While fall can feel nostalgic, it can also stir up a yearning to get cozy indoors. Fall décor (including flowers) can play a big role in making your house feel more like a home.

Fresh flower bouquets with an autumn feel can elevate home décor and create a beautiful setting. Here’s what to look for in fall flower bouquets:

  • Rust Tones – Fall colors express warmth and humility. Look for flower bouquets with soothing rust tones, like amber, brown, honey and gold roses.
  • Texture – Fall décor features a lot of unique textures, like burlap, plaid, leather and knits. Carry this fall décor design into your selection of fresh flowers by looking for bouquets that have lots of visual texture. Frilly or crimped petals can make a big difference in creating gorgeous texture.
  • Long Lasting Flowers – Autumn temps can rise and fall quickly this time of year. It’s best to go with hardy flowers with a long vase life. While mums are a popular pick, fresh-cut roses are also perfect for this purpose.

Best Fall Flower Bouquets: Top 5 Arrangements

Send these fall rose bouquets to a friend or family member as a beautiful gift – or decorate your home for fall with fresh, real roses with a long vase life! Here are our top picks for fall rose bouquets.

NEW IN 2023✨ Like a classic symphony of fall colors, Maple Serenade has a gorgeous combination of dark and light pink roses, burgundy roses, and muted gold roses. With a blushing effect, the mauve tones maintain a romantic feel for this dark and moody bouquet. Send it as a gift to someone you love, or treat yourself!

NEW IN 2023✨ For a more contemporary look, try the Blue-Touched Rose Bouquet. Teal and blue roses look absolutely striking against the dark brown roses in this fresh arrangement that’s perfect for fall. If your home decorating style is modern farmhouse, minimalist, boho, or light and bright – this bouquet will bring a refreshing pop of color that elevates the entire look and feel of your home!

Cali is a fall favorite every year! Bright yellow sunflowers give this fresh flower bouquet a warm autumn feel, while sprigs of chrysanthemums and other exciting florals add incredible texture to the bouquet. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who LOVES fall, this fresh bouquet captures the excitement and fun of the season.

NEW IN 2023✨ Ideal for those who can’t wait for Halloween season! Spooky Brew Bouquet combines gorgeous gray and dark brown roses with surprising touches of orange for an unforgettable flower display. Gray roses and brown roses with an orange center don’t occur naturally in the wild, so this fall flower bouquet is truly a rare beauty.

With a 5-star rating and unique tinted roses, Café Tacuva is a popular fall bouquet that never disappoints! Cinnamon browns, honey orange hues, and crimped petals inspired by fallen leaves – this rose bouquet is a fall beauty with gorgeous texture and mesmerizing color.

Any of these bouquets would make an excellent choice for fall. But these are just a few of our favorites! Grab yourself an apple cider, pull on a cozy sweater, and find your next favorite fall bouquet today.

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When to Decorate for Fall

The general rule of thumb is to wait until after Labor Day before pulling out the pumpkins and decorating for fall. September, October and November are the only 3 months that feel exclusively like fall, so it’s best to take advantage of fall décor and fall roses early.

As soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, many people are getting anxious to transition to Christmas decorations, so decorating for fall early is the best way to get the most out of this beautiful season.

The best thing about fall rose bouquets is that they are ideal for the entire autumn season. Unlike Halloween décor that needs to be pulled down in early November, fall rose bouquets can transition beautifully from Halloween to Thanksgiving, thanks to their classic autumn flower colors, like cinnamon, brown, amber and orange petals.

Rosaholics bouquets are carefully designed and cultivated to bring you joy and celebration – for every season! Embrace autumn and find your favorite rose bouquet in the FALL 2023 COLLECTION.

September 08, 2023 — Aimee WF