Roses are red, violets are blue – but wait, at Rosaholics, roses are also black, yellow, purple, and tie-dye, too! Don’t get me wrong, red roses are classic. But it can also be fun to explore the unique roses with different colors and shapes that the Rosaholics team has worked hard at cultivating to perfection.


From flowers with frilly petals to bold colors that will take your breath away, there are so many creative bloom choices to consider. Here, we highlight 6 unique roses you can find only at Rosaholics. Get ready to indulge in a feast for all the senses!


Blue Bay

Did you know that blue evokes a rolodex of powerful emotions? After all, the color is associated with a wide range of strong sentiments, including imagination, wisdom, loyalty, peace, and intuition. Combine that with a serene shade of white, and you’ve got yourself a complete vision of tranquility in a single vase.

blue bay bouquet

The Blue Bay bouquet blends these colors with smooth finesse, featuring individual petals in bright blue or white and seamless transitions between the tones. This expert color blending comes from an advanced technique that the Rosaholics team has perfected over the years, allowing two distinct colors to reach a harmony within a single rose. The result is mesmerizing, making Blue Bay roses one of the most unique flower varieties around.


Black Dragon

You may be familiar with Rosaholics’ best seller, the Black Mamba Rose Bouquet, which features jet black roses with a classic form. Well, the Black Dragon roses capture the same visual intensity but multiply it a bit more, thanks to the frilly petal shape that is featured on each rose.

black dragon bouquet

In general, black flowers are extremely unique, as they are exceptionally rare in the floral world. And for those who like to live life a little differently, black roses are the perfect spin on the classic sentiment of love and romance in the form of fresh flowers. The crimped or ruffled petals make these black roses extra unique and bring an added layer of visual texture to the blooms. A bouquet of Black Dragon roses can make a bold statement in any home, symbolizing strength, stamina, power, and delicate detail all in one.


America Rose

There’s patriotic fun – and then there’s loud and proud patriotism. The America Roses are an excellent choice for people who love to show off their red, white, and blue. This unique rose actually has the American flag printed right onto the petals, with gentle stars and stripes streaked across each bloom.

america rose bouquet

Inspired by the American flag, this exceptionally unique rose bouquet truly is a memory-maker. Because of its iconic red, white, and blue imagery, this rose bouquet is an awesome choice for any patriotic occasion celebrating freedom or honoring those in service to the country.

Independence Day, Memorial Day, September 11th, and Veteran’s Day are all perfect occasions for America Roses to shine. Decorate the tombstone of fallen soldiers, welcome home a family member on leave from active duty, or deliver a patriotic bouquet to the local veteran’s home for residing service men and women to enjoy. Showing off passionate patriotism loud and clear, this is by far one of the most unique roses around!


Golden Frost Rose

As good as gold, this unique rose is unlike any other. Dazzling to the eye, the Golden Frost Rose shows off beautiful gold petals that communicate glitz and glamour. They capture the essence of Old Hollywood culture, where everything was done up to the nines and both luxury and opulence were put on full display. For those who appreciate a touch of high-class fashion and in vogue décor, these unique roses are an excellent choice.


Grinch Rose

Green roses are extremely rare, and when combined with a touch of yellow, the result is exhilarating. The Grinch Rose delicately blends lemon-lime hues together in an appealing way, reaching a two-tone effect that is spellbinding.


grinch rose bouquet

With the soft yellow bud opening to stronger green exterior petals colors, the fun shift in color captivates the eye. This coloring technique results in one-of-a-kind roses that can’t be produced to look exactly the same. Each rose is an individual masterpiece, and no two Grinch Roses are alike.


Blue Lagoon Rose

Blue roses are in high demand because there are so many people who love the color blue! But the reality is that blue roses are extremely hard to find in the floral world. That’s because they require very careful attention and precision artistry to pull off an attractive blue tone that is consistent across every petal. Rosaholics has been providing blue roses for years, and they’ve mastered the coloring techniques necessary for flawless blue roses.

The Blue Lagoon Rose has a classic shape, but it’s the robust color saturation that really sweeps people off their feet. Bold blue petals make for an exceptionally unique rose bouquet, and it’s no surprise that the Blue Lagoon has become a beloved favorite at Rosaholics. Have you seen it in person yet? You’ve got to order a bouquet for yourself – the pictures don’t do it justice!


Most Unique Roses for Delivery

There are so many reasons to explore unique rose varieties. While those with a green thumb can check out unique roses for the garden, it’s much easier to experience exotic roses with easy delivery. Rosaholics delivers all of their flowers straight from their family-run farm to your door. It’s simply the fastest and easiest way to get unique roses to your home for everyone to enjoy.

smiling woman with rose bouquet

And this list is just the tip of the iceberg! The options for buying unique roses can seem endless! Once you start exploring the online gallery of exotic roses available, you’ll be fascinated by all the incredible rose varieties that Rosaholics delivers. From elegant white roses to groovy tie-dye colors, Rosaholics really has the best selection of unique roses ready to cut and ship straight to your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect match online by shopping all the fresh-cut flower varieties offered. There’s no doubt you’ll find a one-of-a-kind rose bouquet that catches your eye!


Explore all the unique and exotic roses available for delivery!

September 07, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik