Five years ago, men thought of a reason to give a girl a bouquet. But today, giving flowers for nothing has become trendy. Not only young people please their sweethearts, but also girlfriends and daughters can buy a small bouquet to improve the mood or to make a pleasant surprise. Cheap flowers bouquets usually have a small and accurate size but our florists put their soul and imagination into them so that you can enjoy the result. If you decide to present a floral arrangement as a surprise, follow two rules:

  1. The bouquet should be relatively inexpensive. Otherwise, you put the recipient in an awkward position. She will feel like she has to give something in turn. 
  2. The second is to choose a mono composition. Collected author's bouquets are presented on holidays or official events. It is not customary to buy them for nothing.

Rosaholics florists offer the ten best beautiful cheap flower options for such a sudden presentation.


#1. Roses 


Roses come in wide varieties and shades. You need to buy neat scarlet, pink, or snow-white roses for your sweetheart. You can order a bright mix for your mother or girlfriend. As a date compliment, present a dozen bouquets of classic red roses for only $66. It is a pretty reasonable and cheap price for the quality and pretty flowers that will last a long time in your home.


Holi Rose Bouquet

Holi Rose Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of delicate pink roses "dressed" in a blue border will surely melt your girlfriend's heart. If you are a fan of unusual flowers and want to please your second half with this exact bouquet, then the discounts on our site are just for you. This one and several other items are 15% off and are priced at $70 a dozen.


#2. Gerberas



Gerberas are the cheapest flowers to buy. They always presented to lift spirits. They look cheerful and perky in motley mixes of red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink inflorescence. If the recipient has a gentle and meek character, choose pastel colors: peach, white, cream, and light pink.



#3. Daisies



Daisies will appeal to connoisseurs of natural carelessness in bouquets. The bush varieties look spectacular because even 15 stems make real floral bunches. You can present such a gift to a daughter or a little sister.



#4. Tulips


Tulips are great for spring. So, it is pretty easy to guess what are the cheapest flowers in spring. At this time, the prices of flowers fall, and many stores hold sales after March 8. Use the spring period to surprise your loved ones. The variety of colors for these flowers is astounding. You can pick one to suit any taste.



#5. Alstromeria 


Alstromerias are friendship flowers that are presented without romantic overtones. There are several inflorescences on one stem, so even five sprigs look lush and colorful. It is possible to choose contrasting shades of flowers, such as white-red or yellow-pink or, on the contrary, monochromatic: scarlet, pink, or lilac. If you want to add a love note to the composition, you can use alstroemeria combined with roses. The gorgeous bouquet of these flowers is also cheap and costs $66 a dozen.


#6. Daffodils



Among popular spring flowers, bright daffodils take the lead. The pleasant aroma of these flowers can win every girl's heart. Take note of this attractive option. They will not cost you a fortune if you buy them in season.



#7. White Lily

White Lily

It is not for nothing that these flowers have long been considered a symbol of French royalty, so beautiful and graceful! However, lilies in other colors are also magnificent. They are in the medium price category, although the cost of lilies depends on seasonality. A bouquet of these beautiful flowers is an excellent inexpensive gift


#8. Sunflowers


These incredibly bright and festive flowers will captivate everyone with their fragrance. The composition consists of two accent sunflowers and roses. The combination with violet roses will not leave anyone indifferent and can lift the spirits of your chosen one without emptying your wallet. Еche price of such a bouquet is $66


#9. Eustoma


Eustoma, delicate and graceful, is called an Irish rose. This flower is terrific and especially good in the neighbourhood with the "queen" rose in the bouquet, although eustoma is lovely. You can buy fresh eustoma flowers but cheap bouquet in various colors at a low price during their season at any flower store.


#10. Gypsophila 



The twigs not only perfectly complement the bouquet, adding to its originality and charm, but they are also good on their own. They are very popular with surprise fans who want to make a non-standard gift. Depending on seasonality, the price of such a twig usually is at most 2-3 dollars



Bottom Line 

Everyone becomes happier and more cheerful from a suddenly received gift. And flowers are a classic sign of attention, which falls on most girls. Let's give flowers to our loved ones without a reason because we do not need holidays or solemn events for joy. And our professional florists can help you find pretty flower bouquets for a reasonable and cheap price to surprise your beloved person.



Which flower is more expensive?

The Kadupul flower is considered the most expensive flower in the world. The reason why this flower actually is expensive is not only because it is very rare, but also because it is impossible to pick these flowers without damaging them. Also, it dies before dawn.

Are fresh flowers cheaper than fake ones?

Fresh flowers are always more expensive than artificial ones. They have entirely different spheres of application, so it is only sometimes appropriate to make such comparisons. Unless, of course, we take into account designer works of art.

Do more expensive flowers last longer?

Not always, as sometimes you can pay more money for the store's brand that sells these flowers. If flowers are more expensive in a regular boutique, it probably means that they are fresh, and therefore will last longer.

How are flowers priced?

The price of flowers includes many factors, among which the first place takes exoticism. Since the use of rare and not accustomed yet to people varieties of plants, the price of a bouquet will always be high. Next comes the form (asymmetric composition is more expensive) and their quality (freshness of flowers).


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