On New Year's Eve, all friends gather at the same table and give each other presents. This moment can't satisfy us because gifts are always pleasant. When we receive presents from friends, we should also give something in return. So, popular options for New Years gifts🎁 for friends are:

  • Flowers;
  • New Year's set of glasses;
  • Box with sweets;
  • Christmas mug with an inscription.

Usually, before giving gifts to our friends, we ask about their wishes. But sometimes, it's difficult to pick something for them, even knowing about their preferences. In such cases, you should pay attention to those gifts that are useful and pleasant. For example, a notebook planner can be helpful to everyone because we write down our plans there. Or a beautiful bouquet can become a charming present. In general, any gift for your friends will be nice. Because the New Year is a time of magic that gives unique features to every gift you offer. But if you still haven't decided on their choice, keep the following New Year gift ideas:


1. Dry Erase Board with a Key Organizer

key organizer for home

Is your friend always late for meetings because they don't know where they put their keys? Or your friend forgets to do essential tasks when leaving the house? Make their life easier and give them a dry-erase board with a key organizer. This New Year gift idea helps keep the house keys always in place. Also, it allows us to write things on the erase board, like taking out the trash. Or you can leave a note there for someone from family members. Generally, it is a gift for convenience, so your friend will thank you for it.


2. Christmas Mug with an Inscription

christmas mug

If you show creativity, a mug can be a cute New Year's gift. A regular cup can also be a good option, but add a little of your imagination for originality. Give your friends a Christmas mug with an inscription. It can be a notation of how much you love your friend, some funny phrase, or an ordinary holiday wish. The main thing is to design the inscription interestingly so that this mug reminds only of you.


3. Give a Bouquet of Flowers

bouquet of flowers

Even in winter, flowers are one of the best gifts. They accompany important events, and the New Year is no exception. So, this is the perfect time to please your friends with flowers. Choose a bright bouquet to give them unexpected impressions and a smile. To ensure a good mood and a cute reaction, choose pastel colors of flowers. What sizes to select for a bouquet? It does not matter whether it is a small or large bouquet. The main thing is that the composition looks attractive. It can be a bouquet of such flowers:



Have you seen at least one holiday without a bouquet of roses? Probably not, because the rose is the queen of all flowers. Roses can be appropriate both for loved ones and acquaintances. But if you choose roses as a New Year gift for friends, pay attention to pink ones. Their licorice shade of petals brings joy. Red or yellow roses are also a great option. With their contrast with the background of snow, they provide your friends with joy.



Do your friends like brightness? Alstroemerias are for them. This bouquet attracts absolutely everyone. Because their remarkable combination of shades stands out from other flowers. And the combination of alstroemeria with red roses will complement the holiday atmosphere. Thus, this bouquet can be a cute New Year gift and decor for your friend's New Year's interior.



Hydrangeas in the snowy season have an unusual look. Because compared to other flowers, they have lush buds. So, if your friend likes unique presents, give them such a cute New Year gift. Their light colors are sure to bring a smile to your friends.


4. Sweater


Everyone needs warmth and comfort in winter. Thus, a sweater can be an ideal New Year present idea. Do your friends prefer colorful or pastel outfits? If they like colorful ones, choose clothes with bright pictures on a New Year's theme. It can be a sweater with a deer or Christmas garlands. If you select clothes for someone who loves the classics, pay attention to a plain sweater. Although it has the same look, the tailoring can be different. For example, it can be with hand weaving or delicate embroidery. The main thing is to pick a warm sweater, so your friend feels your care.


5. Christmas Toys

christmas toys

Dancing around the Christmas tree is already a tradition. But to fully experience the New Year's miracle, the Christmas tree must be in the decorations. And to add a piece of yourself to your friend's tree ornament, choose a set of New Year's toys for them. Every year, when your friend decorates the tree, they will remember you with a smile. Before choosing adornments, consider what things you can buy for the New Year tree. Will it be garlands, colored balls, wooden decorations, or soft reindeer? If you admit it, pack them in a Christmas package. Your friend will be happy to receive such a treat.


6. Painting


    If your friend loves painting, present them with a picture. Their selection is great, and you can buy an exciting exhibit. When choosing, consider your friend's preferences and the interior of their apartment. If you have artistic skills, you can draw a picture yourself. And for the gift to remind them of the New Year's atmosphere, choose a painting on the appropriate theme. Getting such a gift for the New Year is real happiness for friends.


    7. A Set of Wine Glasses

    wine glass

      For lovers of aesthetics, give a set of wine glasses. Just imagine how happy your friend will be to receive aesthetically attractive dishes. But to really impress someone, choose wine glasses of the same design. These can be ordinary glasses with transparent glass and a high stem. Or it can be glasses with rough glass and various decorations. Their choice depends on whether your friend likes minimalism or aristocracy. You also need to consider the interior of your friend's house. So you can choose glasses that combine with the atmosphere of a friend's house. 


      8. Book


        A book is still the best gift. And when to delve into the world of books, if not in winter? It can be fiction, popular science literature, a gardening guide, or a guidebook. Also, a book on psychology, medicine, or esoterics can be an option. Today you can find them about everything in the world. It remains only to stock up on patience and free time to choose the ideal publication. And don't forget to prepare a Christmas bag or box to present this New Year gift for friends beautifully.


        9. An Album with Shared Photos

        people look at album with photos

          Who doesn't like a visual reminder of their loved ones? Whether it's a photo in a beautiful frame or a collection in an album - it's always nice. The New Year is an ideal time for such a gift. After all, you can collect all the shared memories with your friends for a year and summarize them in a gift album. If you have many friends, you can make several such small gift ideas for a group of friends. It will leave them with warm memories of you for a long time.


          10. Wooden World Map

          wooden world map

            If your friends are aesthetes and lovers of beautiful room designs, this is a gift for them. It is suitable for a modern interior and will please your friends for many years. Wooden material can combine with any house elements and be a beautiful decoration. Thus, if you want to leave a piece of yourself at a friend's home, choose this New Year’s Eve gift for friends.


            11. Escaping Alarm Clock

            alarm clock

              An alarm clock is a helpful thing that everyone needs. But many of us are used to putting off the alarm for later and sleeping through important events. So that this does not happen to your friends, give them an escaping clock as a gift. It is a fun present that will help your friends get to meetings on time. Because it not only has a loud sound but also runs away so that you get up to turn it off. But before using this New Year present idea, make sure your friends will not hate you for that.


              12. New Year's Basket of Sweets

              basket of sweets

                A gift basket filled with sweets is a win-win. It can even be a small gift idea for a group of friends. Find out their preferences: truffle, caramel, waffle roll, cracker, biscuit. Then this basket makes sure they don't go hungry on the last day of the year. And don't forget to wrap this sweet gift in Christmas style to make it look festive.


                13. Fireworks


                  No New Year's holiday is complete without fireworks. It should sparkle every time the New Year's Eve party rolls around. But before choosing this gift, look for things to buy for New Year's Day in the store. Because fireworks can be different, for example, a rocket, glitter, and many others. The main thing is that they are bright and leave a positive impression on your friends.


                  14. Board Game

                  board game

                    New Year is an ideal opportunity to play board games. To use it, give this small gift to a group of your friends. So your New Year's Eve will not be boring. But before choosing such a present, take a closer look at the preferences of your friends. Do they like active or logic games? Do they like jokes or detective investigations? That's how, following your friends' likes, you can easily choose a board game for them. It can be in the form of cards, puzzles, or mysteries. Accordingly, select the option that can dilute your New Year's Eve.


                    15. Glider


                      With the arrival of the New Year, most people start life with a new sheet of paper. There are new goals and plans for the year that we want to fulfill. So, if your friends like organization, they need a glider. This wonderful thing will help them follow straightforward tasks and maintain their focus. When choosing such a present, you should pay attention to its design. You can choose, for example, a glider with a soft wrapper or patterns inside. Such variants look more attractive, so your friends will be happy.


                      16. A Set of Cocktails


                        It is impossible to spend the New Year without delicious drinks. Usually, we put wine, champagne, or liqueurs on the festive table. It is good, but sometimes we want to try something new. So, give your friends cocktails to add variety to the New Year's party. You can either prepare them yourself or buy them in a store. What cocktails to make? Ask what flavors your friend likes. Should it be something solid or sweet? Maybe your friends don't drink alcohol at all. Then homemade fruit and ice cocktails are an excellent New Year’s Eve gift for friends.


                        17. Umbrella


                          Protect your friends from wind and snow and give them an umbrella. Yes, an umbrella. It can be helpful not only from rain but also from snow. Sometimes in the morning or evening, when going to work, the wind starts. Its coldness freezes our cheeks, and the snow flies straight into our eyes. Then we cover our faces with our hands to avoid this. To make it easier for your friends to move around the street in winter, choose an umbrella for them. Then, such a gift for the New Year will provide your friends with comfort on snowy and cold days.


                          18. Pajamas

                          pajamas as a gift

                            Winter is a cold season. So, it is important to stay warm and not get sick. For this, you can choose pajamas for your friends. Their assortment is the most diverse, but it all depends on the preferences of your friends. Choose plain, pastel pajamas for those who love the classics. For those who love fun and brightness, you can choose kangaroo pajamas. It will keep them warm and look like soft toys. The main thing is to choose the right size of clothes so unpleasant situations do not arise. To do this, you can ask your friend about the exact size before buying pajamas.


                            A Word From Rosaholics 

                            Be creative and personalized when choosing gifts for someone. Let each of your friends get what suits them. But if you can not find the right present, choose a flower composition. It is a universal present that suits everyone. And to make the bouquet unforgettable, Rosaholics can help you create it. Our bouquets have a unique look in winter. So don't delay, and let's impress your friends with pleasantries.



                            What is a traditional New Years' gift?

                            A bottle of champagne is a traditional New Year's gift. It can be of any taste and cost. The main thing is to present it beautifully and open it on the eve of Christmas.

                            What is the best gift for a girl on New Year's?

                            There are many party ideas for a girl for the new year. Among them can be a box with sweets, scented candles, or a New Year's decoration. And the most important gift is, of course, a bouquet of red roses.

                            Which gift is best for New Year?

                            Good ideas are postcards, a bouquet, or a set of sweets. The best gift is one that is prepared with your own hands. It can also be a purchased gift. The main thing is to present it with sincere feelings.

                            What is a thoughtful gift?

                            A thoughtful gift meets the wishes of others. It is a gift that brings joy to a person and will be remembered for a long time. Think about what others want to receive from you and whether it will be helpful for them.


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