Christmas is already knocking on everyone's door. And this means that exquisite home decoration awaits you for these holidays. But to feel the Christmas atmosphere more, you can do it with the independent creation of decor. To do this, you can make a Christmas garland DIY, for example:

  • Dried orange garland;
  • Greenery table garland with roses;
  • Garland with dried flowers;
  • Clay Geometric Garland.

When we decorate our home for the winter holidays, we always want something original. But for some reason, most people think it requires a lot of expenses. It is not the case at all. Because filling your home with Christmas calm is enough to show creativity. For example, an excellent garland decorating idea is a wreath of flowers. You can use them both fresh and dried. Also, you can cut figures from a white sheet of paper and make a snow garland. There are many ideas for garlands, all of which are special in different ways. The main thing is to harmonize them with the New Year's atmosphere🎄.


Homemade Garland Ideas for Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the main element of the Christmas holidays. It gives us the feeling of the onset of winter and the atmosphere of a fairy tale. And its decoration gives special joy. Imagine how you sit down with your family in a cozy room and start preparing garlands for the tree together. You begin with cones and dry flowers and prepare colored ribbons for the wreath. Such joint creation of Christmas garland crafts brings holiday happiness. But if you still don't know what garland to add to your Christmas tree, keep DIY Christmas garland ideas.


1. Dried Orange Garland

Dried Orange Garland

Do you want to impress your guests with the most unusual Christmas garland homemade? Make a garland of oranges. This fruit symbolizes the winter holidays, so it will give coziness to your home. For this, you need:

  • cut an orange evenly;
  • boil until the peel begins to soften;
  • spread a little glue on each piece of orange;
  • let dry overnight.

After that, you need to attach the corners of the oranges to a strand of lights. Your Christmas tree will look incredibly glowing at night with such a garland.


2. Pom-Pom Christmas Light Garland

Pom-Pom Christmas Light Garland

A garland of pom-poms is ideal if you like variety and brightness. Everyone, especially children, loves such decorations. For them, these little pom-poms around the Christmas tree are like soft toys. All you need for such a garland decorating idea is the following:

  • use a tool for making pom-poms;
  • prepare skeins of yarn in Christmas colors.

You can make pom-poms of any size in any quantity. It all depends on your preferences. But any version of it will delight you and your guests.


3. A Garland of Paper Figures

A Garland of Paper Figures

Remember how you cut out various paper applications in kindergarten as a child? If yes, it will help you to be creative to make an interesting homemade garland idea for a Christmas tree. For this:

  • you can use a wide variety of paper colors. Red, green, and white paper figures will give the Christmas tree decoration a unique look; 
  • what figures to cut? Whatever is to your taste. It can be snowflakes, Christmas trees, bunnies, or candies. 

Creating such a garland will remind you of the taste of childhood and let you feel the Christmas miracle.


4. A Garland of Needles

A Garland of Needles

As Christmas knocks on the windows, we can feel the pines and cedar. It is the main decoration for the new year. And it is from needles that you can get a great DIY Christmas garland idea. For this, you need:

  • prepare twigs of needles of the same size;
  • glue them tightly to copper wiring or a strong string;
  • for extra decoration, wrap such a garland with a New Year's-themed colored ribbon.

You can also paint the needle with a special silver spray paint. It adds shine and beauty to your Christmas tree.


5. Wine Cork Garland

Wine Cork Garland

Making such a Christmas decoration is an excuse to open a bottle of wine. Collect the corks from all your bottles and create a one-of-a-kind garland. This idea is quite simple to do, but the result is unforgettable. The main thing is:

  • firmly attach the corks to the tape so that it holds; 
  • then you can wrap your Christmas tree and enjoy its stunning look, thanks to such adornment. 

You can paint the corks in different colors or add glitter if you wish. In any form, such Christmas garland crafts will give you the smell of winter and wine at the holiday table.


6. Wool Felt Leaf Garland

Wool Felt Leaf Garland

Felt is ideal for winter holidays. It is warm and fluffy, so its look creates a cozy Christmas atmosphere. So, to fill your home with it, create a Christmas garland DIY from felt. You will only need:

  • white and green felt;
  • scissors;
  • ribbon or string.

Cut leaves from colored felt and attach them to the ribbon. Attach the leaves tightly to each other to get a chic garland look.


7. Star Garland Advent Calendar

Star Garland Advent Calendar

Such a garland performs the function of an advent calendar. Children love this idea the most. Because this decoration attracts with its beautiful look and also with gifts inside:

  • make small boxes in the shape of stars and write all the month numbers on them;
  • place small gifts inside;
  • wrap a garland around the Christmas tree.

Imagine how happy all the children and guests will be at Christmas when they see this DIY Christmas garland idea.


8. Painted Acorn Garland

Painted Acorn Garland

Sometimes, adults also want to feel like children at Christmas and enjoy every moment. And for this, they create an acorn garland. The idea is that you need:

  • color the acorns into a variety of patterns; 
  • it can be Christmas trees, snowflakes, or just plain coloring. 

The main thing is to make them expressive so that the garland stands out on the Christmas tree.


9. Winter Plants Garland

Winter Plants Garland

Christmas is almost here, and your Christmas tree is without decorations? There is one interesting homemade garland idea for a Christmas tree. For this, you need:

  • cut a small part of a pine branch;
  • attach them with clothespins to the rope.

It is speedy to make and suitable for any Christmas tree decorations. And the most important thing is that it is ecological.


10. Yarn Santa Garland

Yarn Santa Garland

We can not do without Santa at Christmas. So, if you want to feel the arrival of the New Year holidays as much as possible, use this Christmas garland craft:

  • use yarn;
  • attach tiny Santa hats to white pom-poms;
  • add a necklace.

Such a festive garland will not only decorate your Christmas tree but also bring joy to your guests.


11. Christmas Card Garland

Christmas Card Garland

Create a garland with your photos to get positive emotions. For this, it is enough: 

  • attach pictures to the colored ribbon with clothespins;
  • attach pom-poms between them.

Everyone in your house on Christmas will pay attention to the Christmas tree. When viewing your photos, you will remember specific moments and have fun. 

That is why such a Christmas garland DIY gives a beautiful look to the tree and sincere emotions.


12. Paper Flag Garland

Paper Flag Garland

It is a universal but, at the same time, gorgeous homemade garland idea for the Christmas tree. Its performance consists of the fact that you need: 

  • cut multi-colored flags from paper;
  • next, attach them to the lacing with double-sided tape.

The main thing is to affix the flags next to each other. So your Christmas garland will be brighter and attract attention to the tree.



Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas with Flowers

No holiday exists without flowers, and Christmas is no exception. Everyone decorates the house with New Year's decorations on this winter day. But if you want to give originality to your holiday interior, garland with flowers is a win-win option. There are many ideas for this, and each of them looks special. Even dried or preserved flowers can convey New Year's mood with their beauty. So, keep garland decorating ideas with flowers:


1. Pinecone Christmas Garland with Eucalyptus

You can combine tenderness and elegance in one garland. For this, you need:

  • attach pinecones to the lacing; 
  • the distance between them should be the same;
  • next, wrap the entire garland around the cones with eucalyptus leaves.

You can use such a fragile garland even after the New Year holidays. It has a unique look and enchants everyone around.


2. Greenery Table Garland with Roses

Making a New Year's decoration for the interior is a great idea to give guests a festive atmosphere:

  • create a lush garland of greenery. It can be needles, eucalyptus, or other greenery;
  • next is the most crucial part: add roses to the greenery garland;
  • flowers can be of different colors, for example, red or white.

This homemade Christmas garland will charm you with its beauty and tenderness. After all, roses are perfectly combined with New Year's decorations.


3. Garland with Different Fresh Flowers

It's always great to see flowers in your home. And if you want to add them to your home in an exciting way, use an interesting method:

  • choose flowers according to your preferences;
  • lay them out in a row and attach them tightly to the lacing.

Such a garland decorating idea gives a chic look to your Christmas tree, fireplace, or windows. As for flowers, it is better to use roses, hydrangeas, or chrysanthemums. 


4. Garland with Dried Flowers

Even dry flowers can give Christmas fabulousness:

  • dried roses, alstroemeria, or chrysanthemums;
  • when carefully gluing them to the lacing, they will look stunning;
  • you can fasten the flowers with wooden clothespins for a more exciting look. 

The main thing is to use colored flowers, so the garland is colorful. This way, you fill your home with a festive atmosphere.


5. A Garland of Flowers and Plastic Toys

Every year, our Christmas tree shines with colorful plastic toys. They are one of the main decorations of any winter holiday, so you can't do without them:

  • attach these toys to the colored tape with a small distance between each other;
  • glue colorful roses between them. Hydrangeas are also an excellent option.

Such a DIY Christmas garland idea does not require much effort and gives an incredible result.


6. Garland of Needles and Roses

Pine is a symbol of the winter holidays. Flowers are a symbol of any holiday. What will happen if they are combined? You will receive a fabulous garland to decorate your New Year's interior:

  • take a small sprig of needles and glue it to a rose;
  • make many such pieces and then attach each one to a New Year's ribbon.

You can use it to decorate the front door, windows, or festive table. In any case, it will not leave the garland without attention.


A Word From Rosaholics 

The preparation for Christmas gives exceptional satisfaction. To get it, you can create homemade garlands. A popular option for this is the use of flowers. They give festivity and joy, so they can add beauty to any interior of the house. The main thing is choosing those flowers that will combine with the New Year's theme. But if you can't pick them yourself, Rosaholics will help you. We provide a large assortment of bouquets and help everyone with their selection. So, don't delay, because we have flowers for you.



What is a Christmas tree garland called?

Christmas tree garland is tinsel. It was invented in Germany in 1610 and was made of shredded glass. But now, specialists make modern tinsel from plastic. People use it as an ornament for decorating houses for the New Year and Christmas.

How many strands of garland do I need for a 7ft tree?

You need about 63 feet of garland for a 7-foot Christmas tree. Each Christmas tree needs a different length and number of garlands because it depends on its height. So, before deciding on the number of strands of garland, measure the feet of the Christmas tree.

Do you put garland on a Christmas tree first or last?

You should put the garland on the Christmas tree last. It makes it easier for you to decorate the tree. Also, it completes the general look of the Christmas tree better.

What flowers go on a Christmas wreath?

People usually make Christmas wreaths from red roses. Also, popular options are alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, or poinsettias. But remember, the presence of needles in such wreaths together with flowers is also significant.


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