To receive gifts from Santa for Christmas, you must create a Christmas atmosphere. So, how to professionally decorate a Christmas tree🎄?

  • Decide the type of Christmas tree;
  • Choose a color scheme;
  • Start decorating the Christmas tree from above;
  • Add additional decorations.

Every year, as the winter holidays approach, we want to make the Christmas tree more beautiful. But, to do this, you need to bustle about a little. After all, decorating a Christmas tree is a real art. The task of decorating a Christmas tree can turn into the manifestation of creativity. You can use homemade wooden Christmas toys🎅, rose garlands, or colored ribbons. All this you can hang on the Christmas tree in any form and order. The main thing is to harmonize them with each other so that the Christmas tree looks attractive. Also, remember to fill in all the empty spaces during decorating the Christmas tree. It should be all in toys and ornaments.


1. Invest in a High-Quality Christmas Tree

christmas tree

The first thing you need to do is to decide which tree you will choose. It can be:

  • living Christmas tree;
  • artificial Christmas tree.

Your Christmas atmosphere at home depends on its variety. But which one to choose?


Living Christmas tree

Of course, it has an incredible aroma of needles and immerses you completely in the wonders of winter. But cutting down trees every year harms nature. And after one use of the Christmas tree, you likely throw it away. So, it is not quite an ecological and reliable option.


Artificial Christmas tree

An artificial tree is good because it will last for many years. It is enough to buy it only once so that it will delight the family every holiday for a long time. Such a Christmas tree has another advantage - its needles do not weaken. So, decorating such a Christmas tree is easier because the needles are strong and do not fall off. It means that you won't need to mess around with cleaning. After the holiday, you must disassemble the tree and store it in the storeroom. Even its repeated use retains its excellent appearance. It is why it is worth investing in a quality artificial tree.


2. Decide on the Color Scheme for Your Christmas Tree

christmas tree in red

The proper way to decorate a Christmas tree with an attractive color scheme is to combine only a few colors. The most important rule is to choose one primary color. We take the second for accents that will emphasize the details. And at the end, you can add silver or gold. The tone of the tree decorations should harmonize, at least with the general interior of the room. It allows you to saturate the house with harmonious colors and a cozy atmosphere. What colors to choose? It depends on what look you want to give the Christmas tree:



What to combine with?


It includes soft lilac, lavender, eggplant, and purple colors. As a contrasting color, crimson is suitable for them. You can use white or neutral colors as a balancing tone. Such a combination of colors on the Christmas tree gives the house a fabulous feel.


Choose the primary red color if you don't know how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree. It includes all shades of red, from light to bright. They look perfect in green and gold. This color scheme creates a luxurious Christmas atmosphere and gives the house elegance.


Christmas tree in shiny frost, suitable for restrained interiors in a minimalist style. Use light blue, ash, and pearl shades with a bias towards cold. For sparkle, add silver or blue garlands. This color range will give you a calm winter atmosphere.


When decorating the Christmas tree, people often use this color. It looks great in combination with a silver shade. Such decoration gives beauty and winter passage to the house.


 3. Start at the Top

top of the tree

Most believe that to decorate the Christmas tree like a pro, you should hang toys from the bottom to the top. But beginning the decoration from the bottom is a mistake.

  • The top of the tree is the essential part. And after using all the decorations on the bottom, the top of the Christmas tree can be empty.
  • It may also be difficult for you to reach the top of the tree. So, there is a chance that all the toys and garlands below will get caught.
  • Start hanging the garland from the very top. That way, it will be easier to turn it on and look better.

So, starting from the top is very important. It will save you a lot of time. You can distribute all the crucial details on the tree immediately. Besides, it will make the process of decorating the Christmas tree faster for you.


4. Add the Christmas Garland

Christmas Garland

The best way to decorate the Christmas tree is to use garlands. They can be with or without lighting. Both cases give the tree a unique look and beauty. You can place the garland vertically or horizontally. Everything depends on your wishes:

  • Make sure you have enough garland to cover the entire tree. 
  • It is best to start decorating from the very top point of the tree.
  • When distributing the strips of the garland, it is advisable to ensure they are at the same distance. 
  • In cases where it is not convenient to fix the garland on a branch, you can use floral wire.

For a brighter look, hang the garland over the entire area of ​​the Christmas tree. And to make it nice around the tree, you need to place the garland at the same distance. Then the festive tree will look lush and attractive.


5. Combine Large and Small Ornaments for Depth

family decorating the christmas tree

Usually, everyone distributes ornaments as they want. But it is worth combining large and small toys for a richer look of the Christmas tree. Ornaments can be of the same size or different in size. The main thing is to harmonize them.

  • Place large toys on top of the tree. These can be substantial plastic balls, deer, gloves, or wooden toys. 
  • To make it nice around the tree, place them deeper between the Christmas tree branches. It gives the tree a more prominent look.

Following these tree decorating tips will make your tree look multi-layered.


6. Cluster Your Baubles

homemade toys

After the main decorations, continue to decorate the tree with the little things. Usually, people enjoy making small homemade decorations. For example, it can be: 

  • Wooden toys; 
  • Sewn Santa Claus hats; 
  • Homemade balls, or something similar. 

Their small size does not stand out from the other toys on the Christmas tree. But their presence gives the Christmas tree luxury. So, try to add trinkets to the tree from top to bottom. It can even be ordinary clothespins or small plastic balls. If you don't know how to professionally decorate a Christmas tree with this, start with blank spaces. If there are not enough toys on the tree to fill all the branches, small toys are just for that.


7. Add Scented Ornaments

Add Scented Ornaments

Most people began to use artificial Christmas trees instead of living ones. But unfortunately, an artificial option does not have such a rich smell of needles as a living tree. Sometimes it disappoints because the scent of fir reminds us of Christmas. In such cases, you can add scented ornaments:

Naturally flavored sticks. Before Christmas, all stores fill with many festive decorations. Among them are bottles with scented sticks. Their use gives the house the smell of needles. Also, you can use them as an additional ornament for decoration. The best way to decorate a Christmas tree with it is to put such a stick on the fireplace, the Christmas tree, or the festive table. It will fill the house with the aroma of winter.


Christmas wreaths of flowers. Do you want your ornaments not only to look beautiful but also to smell? Make a homemade holiday wreath from flowers. You can use roses, alstroemeria, or chrysanthemums. As for the colors, it's up to you. But red and white flowers are more suitable for New Year's themes. All you need to do with them is weave a New Year's wreath with needles. The proper way to decorate a Christmas tree is to hang such an ornamented element on a door, wall, or fireplace. Its beauty will capture the guests' eyes and provide an extraordinary floral aroma.


8. Add a Tree Topper

tree topper

The tree looks unfinished without a decoration at the very top of it. Thus, this is integral to decorating a Christmas tree like a pro. A tree topper can be of different sizes and shapes. But to give it features, choose something original. Also, before hanging it on the top of the tree, pay attention to some tips:

  • For toys you plan to place to sit well, it is necessary to chop the top of the Christmas tree a little.
  • Such decorations as angels or stars look best on the top in combination with ribbons.

It is unnecessary to hang only one toy on the top of the tree. You can make the extra decor. For example, turn a soft deer toy and gilded leaves around it. A small wreath of red and white roses with a toy star inside is also a great option. The main thing is to attach it tightly so that it holds well.


9. Dress it Up with a Skirt or Collar

Dress it Up with a Skirt or Collar

    Fnally, the last touch. For this, you will need a decorative tree collar. It gives the tree a great look, even from the bottom. Since the metal construction of an artificial tree doesn't look attractive, people use it for the foot of a tree. So, the proper way to decorate a Christmas tree is to remember the bottom. For this, you can use:

    • Conical colored designs made of felt.
    • Decorative tree collar.
    • Colored tinsel.

    There are many options. Even ordinary soft Christmas toys can cover unwanted areas from below the tree. The main thing is to do it qualitatively and to harmonize it with the general appearance of the tree. For example, use a red felt cone constitution if your Christmas decorations are in the same shades. Or take silver tinsel if the toys on the tree are blue. It is crucial to make it nice around the tree so that no defects are visible. Because Santa Claus doesn't like a mess under the Christmas tree.


    A Word From Rosaholics

    To feel the Christmas atmosphere, you must follow tree decorating tips. They help you decorate the Christmas tree and provide ideas for decorations. For example, it can be homemade wooden toys. Or it can be floral ornaments, for which it is crucial to choose the right color. But if you find it hard to decide, Rosaholics will make it easier for you. Our farm grows any color of flowers you want. So, let's experience the Christmas holiday together.



    What is the most popular item to put on a Christmas tree?

    Everyone decorates the Christmas tree according to their wishes and preferences. But garlands, lights, and tree toppers are gaining the most popularity in Christmas tree decoration. So, when choosing decorations, first, pay attention to these things.

    How many ornaments do I need for a 7-foot tree?

    The number of decorations on the Christmas tree depends on its height. A 7-foot Christmas tree needs at least 196 decorations. You can use more of them if necessary, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

    What month do you put up the Christmas tree?

    According to traditions, putting up a Christmas tree in the first week of December is customary. But everyone chooses the time for themselves. So, you can do this earlier or the day before Christmas.

    Does the ribbon go on the tree first?

    You should put the ribbon on the Christmas tree before decorating it with ornaments. If you do this after you hang the decorations, you can damage everything while decorating the tree. So, avoiding taking risks and hanging the ribbon from the beginning is better.


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