Choosing flowers for each month can be exciting. Flowers match the season's general theme or aesthetic of a particular season. However, seasonal availability may vary in different regions.

Posies often have symbolic meanings. Consider choosing colors that match the message or mood you want to convey. For example, roses symbolize love and beauty, and daisies represent innocence and purity.

Each season usually has its color palette. Think about the predominant colors associated with the moon you are focusing on. Choose birthday flowers of the month that complement or match these shades. Pastel shades are popular in spring, and warm and bright colors dominate in summer.

When choosing flowers, always consider the recipient's personal preferences and tastes. Consider alternatives with similar characteristics if the flower you want is unavailable. Florists can offer substitutes that will convey the essence of the desired flower.

While choosing blossoms by month can be a great way to embrace seasonal beauty, there are no hard and fast rules.


Discover the Meaning of Your Birth Flower

Choose the birth flower of the month and learn its meaning. It can be quite interesting and unusual. You can also give blooms to loved ones according to the month. You can choose flowers and tell a loved one about their meaning.

Here's a table summarizing the monthly birth flowers and their meanings:



Birth Flowers





Love, fascination, distinction.

Hope, purity, rebirth.




Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness.

Young love, happiness, protection.




New beginnings, rebirth, happiness.

Affection, sympathy, desire.



Sweet Pea

Innocence, purity, loyal love.

Pleasure, bliss, delicate pleasure.


Lily of the Valley


Sweetness, humility, return to happiness.

Hope, fertility, protection.




Love, beauty, passion.

Devotion, happiness, everlasting love.



Water Lily

Positivity, lightheartedness, open heart.

Enlightenment, purity, rebirth.




Strength, integrity, generosity.

Remembrance, consolation, imagination.



Morning Glory

Wisdom, love, patience.

Affection, rebirth, mortality.




Warmth, passion, creativity.

Order, peace, serenity.




Joy, optimism, long life.

Romance, prosperity, and luck.




Self-love rebirth, good, wishes.

Protection, optimism, domestic happiness.


january birth month flowerJanuary Birth Month Flowers: Carnation and Snowdrop

The birthday flowers of the month of January are carnations and snowdrops. Carnations are known for their textured petals. They paint a bright canvas of a bouquet with their diverse color palette. These beautiful flowers are imbued with love, charm, and distinction. Each shade of carnation carries its message: 

  • Passionate red evokes deep love and admiration. 
  • Gentle pink embodies the purest form of maternal love. 
  • Clear white is a beacon of purity and occasional blessings.

Carnations are very hardy flowers. They are often chosen to create charming bouquets and harmonious compositions.

In contrast, fashionable snowdrops grace late winter and early spring with their presence. These exquisite bell-shaped flowers are white and decorated with delicate green markings on the petals. They embody anticipation of new beginnings and fill the air with optimism.

These lovely flowers are perfect for heartfelt birthday gifts for those born in January. They are also great for fancy floral decorations.


february birth month flowerFebruary Birth Month Flowers: Violet and Primrose

Birth flowers of the month for February are the violet and the primrose. These enchanting bouquets of majestic hues, from royal purples to ethereal whites and yellows, are awe-inspiring. With their expressive heart-shaped petals and fragrance, violets create a magical tapestry. These charming flowers embody virtues such as modesty, devotion, and humility. 

Delicate and fascinating primroses appear as a harmonious symphony of nature. These flowers open their petals in the embrace of early spring. They have many shades. Primroses serve as harbingers of new pages and symbols of youthful love. 

For those caught in the arms of February, violets and primroses are a great choice. These bouquets are unique birthday gifts. 


march birth month flowerMarch Birth Month Flowers: Daffodil and Jonquil

Daffodils and buttercups reign in the blooming birthday flowers of the first warm month These fantastic flowers embody the spirit of rejuvenation and awakening of nature.

Daffodils symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal optimism. Their bright yellow hue evokes a feeling of joy and positivity. 

Jonquils radiate a similar charm with their delicate brushes of pale, fragrant blossoms. These delicate flowers evoke a sense of purity and sophistication. The jonquils symbolize deep affection, fond memories, and tender beauty. 

Both daffodils and jonquils are great for celebrating March birthdays. 


april birth month flowerApril Birth Month Flowers: Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisies radiate a feeling of purity and innocence. These charming flowers, with their pristine white petals and sunny yellow centers, symbolize the simplicity and beauty of the everyday. They evoke a carefree spirit and serve as a reminder to appreciate the small joys in life. Daisies have a timeless appeal, enchanting hearts with their understated elegance. 

Sweet peas of this birth flowers of the month appear as a delicate masterpiece of nature. Its exquisite flowers emit a magical fragrance that wafts through the air. Sweet peas symbolize soft pleasure, blissful moments, and the triumph of friendship. These charming flowers serve as a reminder to appreciate the beauty of communication.

For those born in April, chamomile and sweet pea offer charming choices for birthday gifts. These flowers embody the spirit of spring awakening.


may birth month flowerMay Birth Month Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn

May shows the radiant beauty of the lily of the valley and hawthorn. The lily of the valley is a favorite emblem of purity, sweetness, and renewal. Its elegant clusters of white flowers are reminiscent of a hidden forest treasure. The lily of the valley adorns the spring landscape. It fills the air with its heavenly aroma. Hawthorn blooms, decorating the landscape with clusters of white or pink flowers. This magical tree embodies passion, hope, and the interconnectedness of life. Its flower symbolizes love and fertility. And thorny branches represent protection and endurance. These flowers carry the essence of rejuvenation and purity. They remind us to appreciate the fleeting beauty of each moment. Hawthorn also can be a flower for each month.


june birth month flowerJune Birth Month Flowers: Rose and Honeysuckle

In June, nature reveals an exciting duet of beauty through an exquisite rose and fragrant honeysuckle.

A rose is an eternal symbol of love and passion. It adorns the world with its velvety petals and intoxicating aroma. Roses embody romance, beauty, and deep emotions. From passionate red to innocent white, each shade carries its message. 

Honeysuckle becomes a sensual pleasure, captivating with its sweet aroma and delicate flowers. Cascading clusters of tubular flowers evoke a feeling of joy. Honeysuckle represents devotion, happiness, and the sweetness of simple pleasures.

Roses and honeysuckle are exciting choices for birthday gifts. These flowers embody the essence of the summer season's love, beauty, and splendor.


july birth month flowerJuly Birth Month Flowers: Larkspur and Water Lily

The Larkspur stands tall and proud in the summer landscape. This elegant flower symbolizes frivolity. Its intricate petals form a delicate dance, swaying in the slightest breeze. The larkspur serves as a reminder of the need to embrace spontaneity.

The water lily emerges from the serene depths of ponds and lakes. This flower fascinates with its beauty. The water lily symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and peace. The water lily teaches us to find inner peace and to manage life's currents.

For those born in July, the Lark and the Water Lily offer excellent choices for birthday gifts. These flowers embody the spirit of the season. But they also are great when it comes to flower for each month.


august birth month flowerAugust Birth Month Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

In the radiant embrace of August,  gladiolus and poppies take center stage. These birth flowers of the last summer month embody the spirit of strength and beauty.

Gladiolus stands tall as a symbol of strength and integrity. Its tall spikes convey the essence of passion and determination. Gladiolus serves as a reminder of resilience, courage, and perseverance.

The poppy explodes with its bright petals, creating a tapestry of bright colors. Poppy radiates lively energy and a sense of whimsy. These flowers symbolize beauty, creativity, and imagination. They encourage us to embrace the fleeting nature of life.

For those born in August, gladiolus and poppies offer an exciting choice of gifts. These flowers remind us of the strength we hold within.


september birth month flowerSeptember Birth Month Flowers: Aster and Morning Glory

September opens a shade of autumn magic. A charming duo of asters and morning glory decorates the landscape. These flowers of the month embody the essence of grace, charm, and the passing seasons.

Asters shine as a symbol of elegance and deep love. Asters evoke a sense of charm and mystery. These flowers symbolize wisdom, patience, and gentle beauty. A gift of asters is a message of love and gratitude.

Ipomoea blooms with an ethereal charm that captures the heart. Its trumpet-shaped flowers evoke a sense of calm. Morning glory symbolizes the transience of life. These flowers also represent love, affection, and spiritual awakening.

Aster and Morning Glory are excellent birthday flowers of the month. These flowers carry the spirit of the changing seasons.


october birth month flowerOctober Birth Month Flowers: Marigold and Cosmos 

October adorns itself with bright shades of marigolds and the gentle charm of the Cosmos. These October flowers embody the spirit of warmth, creativity, and changing seasons.

Marigolds symbolize passion, creativity, and bright positivity, so they are great flowers for each month. It is known that these flowers bring joy and luck. Marigolds are a testament to the beauty of accepting change.

Cosmos decorates the landscape with its delicate flowers that dance on thin stems. Cosmos represents harmony, calm, and elegance. These flowers remind us to find peace amid chaos.

For those born in October, Marigold and Cosmos carry the spirit of the changing seasons. They remind us of the beauty of transformation.


november birth month flowerNovember Birth Month Flowers: Chrysanthemum and Peony

November reveals the magical chrysanthemum and peony as the flowers of birth. Chrysanthemum has a special place in the hearts and gardens of people born in November.

The chrysanthemum, with its complex layers of petals, exudes elegance, grace, and resilience. These flowers symbolize longevity, joy, and prosperity. They encourage us to accept changes to find strength in difficulties.

The peony fascinates with its soft petals and attractive aroma. Peony symbolizes romance, prosperity, and luck. This exquisite flower evokes a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

The birth flower of the month serves as a reminder to embrace the present moment.


deember birth month flowerDecember Birth Month Flowers: Narcissus and Holly 

December wraps the world in its wintry embrace. It reveals the magical Narcissus and the festive Holly. These December flowers embody the spirit of the holiday season's rebirth.

The narcissus symbolizes hope, renewal, and the promise of a bright future. His appearance heralds the end of the year, inviting us to reflect on our journey. 

Holly decorates the winter landscape with shiny green leaves and bright red berries. Holly symbolizes the festive spirit, protection, and benevolence. 

Narcissus and Holly offer a great selection of birthday gifts for those born in December. These flowers convey the essence of the holiday season.


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Why do months have two birth flowers?

There are two birth flowers for each month to represent a wider range of symbolism. This is also due to the availability of flowers at different times of the year.

What do birth flowers mean?

Birth flowers can convey messages of love, happiness, beauty, and more.

How do I find my birthday flower?

You can search online for flower birth charts or check out resources that provide such information. You can also consult with a florist.

Are birth flowers always a good gift?

Birthday flowers can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift. However, when choosing a gift, it is important to consider individual preferences. 


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