1. Choose Your Flowers

The first and most important thing to consider is selecting the right combination of flowers to use. Creating an unforgettable arrangement is not just about buying beautiful flowers but about selecting something out of the ordinary and allowing yourself to be creative. In addition to beautiful bouquets of roses, Rosaholics provides an option to  “Assemble Your Bouquet,” which allows you to add foliage, eucalyptus and/or sunflowers in a unique combination, creating your own stunning arrangement.How to Choose Your Flowers 

  1. Choose a Color and Size

Before you start, think about which color and size of flowers you prefer to work with. When it comes to roses, you can select varieties up to 40 inches with a range of more than 12 natural colors and more than 30 artsy roses. Perfect as a base flower that breathes life into an arrangement, roses can also be used for essentially any occasion.

how to Choose a Color and Size of flowers
  1. Choose your Vase

Choosing the vase or container to accommodate the flowers depends on the occasion. The carrying vessel will be a very important element in the overall design and presentation of the arrangement, so it’s important to think it through. However, you can still get creative, as everyday items found at home can contribute to a striking display. It can even be something as simple as a jug of water, an unused bowl or a garden pot. You can also think outside of the box and create an eye-catching vase out of a pineapple, watermelon, or other unconventional objects! Remember to recycle and reuse, and you’ll be on your way to creating an unforgettable display


  1. Invest in Good Tools

To start cleaning the flowers, you must have the right tools that allow you to do the job well. Therefore, it is important to have good florist scissors that are able to make a clean cut without damaging the stem (for example, paper scissors are not suitable for achieving the precision vital to this process). Also, it is advisable to have a florist knife on hand.

Tools for flowers
  1. Fill the Container

Before starting to work with your flowers, always remember to fill the presentation container with water first. It seems obvious, but since flowers are living creatures, failing to immediately cut the stems and place the flowers inside a container with water can essentially take away a day of life to the delicate plants.presentation container for flowers  

  1. Clean and Trim your Flowers

To start, you must remove the leaves that will be in contact with water inside the vase. This is very important because the leaves tend to decompose, altering the PH of the water, which will in turn reduce the life of the flowers.

The next step is to cut away about 2 or 3 centimeters from the end of the stems, always diagonally, as this increases the absorption process. Finally, you should immerse the plants in the water immediately after cutting.

Clean and Trim your Flowers
  1. Combine Colors

How the arrangement will look on the scene is very important. Combine the colors of the flowers depending on the environment and the context in which the arrangement will be presented. Consider the volume of the bouquet in comparison to the table or mantle on which it will be positioned. Then, use your creativity to mix colors and sizes, experimenting with different types of flowers. Sometimes a surprising combination can produce a beautiful result! Always position the largest blooms first, and then add in the smallest so that the design has visual movement.

how to Combine Colors of flowers  

  1. Water

Once your arrangement is ready, stay tuned to the amount of water in your vase at all times. Also, remember to change the water frequently (it’s best if you can provide fresh water every day). Afterall, water is the vital lifesource of cut flowers, so they require constant hydration.

Water for flowers


  1.  Light and Temperature

Finally, keep in mind that even though your flowers need light, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will ultimately reduce their vase life. Selecting a display space with adequate indirect light (such as a corner of the room that is further away from the windows) will allow the flowers to thrive for a longer period of time.  Also, maintaining a cooler room temperature can prolong their performance, since heat naturally causes flowers to open up and wilt faster.

“Ecuador produces the most beautiful roses in the world; for a florist, getting Ecuadorian flowers is like giving Picasso the best colors to paint with.”

 Light and Temperature for roses

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