Dried roses can be recycled in a variety of creative ways. They can add a touch of elegance and sentimentality to your decor and products. There are many ideas for dried roses that you can make with your own hands. Including:

  • Art from pressed flowers. Pressed flowers, including dried roses, can be framed and displayed on the wall. They can also be used to create personal greeting cards.
  • Potpourri. Create your fragrant potpourri by mixing dried rose petals with other dried flowers.
  • Flavored sachets. Make scented sachets by placing dried rose petals in small cloth bags.
  • Inserting candles. Emphasize the beauty of homemade candles by inserting dried rose petals into the wax.
  • A wreath of dried flowers. Create a wreath of dried roses and other dried flowers.
  • Jewelry from dried rose petals. Add dried rose petals to resin to make unique jewelry.
  • Natural bath accessories. Add dried rose petals to homemade bath salts, bath bombs, or even soap for a luxurious and fragrant bath.
  • Confetti from dried rose petals. Use dried rose petals as a biodegradable and beautiful option for confetti.

There are quite a few ideas on how to use such petals. You can turn dried roses into fascinating and meaningful creations with some creativity. We will consider the main ways of using dried roses.


Create a Wreath

Create a Wreath

Making a wreath can be a fun and creative project. This is one of the interesting ideas for dried roses.

Materials you will need for the wreath:

  • Wreath frame;
  • Floristic wire or hot glue gun;
  • Dried roses or other dried flowers;
  • Leaves (eucalyptus, ivy or ferns);
  • Ribbon or decorative elements;
  • Scissors or nippers.


  1. Gather all the materials you will need for your project.
  2. Take the leaves and cut them into smaller pieces. Attach the leaves to the wreath frame using floral wire or hot glue. Start by placing a few stems on the frame and securing them firmly.  Continue adding and attaching leaf pieces until you have covered the entire frame. 
  3. Take the dried rose and place it on the wreath frame next to the attached leaves. Use floral wire or hot glue. Repeat this process with the rest of the dried roses, distributing them around the wreath. It will be a wonderful dry roses decoration.
  4. Once the roses are in place, assess the wreath for gaps. You can fill in these spaces. Attach them securely with floral wire or hot glue.
  5. When you are happy with the arrangement, trim off any excess leaves or stems that may be sticking out. 
  6. If you want to hang your wreath, you can attach a ribbon or create a loop with floral wire.

Remember that wreath making allows you to be creative and feel free to experiment with different combinations of flowers, leaves and decorative elements to suit your style and preferences.



Make Potpourri

Make Potpourri

What to do with dried roses? Make potpourri! Follow these steps to make the potpourri.

  1. Collect dried roses and other dried flowers, herbs, and spices that have a pleasant smell. Some popular options include lavender, rosemary, and citrus peel. Ensure that you dehydrate all the ingredients.
  2. Separate the petals from the dried roses. Discard any wilted or discolored roses. You can carefully break the petals into smaller pieces to release their aroma.
  3. Combine the dried rose petals with the other aromatic ingredients in a bowl. The ratio of ingredients depends on personal preferences. This is how crafts with dried roses come out.
  4. If you want to enhance the aroma of the potpourri, you can add a few drops of essential oils. Choose oils that complement the natural scents of dried roses.
  5. Transfer the potpourri mixture to an airtight container. It can be a glass jar or a bag with a zipper.
  6. When the potpourri hardens, it can be put on display. Put it in decorative bowls, sachets, or small cloth bags.

 Store potpourri away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture. This will help preserve its aroma and longevity.



Make Rose Floral Water at Home

Make Rose Floral Water at Home

To prepare rose water at home, follow these steps:

  • Start by collecting fresh rose petals. For best results, choose pesticide-free roses. About 2 cups of rose petals will be enough for a small portion of flower water.
  • What to do with dried roses? Carefully wash the rose petals under cool water. Dry them with a clean towel.
  • Take a stainless steel pot and place the rose petals inside. Make sure the pot is big enough.
  • Pour enough distilled water into the pan to cover the rose petals. But don't submerge them completely. The water should reach about half of the petals.
  • You need to put the pan on the stove on a slow fire. Let the water boil slowly for about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • After boiling, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool slightly. Pour the liquid through a strainer. This will help separate the infused rose water from the petals.
  • Pour the rose flower water into a clean, sterilized bottle. Make sure the container is airtight.

By making your rose flower water, you can enjoy the magical aroma and potential skincare benefits of roses naturally and cost-effectively.



Bath Salts With Dried Roses

Bath Salts With Dried Roses

What to do with dried roses? You can create bath salts with dried roses. For this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Sea salt;
  • Dried rose petals;
  • Essential oils (optional);
  • A glass jar or container for storage.



  • Make sure there is no dirt or debris on the dried roses. Carefully cut them into smaller pieces or grind them lightly to release the aroma. So you will have the best crafts with dried roses.
  • Mix the required amount of sea salt in a bowl with dried rose petals. The ratio may vary depending on personal preference.
  • If you want to enhance the aroma of bath salts, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Rose petals are well complemented by rose, lavender, or geranium oils.
  • Add other dried flowers or herbs. Mix them with a salt mixture for flavor and visual appeal.
  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Transfer the bath salts to a clean, dry glass jar or storage container.
  • Allow the mixture to infuse for an even more intense aroma. You can leave the bath salts in an airtight container for several days. Shake or gently stir the mix from time to time. 

Bath salts with dried roses create a wonderful aroma. They can help make a soothing and rejuvenating bath. This is one of the ideas for dried roses.


Bottom Line

What to do with dried roses? You can use dried roses in different ways. With them, you can create various interesting decorative products or use them for cosmetic purposes. Dry roses are an exciting addition to fresh ones. They last longer and can please you for a long time. But roses can also be used to embody various creative ideas. Rosaholics will help you with this. Here, you will find the best fresh and quality roses. From them, you can get wonderful dry petals for various uses.

The dried rose petals always keep the memorable feelings, words, and attitudes we wish to remember repeatedly. Nevertheless, any romantic evening or new dry roses decoration elements would have a nice look and a fresh rose bouquet for the loving person.



What to do with dying roses?

You can repurpose dead roses into home decor, fine soaps, aromatherapy items, and even romantic bathroom or bedroom solutions.

What to do with flower petals?

Rose petals can create a romantic atmosphere for a married couple or a beloved couple. You can scatter them around the bedroom or bathroom. You can also use them to implement creative ideas.

What could the dead roses symbolize?

Dead roses are widely mentioned in world literature and lyrical motifs. Their symbolism could consist of mysterious chords and epic love feelings.

Could the dying roses be helpful for therapeutic purposes?

Dying roses could be recycled to make a bottle of homemade eau de toilette. Such substances have a positive effect on your skin.

Should we remove the dying flowers?

Removing faded flowers is a foolish decision, especially when you want to preserve the memories of the bouquet giver. Try to pick up a valuable idea for its transformation.


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