Every year, on July 30, International Friendship Day is celebrated. How long have you met your best friends, had a friendly conversation over a cup of tea or coffee, or watched exciting movies followed by a mutual enjoyment of pleasant moments? 

Unfortunately, people often do not have extra time to spend with friends. Some have a lot of work, and some have a lot of other things to do, but we still need to relax, so International Friendship Day is a great excuse to have a movie night with friends. In 2022, this holiday falls on a Saturday, so you have every chance to have a fun time watching movies with your friends.

Rosaholics has prepared a selection of 25 good movies to watch with friends:


  • The Intouchables, 2011

    The Intouchables, 2011

An excellent opportunity to see if the formula "opposites attract" is genuine, a brilliant lyrical film-comedy about the relationship between a paralyzed billionaire and his caregiver. Quite unexpectedly, his caregiver is an African from the disadvantaged suburbs of Paris.

In dealing with each other's characters get a second wind and grasp the power of true male friendship, for which neither skin color, physical flaws, nor the thickness of the purse.

It can rightly be called one of the best movies about friends. Several remakes have already been made of this film, but 2011's Intouchables will remain legendary for all years.


  • Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 1997

    Knockin' on Heaven's Door, 1997

A heartfelt German drama about two terminally ill patients who decide to escape from a hospice to enjoy the beauty of the sea one last time. Because "the only thing the sky talks about is it, how infinitely beautiful it is."

In the end, such seemingly dissimilar people, united by the same dream and an unquenchable thirst for life, become kindred souls. This story again proves that friendship inspires us by making us do the unthinkable.

This movie can be an example for you and your best friends.


  • The Mighty, 1998

    The Mighty, 1998

Friendship as a way of coming to terms with oneself and the world around one another is the sad yet life-affirming film The Mighty. Two troubled teenagers used to be bullied all the time, and together they found a way to fight every kind of injustice they encountered.

After watching this film, it's hard not to believe in the all-conquering power of friendship! Organically complementing each other, the guys learn understanding, courage, bravery, and honor. If you think about the best movies about friends, this one takes one of the steps in ranking.


  • Last Vegas, 2013

    Last Vegas, 2013

It is an incredibly positive movie to watch with your friend. Hollywood veterans Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas play cronies with a solid track record. They forget the sores and grey hair on their temples, set out to conquer Las Vegas.

Despite the noisy parties, litres of alcohol, and plenty of beauties in bikinis, "Last Vegas" is not just a comedy about old thieves who can still dish it out. Here, Sin City's temptations serve as the backdrop for a story about true friendship


  • Thelma & Louise, 1991

    Thelma & Louise, 1991

A classic film about female friendship, based on the shared journey of two girls, independent Louise and suffocating family life Thelma, who decide to get away from their immediate problems and go to the country house for the weekend.

However, the heroines had no idea that an innocent trip would turn into a short road movie full of criminal squabbles and difficult decisions. Genuinely, they will meet a young Brad Pitt as compensation for the inconvenience.

The movie is great to watch with both female and male friends.


  • The Cure, 1995

    The Cure, 1995

Everyone wishes they had a true friend who would stay with them to the end, no matter what. The emotional drama by director Peter Horton tells the story of an incurably ill teenager Dexter, who is all alone all day long, who gets to know his neighbor's boy Eric and with whom he develops a true brotherly friendship. It was an unselfish friendship, for the sake of which you can do anything, became Dexter the best medicine and made him happy.

We recommend you and your best friends watch this movie to remember true friendship and how valuable you are to each other.


  • Nicostratos le pélican, 2011

    Nicostratos le pélican, 2011

A touching family drama set in a small fishing village, where a little boy, Janis, lives. He experienced the bitterness of loss at an early age - he lost his mother, and his father was withdrawn and became indifferent to everything around him.

The Mediterranean sun no longer shines so brightly for Janis, and the seascape does not please his eyes. But one day, the young hero finds a tiny pelican chick. The clever bird, with which the boy struck up a real friendship, was the beginning of significant changes, not only in his life but also in the life of the whole island.

This is a vivid example of one of the best movies about friends, even though the friend is an animal.


  • Green Book, 2018

    Green Book, 2018

Don Shirley, a classical musician, is taking a tour of the southern states. Tony is an ordinary bouncer who has lost his job and is trying to make ends meet. Fate clashes them together when Tony comes to Shirley's house to apply for a job as a driver and bodyguard. From that moment on, the two very different people will have to go on a fantastic trip that will ultimately turn their lives upside down.

Best friends will appreciate this movie and maybe even reflect on specific moments of their lives.


  • Deepwater Horizon, 2016

    Deepwater Horizon, 2016

A gripping, good movie to watch with friends. Peter Berg's film is based on actual events that took place in the United States in 2010: there was an explosion on an oil platform near Louisiana that triggered the largest oil spill in American history.

At the center of this film are eleven oil workers. Eleven ordinary workers never went home again, sacrificing their lives to save the entire Gulf of Mexico and many people.

This realistic film is about true friendship, courage, and loyalty to one's duty. The picture is dedicated to the memory of oil heroes and victims of one of the biggest manufactured disasters.


  • I Love You, Man, 2009

    I Love You, Man, 2009

A funny American comedy that touches on a serious subject. It happens that a person has many acquaintances but no real friends. Peter Cliven faces such a problem when he is getting married, but realizes he has no best friend to be the best man at his wedding. Peter finds the right person, but thanks to his new friend, he realizes that he has not lived his life the way he would. 

As you watch the movie with your best friend, think about how lucky you are to have someone like that to spend time with.



  • Bridge to Terabithia, 2006

    Bridge to Terabithia, 2006

A lighthearted story about childhood friendship - the purest and most sincere feeling. Jess and Leslie are two fifth graders who can't get along with their peers. A company develops between them, and they create their world with wizards, monsters, and goblins.

A kind and heartfelt film about little dreamers who created a beautiful, magical world in their imagination. But this is not a fantasy film; this is a story about childhood, friendship, fantasies, and belief in oneself. The movie is suitable to watch with your friends of any age.


  • The Kings of Summer, 2013

    The Kings of Summer, 2013


This is the story of three friends - unpredictable and eccentric teenagers who decide to run away from their parents to the woods to start an independent life there. This is a movie about ordinary boys who choose to feel like complete masters of their destiny. In the forest, where their perfect summer begins, they experience absolute freedom for the first time. A movie about growing up and friendships that won't leave your best friends indifferent.



  • Friends: The Reunion, 2021

    Friends: The Reunion, 2021

A special episode of the legendary Friends series is filmed in a talk show format, in which the characters return to the set - to the familiar setting. The viewer can see Monica's apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop, hear about funny cases on the set and get to know the actors who played minor roles. Only the friends themselves, of course, have changed. After all, they came together 17 years after the final episode.

Chances are you've watched the iconic series, so you and your best friends will have a great time watching this movie.


  • Epouse Moi, mon pote, 2017

    Epouse Moi, mon pote, 2017

A comical story from a movie about true best friends will make you laugh until you cry.

Young architect Yassine dreams of staying in France, but getting citizenship is difficult. So he works at a construction site, dreaming of saving money for a fictitious marriage to a French woman. On the contrary, his roommate, the cheerful Frederic, lives off his girlfriend and has no worries.

At one point, Yassine comes up with a genius idea - she and Fred get married. After all, friends should help in difficult situations. So the tangle of intrigue, lies, and pretenses is spun.

Watching a good movie with friends will lift everyone's spirits and make you feel cohesive again.


  • This Crazy Heart, 2017

    This Crazy Heart, 2017

Lenny is the son of a successful, wealthy doctor. To at least somehow restrain his son, his father sets him a condition - either complete deprivation of funds or care for one hospital patient. The boy spends his weekdays merrily without thinking about anything.

This is how Lenny meets 15-year-old David, who has only a hospital room and loneliness. The friendship of a grown man and a teenager who has seen nothing in life will help them cope.

The movie will be good to watch with your friends, especially if you have a fair amount of age difference.


  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012

The protagonist of the film is a withdrawn teenager named Charlie. He is different and seeks friendship among the same strange individuals. The boy finds understanding and acceptance in the society of his homosexual classmate Patrick and a girl with a complicated past, Sam. Charlie is rapidly trying to escape from himself and the scary memories, and his loyal friends help him.

We recommend this movie to watch because it demonstrates that even in difficult times, your best friends will be with you.


  • Live With It, 2011

    Live With It, 2011

Successful journalist Adam leads a healthy lifestyle without taking unnecessary risks. The hero of the comedy-drama has everything you could wish for - a great house, a beautiful girl and a beloved job. But one day in the carefree life of a young man breaks tragic news.

After visiting the doctor, Adam learns he was diagnosed with spinal cord cancer. How to live on and what to do? With his close companion, the man will seek answers to these questions.

This movie is recommended to watch with friends because you can feel the real friendship here.


  • The Bucket List, 2007

    The Bucket List, 2007


This life-affirming movie about best friends will make you wonder if your life is bright enough. Two hospital bedmates with cancer decide to spend their remaining days fulfilling their dreams. Fortunately, one of them is a billionaire and can make any wish of the other come true. The men write a list of unrealized things to do and go on a trip. The main thing that this adventure will give them is friendship and support, which was so lacking for both of them.



  • Without a Paddle, 2004

    Without a Paddle, 2004

A trio of guys, friends since high school, decide to fulfill a dead comrade's dream of finding $200,000 dropped by a famous plane hijacker. They get their hands on a treasure hunt map, and the friends set off for the Columbia River to tackle the route in a canoe.

The adventurers agree that the journey is both a chance to get rich and a real adventure. Except that none of them has ever been on a camping trip and knows how to raft on a river.

This is a good movie to watch with friends on Friendship Day because it's always nice to see real friendship in the frame.


  • Miss You Already, 2015

    Miss You Already, 2015

Watch an interesting and exciting movie, Miss You Already, with your best friends. The actress shaved her head for her role in this film. 

Ever since high school, there have been no secrets between friends Jess and Millie. Next, the women start their own lives, but their friendship is still strong. One day, Jess gets pregnant after many unsuccessful attempts, and Millie is diagnosed with cancer. The relationship between the women, simultaneously experiencing the happiest and most difficult moments in their lives, begins to crumble.


  • The Hangover (trilogy 2009, 2011, 2013)

    The Hangover (trilogy 2009, 2011, 2013)



The best movies about friends and a mind-blowing pre-wedding bachelor party. The four friends in the trilogy get into funny situations - get involved with the mafia, steal a tiger, marry prostitutes and steal a police car. And all of this manages to happen at one bachelor party.



  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, 2007

    I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, 2007

Chuck, and Larry, despite their different life principles. Larry is a single father; more than anything, the kindly fat man fears that his two children will be left destitute if he dies. Chuck is a woman's favorite, a joker, and a funny man

After an accident nearly costing Chuck his life, Larry is strengthened in his belief that he needs insurance. And the only thing he needs to ensure his life is a formal marriage. The man offers his mate a fictitious relationship. Except that the best friends don't consider that the picky officials will be checking them out.

This is a good and fun movie to watch with friends; we guarantee you won't regret it.


  • Mon meilleur ami, 2006

    Mon meilleur ami, 2006

A film about friendship and a prosperous antiquarian. François has all the material possessions, but no one is close to him. One day, his colleague Catherine accuses his partner of arrogance and selfishness and that he is simply incapable of friendship. However, the antiquary is ready to prove otherwise. He has ten days to produce his best friend. During this time, the man will try to make friends with a stranger - the naive cab driver Bruno.

Quite a funny movie that would be good to watch with your friend. You will be able to laugh and appreciate the movie.


  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 2005

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, 2005

An American movie about best friends, based on the novel by contemporary writer Ann Breshears. Four faithful friends have to part for the summer. Before they leave, the girls find jeans that magically fit each of them in the store. Thinking this coincidence is magical, they agree to send the pants to each other weekly as a talisman.

It sounds like sci-fi, but this movie won't leave you indifferent.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog, 2020

    Sonic the Hedgehog, 2020


This is a comedic film adaptation of the iconic video game. When suffering from loneliness, Sonic one day knocks out the power within a few miles. Frightened by terrorist attacks, the government sends a sinister doctor to the scene, and the hedgehog is helped to escape by the principled Sheriff Tom. The new partners have a journey full of adventure.

This movie is about best friends, which teaches friendship and mutual assistance. 



You can figure out how to celebrate Friendship Day very interesting in our article about best ideas to do with your friends on Friendship Day 2022.


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Which movie is based on friendship?

There are a considerable number of movies that are based on friendship. The top 3 best friendship movies are The Intouchables, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and The Mighty.

Where can I watch movies with friends?

You can watch a movie at home while lying on your bed. Or, you can make a summer movie theater (since Friendship Day is summer) and watch movies outdoors. And of course, you can go to a movie theater and watch something there.

Can we watch movies together online?

Yes, that's another interesting idea for watching a movie. You can start an online broadcast and watch the movie online for you and your friend.

What genre of movies is better to choose to watch on Friendship Day?
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