Mom is the dearest person in everyone’s life. Therefore, I would like to congratulate her on her Mother's Day as luxuriously and beautifully as possible. A gorgeous bouquet will be a worthy and joyful gift for a woman for Mother's Day. The main thing is to choose the floristic composition correctly to please and convey the hidden message in the flowers’ language.

When choosing a bouquet for a mother, you need to take into account her individual preferences. All women are different; some like classic roses with long stems, others like modest wildflowers for Mothers Day. You can also show your imagination and surprise your mother with an exclusive, exotic bouquet of dried flowers, herbs, and rare, valuable plants.

When choosing a bouquet, you should rely on these generally accepted rules:

  • Conservative business women should receive classic flowers like roses, lilies, or calla lilies on Mothers Day.
  • For romantic mothers, daisies, irises, gerberas, or chrysanthemums are suitable.
  • Mothers who are housewives would like tulips, irises, or daffodils, symbolizing love and care.
  • Sensual, constantly worried mothers can be presented with eustomas, as their subtle, unobtrusive scent soothes the nervous system.
  • You could also give the official Mother's Day flower- a carnation.

A fresh, bright, colorful bouquet with lush vegetation and greenery will instantly cheer you up and will delight you with its appearance for a long time. The most prominent place in the house will surely be found for it.

The meaning of flowers

The meaning of flowers


Many mothers try to find a hidden meaning in any gift. Flowers are no exception. If you want to present your mother with a bouquet full of meaning and symbolism, it is recommended to give:

  • Pink roses with half-closed buds mean gratitude and appreciation and will be a good choice for Mother’s Day. If roses seem too commonplace, you can present cream-colored peonies, symbolizing consanguinity and resembling the color of mother's milk.
  • Orange tea roses mean well-being, good health, and happiness and will be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Having presented this flower, you can wish your mother moral and physical strength, inspiration, and optimism.
  • White or lilac chrysanthemums are a sign of respect and obedience. This is ideal when you need to apologize for past grievances and show how important your mom is.
  • Alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies are a symbol of unfading youth, femininity, and beauty. These flowers are perfect for a young mother.

In the United States, the official Mother's Day flower is the carnation and is traditionally presented in purple or red.

There are a huge variety of design options for flowers for Mother's Day. Professional florists are constantly inventing something new, making their works of art diverse, unusual, and unique. With such an abundance of options, it's easy to get lost. 

But there are proven types of bouquets that any mother will surely like:

  • a geometrically regular rounded bouquet
  • an asymmetrical bouquet with flowing flowers
  • a bouquet in a basket or on a hard, stable base.

The more flowers there are in the bouquet, the better. You can supplement plants with special decor. In addition to flowers, a bouquet can contain sweets or fruits, and then it will have not only aesthetic but also practical purposes.

What color should flowers be for Mother's Day?

It is not recommended to give dark burgundy, black, purple, or brown flowers for Mother’s Day. These shades are boring and create a serious, formal atmosphere. It is better to give preference to gentle, cheerful, light colors. For example:

  • Milk or cream symbolizes motherhood and looks excellent in combination with bright packing ribbons.
  • Pink, a scarlet symbol of passion, love, and romance. You can give scarlet flowers to your mother to cheer her up and activate vital energy.
  • Yellow and orange are sunny shades that bring warmth, joy, and comfort; this is a versatile option for any occasion.

What to look for when choosing flowers?

What to look for when choosing flowers?


Not all flower shops comply with the standards for storing live plants. You need to pay attention to determine the true state of the bouquet:

  • When looking at the density of the buds, it is best to choose plants with semi-closed solid buds.
  • The stem state should be free of defects (rottenness, weeping spots, mold), and the cut should be fresh (by bringing the bouquet home, it can be renewed so that the flowers stand longer).
  • The state of the leaves should be dense, juicy, and green, without yellowing and spots.

Flowers in bouquets are sometimes tied up to create the illusion of freshness. Therefore, it is better when the bouquet is harvested just before purchase. This is how the buyer sees the condition of each plant. On Mothers Day, it is best to give roses; these are classic flowers that everyone will like, and they keep their fresh look for a long time.

 An alternative to bouquets for mom can be flowering plants in pots. Many women are fond of indoor plants; they especially like orchids, gardenias, azaleas, violets, and geraniums. A blooming flower looks no worse than a full-bodied bouquet. Moreover, it will bloom far more than once over the years.

Give mothers roses not only on Mothers Day but also for no reason. It doesn't matter how expensive the bouquet is. The attention that you show by giving your mom flowers is essential.


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