Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a tradition to pay tribute to mothers for their selfless love, daily work, care, and hundreds of sleepless nights. It is customary to give mothers pleasant gifts, sweets, valuable gifts, and of course flowers. It is essential to buy a bouquet for mom on Mother’s Day because it will put her in a good mood for the whole day. A properly selected composition will help express gratitude and love better than any gift.

Choosing a bouquet for mom's day is not an easy task. The usual types of flowers are presented in various new varieties, peacefully coexisting with exotic plants. Moreover, for classic bouquets, florists offer exciting flower arrangements. It is much easier to choose if you follow florists’ main advice, give flowers guided by your mother’s preferences. Besides, you can order a Mothers Day roses delivery even if you are in another city and you do not have the opportunity to give flowers in person.

How to celebrate Mother's Day on quarantine?

A joyful holiday in honor of mom is a great occasion to share care and warmth with the most important person in life. You can choose good Mothers Day gifts even during quarantine. On this day, you need to do everything that your mother loves. Who knows your mother better if not you. 

Use original ideas to celebrate Mother's Day during quarantine.

  • It is better to start the holiday with a call or personal greeting. You will find the truest words to say to mom in your heart.
  • Be sure to give your mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Or you can order a roses delivery on Mothers Day. Delicate roses, sunny gerberas, or fragrant chrysanthemums in a combination of pastel shades and bright colors will delight your mother.
  • After giving gifts and flowers, take a walk through the places where you walked together as a child. Or just sit together over a cup of delicious tea or aromatic coffee. Remember bright moments, laugh at your childhood antics, have a heart-to-heart talk with your mom.
  • If you give your mom tickets to a theater or a concert, the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon or swim with dolphins, warn her about all the nuances and take her to the event yourself. In this case, it is appropriate to keep mom company or give her two tickets so that she can invite whoever she wants. Of course, such a gift will only be possible after the end of the quarantine. Your mother will still be delighted with such a gift and will look forward to it.
  • Dinner will be a beautiful finale of the day dedicated to mom. Find out in advance what dishes your mom prefers and cook them. All relatives and friends can attend such a celebration. Check to make sure everyone can get together that day.

How to celebrate Mother's Day at home?

celebrate Mother's Day at home


An integral part of the Mother's Day celebration is a gala dinner. Mom can't cook on her special day. Most likely, mom will already take the initiative, but it is in your power to organize a feast. You can surprise your mom and cook it yourself or order food from her favorite restaurant.

  • Buy everything for snacks and light salads, mom's favorite sweets, fruits, and drinks.
  • Set the table yourself and do the bulk of the holiday preparations.
  • It will be a pleasant surprise for mom if you invite her beloved friends and girlfriends. Mom will certainly appreciate how much energy and attention they paid to her holiday, and she will be very touched.
  • At the end of the feast, it is better to present a gift; this will be a pleasant end to the celebration of Mother's Day.

Features of choosing a bouquet for Mother's Day

You can order roses to be delivered on Mothers Day or collect your bouquet. When choosing which flowers to give to mom on her holiday, it is worth considering their meaning:

  • Happy Mothers Day roses remain classic and win-win. They are given in most cases. However, you can present a bouquet with buds of the more original colors of peach, pink, orange, and yellow on such a day. These colors will put your mom in a sunny mood because they symbolize vital energy.
  • Alstroemeria is a gentle symbol of good luck and sincere smiles. Present these flowers to mom if you want to cheer her up and surprise her with originality.
  • Irises, a reflection of loyalty and respect, will show the importance of a loved one in the loved person’s life and will become a manifestation of gratitude for her devoted years.
  • Chrysanthemums symbolize longevity and wisdom, happiness and well-being. A bouquet of chrysanthemums for mom will convey admiration and wishes of success in all life endeavors.
  • Lilies represent feminine perfection, the best way to compliment and remind that a woman is beautiful at any age.

When choosing flowers for mom's day, you should pay attention to the sharpness of the aroma. If she doesn't like harsh scents, check out chamomiles, hyacinths, and the classic happy Mothers Day roses. And if mom prefers a persistent smell, you can give preference to lilies.

A bouquet for Mother's Day should consist of her favorite flowers, mostly delicate tones, and a light, pleasant aroma.

What flowers to choose for Mother's Day?

What flowers to choose for Mother's Day?


You should choose flowers for Mother’s Day considering the temperament and lifestyle of the person being gifted. 

Roses are considered a classic happy Mothers Day gift.

  • For businesswomen, yellow roses, chrysanthemums, and lilies are suitable.
  • For those who love nature, you can present chamomiles, irises, or gerberas.
  • A homemaker can be presented with tulips, symbolizing love and care.
  • Eustoma and roses will be appropriate for more conservative mothers.

A beautiful bouquet for mom expresses warmth, care, and, most importantly, attention.

No matter how you decide to celebrate Mother's Day, the main rule is to do everything that your mother loves. Thus, you will say better than any words and gifts how much you love her. Besides, do not forget that you can order a roses delivery on Mothers Day if you do not have the opportunity to congratulate your mother personally.


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