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Do you want to impress your mom to the core on Mother's Day? The best idea for this is to give her a stunning bouquet of roses. But for mom to be really pleasantly surprised, choose exotic roses. They can be in any shade:

  • blue;
  • black;
  • red;
  • lavender;
  • multicolored.

Mom is the person who takes care of you from the first minutes of your life. Thus, on Mother's Day, it is crucial to show her how significant she is to you. And a wonderful gift for mom is a luxurious roses arrangement. Exotic ones are a win-win option. With their chic look, they will show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. The main thing is to pick the right floral composition: the color, size, and number of flowers. Then, a fresh, bright, unusual bouquet with a stunning shade of rose petals will make your mother smile. 


Exotic Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

Rosaholics is the fastest and highest quality rose delivery. Our leading delivery service will provide flowers for Mother's Day, even at the last moment. We make sure that your order is always on time. And we also take care of the exotic roses delivery process itself. We organize everything in the best way so that the flowers keep their stunning appearance after delivery.

All our roses are fresh and mesmerizing. They are grown on the most fertile farm. So, they keep their new appearance for a very long time.

Each variety of our roses has its own unique appearance. So, with Rosaholics, you will not only get a unique look of flowers. Besides, you and your mother will get unforgettable emotions and a sincere smile. After all, bouquets of roses are so impressive that they remain in memory for a lifetime. 

And to make sure of this, use our delivery service. Let us make your mom happy with an incredible floral arrangement!


Mother's Day Exotic Rose Gifts

Any exotic roses symbolize great love, respect, and value. Thus, on Mother's Day, such unique roses are especially in demand. After all, everyone wants to express their love and support for their mother on such a holiday. The main thing is to choose them not with the mind but with the soul. Stop your choice of the option that you liked the most.

The main thing is to guess with shade. Remember which flower color your mother prefers. Then she will be happy with the roses and also with that, you will remember her preferences. And finally, pay attention to the design of the floral arrangement. There are many options for them. Professional florists constantly invent something new, making their bouquets diverse and unique. It is easy to get lost in such a large number of choices. So, we offer you to stop on the next top 5 rare exotic roses bouquets for Mother's Day:


#1. Exotic Blue Roses for Mother’s Day

You can choose a lighter or darker blue bouquet depending on the mother's preferences. In both options, their mesmerizing petals beckon to you with their beauty. It will help you convey to your mother your awe-inspiring attitude towards her. This option symbolizes devotion, tenderness, and care. 


#2. Exotic Black Roses for Mom

You are wrong if you think that black flowers are only for mourning. This color is gaining more and more popularity in floristry. After all, such a shade of rose petals is exotic and luxurious. So, choosing such an option for Mother's Day is a great decision. It brings elegance and frankness.


#3. Red and White Exotic Roses Bouquets

The colors of these exotic roses have such a unique color that they create an explosion of emotions when combined. The red rose is the queen of flowers. A white rose is a symbol of gentleness. By mixing them, you give incredible feelings to your mom. So, stop on this if you want to impress her. 


#4. Multicolored Roses for Mother’s Day

When you can't decide on one color of rose, you just need multicolored ones. The petals of such roses contain the most diverse shades. And what is even more impressive is that they smoothly mix. So, if your mother loves uniqueness and exoticism, this gift for mom is a win-win.


#5. Exotic Lavender Roses

Roses in this color create a feeling of satisfaction when looking at them. With their striking shades, flowing from lighter to darker, they give a smile to others. So, choose such rare exotic roses to make Mother's Day unforgettable and delightful.


How to Order Exotic Roses for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here. So, it is important to know how to use exotic roses delivery correctly:

  • Choose the number of flowers that will be enough for you.
  • Enter your address and double-check that everything is correct.
  • Track the shipment and wait for them to be received.
  • Enjoy the stunning view of these flowers.

Following these tips, you can easily and quickly get the desired bouquet of roses. You just need to specify the delivery details and patiently wait for these fabulous flowers.



What color rose do you wear on Mother's day?

The color of roses can be from light pink to black. The main thing is to choose the one that your mother likes.

How many exotic roses should be in a bouquet for mom?

It doesn't matter. Even the smallest number of roses can mean a lot to a mother. But the bigger the bouquet, the more impressive it is.

Who delivers flowers on Mother's day?

Rosaholics. Its leading delivery service is the fastest delivery of flowers for Mother's Day.

What to send for Mother's day?

Roses. These flowers are one of the best gifts for moms on such a wonderful holiday.

Where to order fresh-cut exotic roses?

Order them from Rosaholics. We have an extensive assortment of flowers. So, you won't be left without a bouquet with us.