Nature is a wonderful gift. Flowers delight us with their beauty and pleasant fragrance, adding a good mood, especially the red ones. They will transform any room, making it more comfortable. People always consider a bouquet a good gift especially if the bouquet is skillfully chosen. There is hardly a lady who would not be happy at the sight of such a gift. 

One only thing that is terrible in any climate is that flowers are inherently strongly pronounced seasonality. So it is helpful to know at what time of the year these gifts of nature bloom.

We have prepared a catalog of the primary colors found in storefronts, dividing them into seasons by customer associations.


Summer Red Flowers Types      

Summer is warm and generous, with bright colors! During this period, many bright flowers are rampant. They are roses, daisies, bluebells, cornflowers, peonies, and many others. So let’s look closer at them.


1. Roses


Red roses are the acknowledged queens of the flower world. Passionate and sensual, these red flower types are the perfect gift for any occasion. Rose looks excellent in mono-bouquets without decor, as well as in gift compositions. An ensemble with other flowers will add luxury to the bouquet. In the language of flowers, the red rose says: "I love you."


2. Heuchera


Many types of Heuchera have red or purple flowers. Heuchera flowers from June to August do not need care. And the only disadvantage is the instability of the wind. The rest is quite unpretentious. It grows in the shade and the sun, and does not require watering and fertilizing. 



3. Lichnis


The most popular varieties of long-flowering red flower perennials have names: Red Ball and Firefly. Lichnis is easy to care for. The main thing is to plant it in a sunny place. Since the inflorescence blooms gradually one after another, the total flowering time exceeds two months. It looks excellent in single plantings and the combination with other plants. It is more convenient to plant seedlings at the end of May.  


4. Red Daisies

Red Daisies


Simple-looking red flowers, which have the name “Red Daisy,” are gorgeous in flowerbeds. The stems are pretty tall and reach up to 80 cm. Daisies bloom throughout the summer and will delight the eye with bright colors until the fall. The blooming period is the whole summer.


5. Petunia Hybrid

Petunia Hybrid


Petunia is ubiquitous in decorating flowerbeds. It has earned the great love of gardeners with its lush blooms and exquisite appearance. This flower tolerates a little drought quite well. The following varieties deserve attention: Avalanche Red, Red Star, Prism Red. 


Fall Red Flowers Types

Fall is a rich, generous time that many people associate with harvesting and preparing for winter. Of the autumn flowers, the most popular are gladiolus, asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and zinnias. Their bright coloring pleases the eye and helps put up with the idea that the long cold will soon come. Below, you can see the most popular types of red flowers in fall.


1. Chrysanthemum Multiflora

Chrysanthemum Multiflora


Multiflora chrysanthemum has a spherical-shaped bush and an exceptionally decorative appearance. It is covered with red flowers, like a giant Christmas tree ball. It blooms from August to the end of September, prolonging the summer feeling. 


2. Turkish Carnation

Turkish Carnation

Carnations are a very diverse group with wide types of red flowers. The carnation has a very interesting, large spherical-shaped inflorescence that exudes a subtle, spicy fragrance. Carnations begin to bloom the second year after planting with seeds. An important condition for abundant flowering is a sunny location.


3. Gladiolus Bravissimo

Gladiolus Bravissimo


A stunning variety with amazing color, has long conquered many flower growers. The dark red, powerful flowers with dense inflorescence grow and reproduce well. They are suitable for the midlands. It blooms in late summer and early fall and looks gorgeous in bouquets like all gladioluses. 


4. Aster 


 Aster is one of the gardeners' most common and favorite flowers. Flowers are unpretentious and do not require much care. The inflorescence is large and lush. Aster will be a great addition to the flowerbed. There are several varieties with red color: Rother Turm, Red Charm, and Ruby Stars. The blooming period is the last month of summer and until frost.


5. Dahlia Volcano Red

Dahlia Volcano Red


The red flowers named “Dahlia Volcano Red” were bred several decades ago but are still popular. After all, these flowers have very high flower stalks. The variety is resistant to most diseases. Dahlia Vulcan is excellent for cutting and also looks beautiful in flowerbeds in compositions with other perennial and annual flowers.


Winter Red Flowers Types

Winter is long, snowy, and often harsh. It is especially nice to see bright, lushly colored flowers with a strong, pleasant smell at this time! Lipunes, frostbites, hyacinths, and gerberas are typically bought in winter. Take a look at red flowers' names and pictures in winter.


1. Lupine Multifoliate

Lupine Multifoliate


Red Flame, and Scarlet Sails are all names of bright red lupines. They are unpretentious, cold-resistant, and frost-resistant and do not require fertile soil. Like all lupines, they revitalize the soil, enriching it with nitrogen.


2. Brunia Red

Brunia Red


Here is one more type of red flower, which has a small shrub with needle-like leaves native to South Africa. The leaves are soft to the touch, though they resemble pine needles. The small flowers are in a yellowish-red, capitate, or cone-shaped inflorescence. They bloom from January to March.


3. Hyacinth Orientalis

Hyacinth Orientalis


It is bright red with fragrant star-shaped flowers growing densely on a leafless flower stalk. It grows well both in the house and in loose soil. It has a pleasant red color, a white core, and a light, delicate fragrance


4. Frostbite


These dark red flowers are also sometimes called the "Christmas Rose," which is a beautiful association with winter. Its flowers range from light pink to deep purple, dark red, and almost black. The buds appear as early as January in mild winters, but you will have to wait until February or March in colder winters.


5. Gamamelis Red

Gamamelis Red

You've heard of this beneficial flower. It is used in grooming, healing cosmetics, and preparing herbal teas. All because frost resistance gives witch hazel a powerful anti-inflammatory property. Besides, the plant is not afraid of pests, and its yellow petals will enjoy blooming from early January to March.


Spring Red Flowers Types

Spring is a wonderful time when "sleeping" nature awakens again to give beauty and bright colors. Flowers bloom abundantly on hillsides and in forests. The graceful primrose and tulips are in bloom toward the end of spring. You can read about them below.


1. Red Poppy

Red Poppy


Dark red poppy flowers come in rounded and serrated petal edges. Poppy also varies in the texture of the petals. There are varieties with smooth and terry flowers. Its red color is slightly muted and goes to the warm side of orange. It is worth considering that the poppy is a spring flower. 


2. Ranunculus Peony Red

Ranunculus Peony Red


Brides adore this flower and florists often use it to make bouquets. The large bright scarlet flowers with a light fragrance somewhat resemble small roses or unopened peonies. When they open, they look like red poppies. Ranunculus blooms in March and June and can be cut for up to 15 days. 


3. Alstroemeria “King Cardinal

Alstroemeria “King Cardinal”


The next name of red flowers is alstroemeria. The species is light-loving and will droop if in the shade. The buds are very similar in appearance to orchids, colored red. Flowering is prolonged, from spring until fall.



Read about how to take care of alstroemeria flowers in our other blog article.  


4. Tulip



It is a classic spring red flower type. This flower has long been a symbol of passionate love and happiness. It grows to about 40 cm. The most popular color of tulips is red.


5. Daffodils Velvet

Daffodils Velvet


This particular variety of daffodils is red, not yellow or white, as we are used to seeing it. It is a typical spring flower with a distinctly sweet fragrance and an attractive appearance. 



What Do Red Types of Flowers Mean?

Red is one of the most symbolic and expressive colors. Since ancient times, people have attributed it many meanings related to the power of feelings. Scarlet buds symbolize passion, love, and devotion in the West and East culture. In the modern world, fiery bright red hues are associated with the manifestation of ardent love.

What Do Red Types of Flowers Mean?

You can read a little more detail about the different names of red flowers below: 

  • Red roses are a particular favorite. All roses convey warmth, affection, and love in varying degrees. But the red rose, the queen of roses, is the most popular. The universally recognized meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. 
  • Red gerberas mean flirtation, the desire to distinguish oneself and to be unusual. The combination of red roses and red gerberas suggests that the giver is ready for a straightforward affair. But achieving a serious relationship with him will not be easy.
  • Men give red tulips if they don’t look for easy ways. They are interested in the process of conquering the most unreachable peak. If you were given this red flower type, you know you need to be mysterious with this man.
  • Red carnations. It is a gift of a reliable man who wants to create a cell of society urgently. He perceives you as a potential wife.
  • Red chrysanthemums are a gift from someone who considers himself your friend. Do not expect romance.

A Word from Rosaholics 

All types of red flowers are perfect for regions with overcast summers and areas with lots of shade and penumbra. Shades of red look especially expressive in cloudy weather, when the diffuse, dim light emphasizes the volume and texture of the red petals, dimming the shades of the green background. Rosaholics florists can always provide you with a fresh bouquet of amazing flowers!



How many types of red flowers are there?

There is no definite answer to this question, as breeders continue to breed millions of other species of red flowers. At the moment, there are about 500,000 of them.

Why are red flowers so popular?

Greek and Roman mythology associated red flowers with the goddess of love. As a result, red flowers became a symbol of love and fidelity and passion, and desire. As an exchange of flowers, it became a tradition to show signs of affection, friendship, and love.

What is the most popular red flower?

Everyone will agree that roses are the most popular red flowers. Roses are a timeless classic where you can express the storm of your emotions.

Is there a red sunflower?

Yes, and this is a genuinely magnificent bright sunflower. Its fiery red inflorescences with a dark brown, almost black core resemble a picture of a total solar eclipse.


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