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You may have heard of birth month gemstones (January = Garnet, February = Amethyst, etc.), but what about birth month flowers? Knowing your birth month flower can bring special symbolism to your life. Plus, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, sending flowers that represent your loved one’s birthday is a great idea.

So, how does it work? Each calendar month is assigned one or two unique flowers. These flowers usually represent the season in some way and have special significance or value. Reading into the meaning of these birth flowers is fascinating! But there’s no need to take it too seriously, either. Birth flowers are mostly for fun and provide a nice and thoughtful way to recognize someone’s birthday.

There are lots of sources out there for learning more about your birth month flowers. We went straight to the original source – the Farmer’s Almanac – to provide the most accurate insights into birth month flowers. Below we break down the meaning of each birthday flower and provide a rose bouquet recommendation based on that month’s flower.

If you were born in June, you’re a lucky dog, because your birth flower is actually a rose! For all others, we’ve gotten a little creative in recommending the best bouquet with symbolic similarities to each birth month flower. The recommended roses mostly share color or symbolism with the birth month flowers.

Ready to find your birth month flowers? Let’s go!

January Birth Month Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnations are hardy flowers known for having frilly petals, and they are a popular flower used in everyday bouquets and special occasions alike. Though carnations are grown in many colors, soft tones like peach, pale pink, and white are most common.

Snowdrops are tiny white blooms that show up in the midst of winter. As the name suggests, these little blooms can even pop up in periods of light snow. Their white color and super-early bloom period bring a sensation of hope, peace, and optimism in the darkness of winter.

January Rose Recommendation: White Roses


February Birth Month Flowers: Violet and Primrose

February’s birth month flowers are also known for their small-but-mighty presence. Violets are typically no larger than the tip of a thumb, but they’re able to withstand cold, rainy weather that other flowers simply can’t bear. Similarly dainty in appearance but hardy in their ability to grow in cool temps, primrose blooms symbolized love and whimsy in the Victorian era.

Purple and blush tones are common with both violets and primrose flowers. These soft violet tones are also really great for sending flowers during February, because they match the winter mood but still carry a profound sense of beauty and freshness.

February Rose Recommendation: Purple Vaughn Roses


March Birth Month Flower: Daffodil

Making their appearance early in spring, daffodils are one of the most beautiful early bloomers. Yellow petals set spring off on the right note by adding a cheerful pop of color to grassy spaces. Daffodils are known for representing rebirth and fresh beginnings – something that the color yellow is also known for.

Sending yellow flowers is a great gift idea for new relationships, reignited friendships, and best wishes for a person starting a new job or moving to a different city. Though daffodils are most prevalent in spring, yellow roses can symbolize the same fresh start – and you can order these year-round!

March Rose Recommendation: Yellow Roses


April Birth Month Flowers: Daisy and Sweet Pea

The daisy is perhaps one of the cheeriest flowers of all, and it has been used as a decorative motif in clothing, craftwork, and home décor for ages. The bright yellow nub at the center is actually a tiny disc floret of miniscule flower buds, though it’s hard to see given the long white petals that make up the rest of the bloom. With the yellow floret and the elongated white petals, the daisy is actually made up of two flowers that work together. For that reason, it is a strong symbol of love, as well as a symbol of fertility.

The sweet pea is the other birth month flower for April, and it is native to the Mediterranean. Though sweet peas are considered toxic for animals and people, they have an absolutely invigorating scent that makes them an attractive addition to fresh flower bouquets. Sweet peas are sometimes given as a goodbye flower or as a symbol of kindness.

April Rose Recommendation: Fiance Rose Bouquet


May Birth Month Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley

At once delicate and striking, the birth month flower for May demonstrates how small blooms can make a big statement. Lily-of-the-Valley consists of several tiny bell-shaped blooms climbing off a single stem. This type of lily is most commonly found in white, but light pink lilies exist as well. This May birth month flower represents a return to happiness, as well as sweetness and humility.

There are many types of lilies in the flower world, each with its own beautiful uniqueness. What sets lilies apart from roses is that they have an interesting shape that adds exceptional grace to flower bouquets.

May Rose Recommendation: A Classique Rose Bouquet

June Birth Month Flower: Rose

If you were born in June, then you hit the jackpot – your birth month flower is the rose! Absolutely iconic and rife with symbolism in many different cultural traditions, the rose is most often associate with passionate love. Because of the longstanding tradition and presence of roses in folklore, the June birth month flower also represents timelessness, or endless love. How romantic!

When sending a bouquet of birth month roses to someone born in June, you really can’t go wrong. Roses come in every color – especially Rosaholics roses! Just be aware that certain rose colors can symbolize particular emotions and ideals, like love or friendship.

June Rose Recommendation: Free Choice! Shop All Roses

July Birth Month Flower: Larkspur and Water Lily

Larkspur is a common flower variety to plant in backyard gardens. This July birth month flower features a long, cone-like section of tiny petals, and its unique shape is often used to add height to gardens planted at ground level. Larkspur can represent a strong, unbreakable bond of love.

The other July birth month flower is the water lily. Symbolic of peace, hope, and meditation, the water lily is a gorgeous bloom that adds beauty to ponds. Sending water lilies can also represent affection and esteem, as this is a particularly majestic flower.

July Rose Recommendation: Mamma Mia

August Birth Month Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

Making a show in the final stretch of summer, gladiolus add a streak of bold color to gardens and flower bouquets alike. This August birth month flower is also called the ‘sword lily’ because of its long stem and extended ladder of blooms. Gladiolus are also said to ‘pierce the heart with love’ and symbolize integrity and infatuation.

Poppies are the other beautiful birth month flower for August, and they are celebrated in their own right. Sometimes deep red with a splotch of purple or bright orange with a black center, poppies symbolize pleasure, fun, and wealth.

August Rose Recommendation: Crush Rose Bouquet

September Birth Month Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

Powerful love – that’s what September’s birth month flower, the aster, symbolizes. And it’s easy to see why! Asters are inconspicuous all summer long, looking like a simple green bush. But as soon as summer comes to a close, this beautiful bush is brimming with deep purple-blue flowers from head to toe. Asters are a gorgeous sight to see, and their overwhelming display of blooms is perfect for depicting the power of love.

Likewise, morning glories also have a purple-blue haze to them, making them a striking sight. A symbol of affection, this September birth month flower makes a slightly more subtle appearance than the aster, blooming only at dawn and closing up by mid-day.

September Rose Recommendation: Lavender Gelato Roses

October Birth Month Flower: Marigold and Cosmos

October’s first birth month flower, the marigold, traditionally symbolized mortality and departure. But this shouldn’t be interpreted as a macabre symbol. On the contrary, the bright orange color of this classic October flower is meant to symbolize the light and warmth of the sun – something that could help people find their way in the afterlife. Nowadays, it commonly represents hope, optimism, and courage that prevails through darkness.

Cosmos – the other birth month flower for October – has an equally soothing significance. This whimsical flower represents peace, serenity, and harmony. Blush tones and orange hues are popular for this uplifting October bloom.

October Rose Recommendation: Love You Forever Bouquet

November Birth Month Flower: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums – also known by their nickname ‘mums’ – are a hardy flower variety that takes center stage in late fall. This November birth month flower commonly appears in rich autumn tones, like orange, brown, nutmeg, and maroon, but it can also appear in white and pink colors, too. The chrysanthemum symbolizes strength, purity, and love.

Sending flowers for a birthday in November is always a great idea! There are many bouquets that that feature mums as part of a mixed arrangement, and the gift will be extra special when the recipient sees that it has their birth month flower in it.

November Rose Recommendation: Kennoa Rose Bouquet

December Birth Month Flowers: Narcissus and Holly

The narcissus is better known by its common name: paperwhite. A cousin of the daffodil, this little white flower has a similar teacup shape but blooms in winter, making it a great gift for Christmas and New Year’s. A popular present to send to family and friends, narcissus offers elegance and beauty at the end of the calendar year.

The other December birth month flower, holly, is actually a shrub with shiny green leaves and bright red berries. Because of its color and hardiness in cold weather, holly is commonly hung outside of homes during the Christmas season. Though these two December birth month flowers are wildly different in appearance, they both symbolize hope.

December Rose Recommendation: Colorful Love Bouquet

So, what do you think? Do you love your birth month flower? If not, remember that you can always break the rules! Find the rose bouquet that speaks to you best and adopt that as your ‘revised’ birthday rose. ;)

Sending Birth Month Flowers as a Gift

Remember, sending roses as a gift is always a great idea. Looking for the best birthday present or anniversary gift? Send a rose bouquet inspired by your loved one’s birth month flower! Rosaholics delivers fresh-cut flowers straight from farm to door – nationwide.

Experience the freshest, most beautiful roses in a wide range of colors. Not sure what they’ll like best? Take a tip from our rose bouquet recommendations provided for each birth month flower. Or, get creative and explore all the amazing bouquets we have to offer.

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