A wedding is always a beautiful event in the life of two lovers. A fashionable wedding is an exciting place for a romantic shoot, unusual invitations, a fabulous bride bouquet, stylish decorations with fresh flowers, and colorful event decorations. 

When planning a wedding, every couple thinks about how to prepare a memorable and extraordinary event. And one of the essential details for the day will be the wedding color schemes, especially the flowers' color. 

Want to know the most on-trend wedding flower color combinations? Have you had enough of making flower arrangements and thinking about what colors to use in your wedding bouquet or centerpieces? If you answer yes, welcome this article with wedding flower color ideas (bridal bouquet, arch, praesidium, and decor).


Winter Trending Colors for the Wedding Flowers 

Many people mistakenly believe that the cold season is not suitable for weddings. But this is not true. Winter is always a time of anticipation and magic! A winter wedding can be romantic and beautiful, especially if you carefully choose flower color combinations.

Winter Trending Colors for the Wedding Flowers

Let the dressy streets, fluffy snowdrifts, and sparkling tree branches inspire you to choose the perfect color schemes for weddings.

You can choose the most unusual colors for a winter wedding. Bright accents will look great against the gray-and-white nature! The only thing better not to consider is the combination of red and green. Why turn your wedding into a New Year's Eve party? It's better to keep these two beautiful events separate.

So we have got some fantastic examples for you that will inspire you to have a winter wedding: 


#1. Pink & Blue

Pink & Blue roses

What could be more romantic than combining two colors - the sunset sky and the ocean? The best thing about these colors for a wedding is that they look great in any season. But if we're talking about the winter season, the blue shades will accentuate the gracefulness of the season, and the pink ones will help give the event a warm atmosphere.

You can use different shades of these colors to create an elegant and fresh look. Try to use only a few accents in one color. For example:

  • Marvel bouquet for the bride's bouquet, with a delicate and graceful combination of pink and blue. 
  • For the wedding arch, you can choose Sweet Scent style flowers with occasional splashes of roses from the Say Yes bouquet. 


#2. Black & White

Black & White roses

The classic black-and-white color scheme is always a good choice for a winter wedding. It's perfect for creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Just imagine how incredible a photo shoot of the groom in a black suit and the bride in a white dress would look. 

  • In this wedding colors idea, the Ghost (Exclusive) bouquet as a bouquet for the bride would be perfect.
  • For the wedding arch will be a perfect combination of flowers from the bouquet Black Dragon (black roses in an unusual shape) and Casablanca flowers.
  • On the guests' tables as decor, you can put flowers in Black Mamba. They will look very harmonious against the white tablecloths.


#3. Blue & Green

Blue & Green roses

This color idea will give your wedding a touch of elegance and luxury. Blue has always been considered the color of fidelity and trust, and green is a symbol of life and growth. 

  • A combination of Wasabi and Blue Bay flowers would be fantastic for the presidium and guest tables. Just look at these colors and imagine how beautiful they would be in combination.


#4. Red & Pink

Red & Pink roses

This wedding flower color scheme is perfect for a winter wedding. It will give the event a romantic and delicate atmosphere, but at the same time, show the passion of your love. 

  • For the bridal bouquet, we recommend using romantic flowers.
  • They perfectly match not only in color but also in shape.
  • As for wedding flowers on the tables, we recommend the Lover bouquet. It will give your guests a sense of luxury and royalty.


Spring Colors for the Wedding Flowers

After the long and cold winter, everyone is looking forward to the warm spring days. The nature around us is just beginning to blossom, and everything is fresh and new. And what could be better than a spring wedding? This time is perfect for those who want a romantic and dreamy wedding.

Spring Colors for the Wedding Flowers

And of course, you can't do without wedding flowers. After all, they are an integral part of any wedding. They will help create your desired atmosphere and make your wedding day even more special. So, what are the best spring wedding flower color combinations?💐


#1. Yellow & Green

Yellow & Green roses

It is one of the most popular color combinations for a spring wedding. Yellow symbolizes joy and happiness, and the green represents life and growth. Together they create an upbeat atmosphere. This color scheme is perfect for an outdoor wedding

  • The wedding arch will look great with a combination of green leaves and yellow flowers, such as sunflowers
  • As for the wedding flowers on the tables, we recommend the Golden Sun bouquet. It perfectly reflects the spring mood and is sure to please your guests.


#2. Pink & White

Pink & White roses

It is one of the most classic and timeless wedding flower color ideas. And it is not surprising because this combination looks very romantic and elegant. 

  • For a wedding arch, the Viva La Vida would be ideal. Even though the bouquet additionally contains peach and purple shades, it does not prevent creating a great atmosphere.


    #3. Blue & Purple

    Blue & Purple roses

    This color scheme is perfect for a spring wedding. After all, blue symbolizes loyalty and devotion, and purple represents royalty and luxury. Together, these flower color combinations create an exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere.

    • A bouquet in shades of blue and purple will look great with the addition of greenery. For example, a bouquet of Lavender Gelato is ideal.
    • And the wedding arch decorations can be in shades of blue and purple. We recommend the Cotton Cloud option.
    • For the guest tables, we recommend the Grey Knights arrangement. These wedding colors are a great way to make your wedding day elegant.

    #4. Orange & Pink

    Orange & Pink roses



    It is a very cheerful and upbeat color combination. Orange symbolizes energy and excitement, while pink is associated with love and romance. 





    Summer Colors for the Wedding Flowers

    Summer is a time of heat and bright colors. It is when nature is at its peak; about 50-60% of all couples worldwide have a wedding. A summer wedding is perfect for those who want to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere because you can take amazing photos, dance until dawn, and enjoy the warmth even at night.

    Summer Colors for the Wedding Flowers

    And, of course, you can't do without wedding flowers. Flower color combinations at this time are usually bright, as you can choose almost any color. In addition, you can experiment with different shades.

    So, what are the best wedding flower color combinations for a summer wedding? We've made an excellent list for you, too:


    #1. Red & Yellow

    Red & Yellow roses

    For a summer wedding, red and yellow would be great options. They are perfect for each other and create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. 

    • For the bridal bouquet, we recommend Delight Fresh. A bouquet combining red roses and bright yellow sunflowers is perfect for a summer wedding.
    • We recommend a composition of different bright colors for the wedding arch, such as Breathless Fresh. You can create different shapes of brightly colored arches with these flowers.
    • For the guest tables, we recommend the ready-made composition Tulum Fresh. Bright florals will fit in with the overall wedding color scheme.


    #2. Green & Hot Pink

    Green & Hot Pink roses


    One of the best things about this color combination is using lots of different greens. In the summer, even though there is a lot of green around, many people still emphasize the addition of green to their wedding colors.





    #3. White & Blue

    White & Blue roses

    The gently blue color of the sky and the color of the white clouds will look advantageous during a summer ceremony. Especially accentuate the beauty of wedding flower color schemes if you are organizing a wedding at the seashore or ocean.

    • The wedding arch for the ceremony will look effortless with Lightmoon flowers, as it will stand out with a delicate blue color against a bluer sky.


    #4. Peach, Lavender and Green

    Peach, Lavender and Green roses

    It is a delicate and romantic color combination perfect for a summer wedding. It will give your wedding a sense of sophistication and style. 

    • You can use the same colors for the archway or add some white flowers to create a more romantic look. A great option would be Viva La Vida.




    Fall Colors for the Wedding Flowers

    As the leaves begin to fall, the colors of the trees change, and the temperature drops, you may think that a fall wedding is not for you. But this season has its unique charm. A fall wedding can be very romantic, cozy, and beautiful.

    Fall Colors for the Wedding Flowers

    In the fall, nature offers us a variety of colors to choose from for our wedding flower color schemes. From warm and earthy tones to rich jewel tones, there are so many options to choose from. And here, we will tell you about the best fall wedding flower color ideas.


    #1. Orange & Yellow

    Orange & Yellow roses

    Of course, when we talk about fall, "typical" fall colors come to mind, and one of them is orange and yellow. If you have decided to have a fall wedding, why not take advantage of these colors?

    • For the bridal bouquet, we recommend our newest addition: Cabana.
    • You can create a flower mix for an autumn-themed wedding ceremony.
    • Use classic yellow roses for table decor: Sunny Fresh


    #2. Black & Red

    Black & Red roses

    Black and red are two of the most popular fall wedding colors. And it's no wonder because these colors are vibrant and build passion. They will give your wedding a sense of luxury.

    To create a wedding with the ideas of such colors, we recommend using the following flowers:


    #3. Burgundy & Pink

    Burgundy & Pink roses

    Burgundy and pink is a timeless color combination perfect for a fall wedding. These colors are perfect for creating a romantic and sensual atmosphere, and the flowers that will help you make that atmosphere are:

    • Eloisa for the bridal bouquet to catch the eyes of all the guests.
    • Wild Spirit will look great in the ceremonial archway.
    • Delight Fresh will save you time in decorating the guest tables.


    #4. Brown & Gold

    Brown & Gold roses

    Brown and gold are the unique color palette for a fall wedding. It will give your wedding an elegant and luxurious look.

    If you are ready to use this color scheme of wedding flowers in your wedding, we recommend the following flowers:

    • For the ceremony decor, we recommend you choose Chenoa flowers.
    • And for the decor of the guest tables, you can look at flowers at Golden Frost.

    Best Wedding Color Combinations 

    One of the first steps when planning a wedding is choosing a color palette. But with so many colors to choose from, it can take time to decide which ones will work best for your big day.

    If you're looking for inspiration, we've compiled a list of the best wedding color combinations. From classic combinations like black and white to more unique options like blue and green, you're sure to find a perfect combination.


    Bottom Line

    When it comes to choosing wedding colors, the options are endless. But we hope this article has inspired you and helped you narrow your choices.

    If you still need to decide what colors to choose, we can help you. Our experts will ensure your wedding is the best day of your life, and you don't have to worry about colors.



    What is the most popular flower for weddings?

    Roses are a classic choice and the most popular. But there are many other beautiful options to choose from.

    What flowers hold up best in a bridal bouquet?

    Some good choices are lilies, orchids, and roses.

    What flower represents a happy marriage?

    Roses and lilies are both symbols of happiness and love.

    What is the most classy flower?

    Peonies are an excellent choice for a classic and elegant look.

    What is a reasonable budget for wedding flowers from 2022-2023?

    Your budget will depend on the size of your wedding and the type of flowers you choose. But a good rule of thumb is to set aside at least 10% of your total budget for flowers.


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