The fresh rose bouquet is a pleasant present meaning the special attitude to the person you actually like or expressing deep credibility. So, when we receive such a gift, we want to keep this remarkable object for an extended period. However, the freshness is expiring too quickly. In this case, you might be wondering how to refresh a dead flower bouquet or give it a new life.

Herein we sum up several ideas for dead roses which you can turn into reality on your own:

  • various handmade compositions diversifying from straightforward soap decoration things to massive interior decor, 
  • repurposed dying rose bouquet for the romantic symbolism.

As you can see, the reserved flowers are not only the dried plants kept in the books. The new curios dedications of the lovely rose present help you to improve the house design. The resulting solutions based on the dead flowers resemble the lyrics motives mentioned in literature or music arts. In this case, your living room is filled with a cozy and passionate atmosphere. Otherwise, the dying flowers allow you to experiment with the design patterns and match each accommodation furnishing.

So, discover helpful ideas for dead roses and improve your crafting skills to prove yourself as an experienced housekeeper.

Crafty ideas for dead roses

To reuse a dead flower bouquet, you need to primarily detect a damage level and decide what space should be graced with new curios compositions. The damage level determines a possibility for the rose bouquet transformation or its disposal requirements. However, we suppose that we have collected all methods to find the desirable usage for the dying flowers.

Method 1 - Make potpourri

Gather the semi-dead ingredients into a bowl or a small cotton bag where you will mix the potpourri. You may enhance the odors using strong spices such as cinnamon, rosemary, creeping thyme, sage, badian, etc.

Method 2 - Make decorative soap for the bathroom

The other way regarding what to do with dying roses is to put their petals or buds into a particular shaped container and fill it with a transparent glycerin-based solution. You can make small and big items dedicated to marine, country, retro, and even food style that perfectly match the showering place's overall design pattern. 

Method 3 - Make fascinating aroma candles

The exclusive handmade candles combined with multi-colored rose petals are fairly deemed the creative things to do with dried roses. You may add a few drops of rose oil during the process to enhance the aroma effects when the candles are lit. Indeed, such a present would be essential for any occasion.

Method 4 - Produce rose floral water at home

The process is quite elementary because you need a pot, water, and dried flower buds. The boiling requires careful attention, but the final result would be helpful for your skin, hands, and face. Moreover, the expiry period for this water is unlimited, and it could be used even to make pleasant odors inside the particular room.

Method 5 - Keep the entire dead flower bouquet

Before the fancy composition placement, you need to hang a bouquet upside down and apply a hair spray to clean the flowers' content. Next day, repeat the procedure in the same manner. Such actions keep the shape of the dried flowers, which could highlight a lovely vase. In addition, you could craft the decoration with the help of a wooden box and a picture frame.

Cute things to do with rose petals


This ingenious advice for the non-fresh rose bouquet is to use their petals. The idea could be available if roses become dying, but the buds are in good condition.

There are many concepts about what to do with the flower petals if you want to pamper your spouse in a romantic setting. For instance, you may decorate the dining table by filling out the pretty bowl with the water-borne rose petals. Instead of the bowls, the wine glasses or the other tumblers would be perfect, especially if you combine flowers with aroma candles floating on the water. Let the attractive odors aromatize and aerate the room on this special day!

The bathroom or the bedroom decorations with rose petals on the bed or bath are traditional must-have romantic attributes. In a general context, the florists could list a wide range of cute things to do with rose petals which require only your wish, respective flowers, and a bit of fantasy.

The other romantic gifts made of the elements of the dead rose bouquet petals could include:

  • arrangements for photo frames. To make mutual photo excitement, place a few buds in one or two angles of the frame. The option will be successful if you use a profound frame, or little buds.

  • Create a topiary tree using petals instead of leaves. Such a handcrafted item could highlight exterior landscapes or supplement the respective furnishing details.

  • decorative panel. The people with a sense of artistic taste easily decorate the various pictures with rose buds. The resulting panel could be independent subjects or a particular accent on embroidery, macrame, or painting works.

The dried rose petals always keep the memorable feelings, words, and attitudes which we wish to remember again and again. Nevertheless, any romantic evening or new decoration elements would have a nice look along with a fresh rose bouquet to the loving person. 


What to do with dying roses?

Dead roses do not mean garbage. You may transform their purpose for home decoration ideas, elegant soap items, aromatherapy stuff, and even romantic solutions for the bathroom or the bedroom. All the above could be crafted by yourself and require specific crafting skills. Your guests and beloved persons would apparently value the deliverables.

What to do with flower petals?

The non-fresh rose petals could create a romantic atmosphere for spouses or loved couples. You may throw them around the bedroom or the drawn bath additionally decorated with aroma candles, subdued lighting, and respecting catering items. The romantic purpose for the petals is to write the name of your loved woman or leave a love message. Your soulmate will appreciate such a surprise on Valentine’s Day or the intimate end of the birthday party.

What could the dead roses symbolize?

The dead roses are widely mentioned in world literature and lyrical motives. Their symbolism could comprise the mysterious chords and the epic love sensations. The interior decorations with the dead roses would improve the overall house impressions.

Could the dying roses be helpful for therapeutic purposes?

The dying roses could be processed to make a flacon of the homemade eau de toilette. Such substances bring positive and solid effects for your skin. A similar practice was discovered in the age of the ancient Rome empire and was widely used by the Egyptian empresses. Even the famous beauty guru, Cleopatra, used to apply the rose oil masks and baths as one of the charm appearance sources.

Should we remove the dying flowers?

Removing the dying flowers is an unreasonable decision, especially when you would like to keep the memories of that bouquet grantor. Try to pick up the valuable idea for its transformation and enjoy the received result because the flowers could die and feelings will live forever.


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August 03, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik