It is difficult to disagree that the red rose is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers. A heady aroma, a refined shape, and a variety of shades from bright scarlet to deep burgundy will turn the head of anyone who takes this flower in his hand.

Do you know the Greek legend in which Aphrodite ran to her beloved, stabbing her feet on the thorns of a rose bush, and from the blood of the goddess, its buds became scarlet? Perhaps you have read the tale of O. Wilde, how a nightingale pierced his heart with a rose thorn so that its flowers would turn red with his blood, and the young man could give them to his beloved? At all times, artists and poets appreciated the scarlet flower as a symbol of eternal love and devotion. Let's look at what a gift bouquet of red roses means in the modern world.

The history of rose flowers

Throughout the history of the gift of bouquets, the language of flowers has been formed. Roses can say a lot, and above all, the feelings of the giver. These flowers are chosen as a gift by self-confident people who value stability and comfort.

The Greeks spoke of the rosebud as a symbol of infinity since the rose is round in shape, and the circle has no beginning or end. Besides, the leaves in the rosebud are twisted so tightly that it cannot be unwrapped, but as soon as it opens, its petals begin to fade. The captivating but short-lived beauty of the rose reminds of the short duration of beauty that human life is fleeting.

One of the Christian legends says that a rose without thorns meant love at first sight. It grew up in the Garden of Eden, but that was before the Fall. After Eve and Adam were expelled from paradise, thorns grew on the rose, as if reminding them of mortal sin.

Meaning of red rose

Meaning of red rose

The scarlet bouquet is the most demanded gift for Valentine's Day, which is presented to wives and lovers. What does a bouquet of red roses symbolize? It symbolizes romance and love. Many people believe that a bouquet of red roses speaks of a feeling of love. But this applies to classic bright red inflorescences, for example, like the Freedom variety. Other shades express different experiences. 

  • The color of the petals in dark ruby ​​red roses means passion and more hints at sexuality and desire. If a man gives roses of this color, he perceives the girl as an object of lust and passion. Psychologists recommend putting ruby-colored flower arrangements in the bedroom.
  • The symbolism of burgundy rose expresses admiration and respect. It is appropriate to present them to mom or guests at a festive event.
  • Burgundy-purple shades of rose in the composition symbolize magnetism and attractiveness. But we are talking more about a fiery feeling that flares up but quickly goes out.
  • When a guy gives red roses in combination with white ones, he desires to love you.

What does red roses symbolize when presented to a man?

Roses are a universal gift, but they must be handed to the stronger sex carefully. The recipient can interpret the present as a sign of sympathy. A scarlet bouquet is often presented to a loved one, actors or singers to men who are admired.

If you donate the composition not individually but from the team, for example, for an anniversary, the value of the shade can be neglected.

The modern meaning of red rose

red roses delivery

You probably already know that the symbolism of a rose’s different shades. You can tell a lot without saying a word. You are transmitting a secret, encrypted message to a person by giving flowers as a gift.

As in flower legends, there is a red rose in the center of the language of flowers. What can she say about your feelings, intentions, and desires?

What does red roses symbolize? The red rose is a symbol of passion and burning love. That is why it is considered indecent when a man gives red roses to someone else's wife or lover.

The appearance of the flower itself is also essential. It is believed that the buds symbolize a nascent feeling, and therefore can show you love. But the already blossoming flower is a reflection of passion.

If you want to communicate the unity, reciprocity, and closeness of loving hearts, present your beloved with a bouquet of red and white roses.

What is the meaning of the number of red roses in a bouquet?

bouquet of red roses

The number of buds also has its symbolism and can complement the message based on the numerological meaning of the numbers:

  • One rose means pure love combined with the giver's timidity and indecision. Giving one rose is appropriate on the first date.
  • Three roses in a bouquet symbolize conjugal feelings. Three flowers can be given to a spouse for no reason, as a token of gratitude for her care and loyalty.
  • Five roses in a bouquet are the perfect amount. Delight the chosen one with five buds to say that she is perfect.
  • Seven roses in a bouquet mean harmony and wisdom. Such a bouquet will tell you that you are confident in your feelings, and there is no excessive ardor.
  • A bouquet of nine roses shows your charm with a girl. The fan is in love; his emotions are airy and light. So many flowers are usually presented at the beginning of a relationship, during the candy-bouquet period.
  • Eleven buds in a bouquet symbolize a break in feelings, their transition to a new level. If the guy made the chosen one happy with such a present, perhaps he used to feel sympathy, but now he is in love and has serious intentions.

When is it not recommended to give red roses?

Despite the flower’s beauty, there are situations when it cannot be handed over, according to etiquette or tradition. A bouquet of red roses is inappropriate in the following cases:

  • At the wedding. This is a holiday of two people’s love, only they can confess to each other in this beautiful feeling. Therefore a bouquet of red roses is simply inappropriate.
  • Colleagues, boss, and someone else's wife. The gift can be misinterpreted.
  • Maroon buds are not presented to older women. The bouquet can be perceived as a symbol of fading beauty.

It turns out that even the usual understanding of a rose can have a different interpretation depending on the shade and size of the composition.


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