Mother's Day falls on May 12th this year. You may think it's too early to start shopping for Mother's Day flowers, but planning ahead is important, especially when it comes to ordering gifts for Mother's Day. Plus, moms are often the ones to give great advice when growing up, like: "Don't wait 'til the last minute!" So, let's start planning Mother's Day gifts now!

We've got a great bouquet for every mom out there – whether she likes classic red roses for Mother's Day or an artistic bouquet with bold splashes of color. From bestsellers to new bouquets, we've rounded up the 15 best rose bouquets to send for Mother's Day.

Red Roses for Mother's Day

What could be simpler yet deeper than red roses for Mother's Day? Being the most favorite and classical choice, they symbolize endless love. Everyone is grateful to their mothers for their time invested in us. Thank your mom with a bouquet of red roses. She will like it!

Red roses symbolize:

  • Deep love and affection;
  • Passion and desire;
  • Admiration and appreciation;
  • Respect and admiration.

Whether it's to say "Thank you" or "I love you," red roses are the perfect choice to make your mom feel special.


Dolce amore bouquet

1. Dolce Amore Roses 

The Dolce Amore rose bouquet features vibrant red and white petals. It embodies the joy and cheerfulness that mothers bring into our lives. Its crisp color contrast makes it a perfect gift for celebrating Mother's Day in style.



Red Explosion

2. Red Explosion

The Red Explosion consists of the most classical red roses for Mother's Day. This bouquet exudes luxury and warmth. It is an ideal choice for honoring mothers on their special day. Its deep red blooms symbolize the devoted love we feel for our mothers.



Wild Spirit bouquet

3. Wild Spirit

The Wild Spirit bouquet showcases the beauty of bicolor roses – white with pink edges and red. It represents the wild and adventurous spirit of mothers everywhere. Its vibrant hues make it a stunning choice for Mother's Day celebrations.



Yellow Roses for Mother's Day

Yellow roses for Mother's Day bring sunshine and joy to the celebration. They are a delightful choice for honoring mothers. Choose yellow roses for Mother's Day when you want to:

  • Brighten your mom's day;
  • Express gratitude for her support and love;
  • Convey admiration for her resilience.

With their vibrant petals and uplifting presence, yellow roses will surely fill your mom's heart with happiness and love.


Golden Sun Bouquet

4. Golden Sun Bouquet

The golden beauty! The Golden Sun Bouquet radiates warmth and positivity thanks to its vibrant yellow blooms. It's a perfect choice for brightening up your mother's day and bringing a smile to her face. This cheerful and sunny disposition will handle these tasks successfully!



Sunny Fresh

5. Sunny Fresh

Sunny Fresh roses offer a burst of freshness and vitality. They are an excellent choice for celebrating the rejuvenating spirit of motherhood. Their vibrant yellow petals are sure to lift your mother's spirits and fill her heart with joy.



Yellow Explosion

6. Yellow Explosion 

Among the yellow roses for Mother's Day is Yellow Explosion. This bouquet creates a symphony of warmth and cheerfulness with its orange and yellow roses. Each petal whispers a message of positivity. It is a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation to your mother on her special day.



White Roses for Mother's Day

White roses for Mother's Day symbolize purity, naivety, and new beginnings. These pristine blooms represent the unconditional love and devotion of mothers. They embody the grace and elegance of maternal love. 

When choosing white roses for Mother's Day, consider the simplicity and beauty they convey. They are perfect for honoring the nurturing nature and gentle spirit of mothers everywhere. Whether celebrating with a single stem or a lavish bouquet, white roses are a meaningful and heartfelt gift. It will 100% touch the hearts of mothers on their special day.


Casablanca Bouquet

7. Casablanca Bouquet

The Casablanca Bouquet features elegant white roses that complement any room with their classic beauty. They are perfect for expressing gratitude and admiration towards mothers. These blooms symbolize the purity and grace of maternal love.



Chelsea rose bouquet

8. Chelsea

The Chelsea rose bouquet offers an exhilarating scene with its striking blue and white petals. These white roses for Mother's Day are a fantastic choice for those appreciating unique and unconventional gifts. The Chelsea bouquet embodies the boundless love they shower upon their children.


Assemble Your Own Bouquet

9. Assemble Your Own Bouquet

Of course, what more does Mom want than a gift that you put your heart into? When you assemble your own bouquet, you can pick out flowers one by one to create the Mother's Day masterpiece that will steal your mom's heart. Pick her favorite roses, or choose flowers by color to symbolize each of her children or grandchildren. With this option, you can get super creative and put a personal touch on your Mother's Day gift.

Make your pick now and reserve your roses for Mother's Day before they run out!


Pink Roses for Mother's Day

Being close in meaning to red roses for Mother's Day, pink roses convey innocent love and sweetness. They symbolize affection and appreciation for maternal figures. Pink roses signify:

  • Love and gratitude for nurturing care;
  • Appreciation for unconditional support;
  • Admiration for grace and elegance;
  • Sweetness and tenderness of maternal love.

Choosing pink roses for Mother's Day celebrates the special bond between mothers and their children. These delicate blooms brighten the day and bring joy to the ones who receive them.


Say Yes Bouquet

10. Say Yes Bouquet

The Say Yes Bouquet features light pink roses with ruscus, symbolizing joy, happiness, and new beginnings. It's a classic symbol of love and gratitude. And this symbolism makes them perfect for spreading positivity and love.



Forever bouquet

11. Forever (Exclusive)

The Forever bouquet includes striped pink and white roses for Mother's Day. Such flowers are versatile and meaningful, conveying a range of emotions from appreciation to support. This is a thoughtful and heartfelt gift for expressing gratitude on Mother's Day.



Vogue rose bouquet

12. Vogue

The Vogue rose bouquet combines feminine pink roses with delicate greenery. It's a romantic and charming arrangement ideal for all occasions, including Mother's Day. This composition shows love and appreciation for your mother.



Purple Roses for Mother's Day

Purple roses for Mother's Day are exceptional due to their enchanting hue. They symbolize creativity, individuality, and admiration. The deep purple color evokes a sense of mystery and elegance, adding charm to any bouquet. 

When choosing purple roses, you recognize maternal love's beauty and strength. They stand out as a captivating and meaningful gift for this special occasion.


Savage bouquet

13. Savage

The Savage bouquet features bold purple roses on black petals, celebrating uniqueness. It's an eye-catching choice for Mother's Day. It represents the joy of being different and embracing individuality.



Purple Stravaganzza bouquet

14. Purple Stravaganzza 

Loud color creates a captivating effect in the Purple Stravaganzza bouquet. You can enjoy fantastic roses with deep violet petals thanks to artisan techniques. Because of their intense color, these purple roses are great for achieving a strong impact.



Lavender Gelato bouquet

15. Lavender Gelato

The Lavender Gelato bouquet offers unique and special lavender roses with cream and blue hues. These unusual and bright blooms embody enchantment, creativity, and individuality. That's why they will definitely surprise your mom.


Shop the Full Mother's Day Collection

Flowers deserve to be as unique and vibrant as the moms they honor on Mother's Day. Celebrate the extraordinary woman with exotic roses for Mother's Day, offering captivating colors, shapes, and fragrances. Elevate the traditional gesture of Mother's Day flowers with Rosaholics. 

Explore our full Mother's Day Collection. Our roses convey your deep gratitude with intricate patterns, rich hues, and enchanting scents. Whether you chose yellow or red roses for Mother's Day, they all speak the language of thankfulness!



Are red roses OK for Mothers Day?

Yes, red roses are perfectly fine for Mother's Day. Red roses symbolize love and appreciation, which makes them a great choice to give to your mother as a token of your affection.

What type of rose is Mother's Love?

"Mother's Love" is Hybrid Tea Rose. The Hybrid Tea Rose is known for its large, elegant blooms and a wide range of colors, making it a versatile option to express your love and appreciation to your mother.

Which is better: red or pink roses?

Both red and pink roses are beautiful and have their own meanings. Red roses traditionally symbolize love, while pink roses symbolize gratitude, appreciation, and admiration. Ultimately, the choice between red and pink roses depends on the message you want to convey to the recipient.

Which rose is for parents?

There is no specific rose that is meant for parents. However, roses, in general, are a popular choice for gifting to parents as they are a classic symbol of love, appreciation, and gratitude. White or pink roses are often considered appropriate choices for parents, as they symbolize purity, innocence, and gratitude.


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