If you seek pretty flowers for your loved one, you should pay attention to the improperly underestimated kind of the roses, like pink ones. A well-gathered bouquet of pink roses flowers symbolizes pure and tender feelings and highlights distinct family or romantic occasions, meaning appreciation, sweetness, and positive emotions. The pink color is characteristic of a rich palette of tints, making excellent combinations to compile complex, promising, and relatable messages.  

This kind of rose is genuinely neutral and highlights the beauty of the other flowers or, quite the opposite, reclaims in order all attention. That’s why the pink roses are more flexible plants than reddish or burgundy “relatives” to complete the perfect bouquet compositions.

If you want your lover to be impressed with a well-prepared romantic evening, a unique Valentine's Day, a bright birthday celebration, a decorated room for a baby gender reveal party, or the fascinating elements for a remarkable wedding reception, please enlist these unique-colored flowers.

History of Pink Roses Flowers

Pink Roses

Pink roses, as popular flowers, have their history. We will tell you about the main and most interesting moments of it. The history of the appearance of pink roses dates back to about 35 million years ago. In those days, the first traces of roses were found among the fossils. The tradition of growing roses appeared in China about 5,000 years ago. As far as the Roman Empire, roses were used to make medicines, perfumes, and confetti.

Roses gained particular popularity in the culture of the United States several centuries ago.

In the Victorian era, there was a ban on socially acceptable communication, and in this regard, people began to convey their feelings with the help of flowers. Each type of flower had its meaning. So, pink roses also had their own meaning as an expression of warmth and affection for the one they were presented to.


Where Are Pink Roses Flowers Used?

There are many ways in which pink roses can be used. Let's take a closer look at the most common methods.


pink roses for home decor

Home Decor

Light pink roses signify femininity and grace. A bouquet of pink roses will look great in your bedroom, desktop or kitchen. All the while, while the bouquet of roses is in your home, you will enjoy its beautiful view, wonderful smell, and soothing effect.



pink roses for wedding

Pink Roses For Wedding

Pink roses have such meaning as joy and admiration. No matter how intense these flowers are, they make a delightful floral wedding gift. With the help of such a bouquet, you can show your gratitude to people who have decided to consolidate their union with marriage.



pink roses for dating

For Romantic Dating

Roses by themselves signify love, gratitude, affection, tender feelings, and passion. You can use these flowers to arrange romantic evenings with your soul mate. Surprise your loved one by laying a path from the door to the bed with rose petals or fill the bath with them. You can also arrange a romantic dinner with candles and fruit, offering a bouquet of roses.


light pink roses

Success Award

If your friend or loved ones participate in competitions or contests, give them a bouquet of pink roses. So you can emphasize your admiration for their abilities, support in their endeavors, and congratulate them on their victory.




What is the Meaning of Pink Roses Flowers?

As we have already said, pink roses have their meanings, such as femininity, emphasizing grace, and elegance. These flowers also symbolize appreciation, gratitude, affection, and romantic feelings towards a loved one.

Pink roses can be found in completely different shades. Each of them carries its symbolism. Let's take a closer look at what types of pink roses exist and does each of these roses have a special meaning symbolize.


hot pink roses

Hot pink roses

Hot pink roses look desirable and austere flowers. If you want to show your appreciation, your choice should obviously be hot cherry-like pink. The vibrant hues of these roses, emphasizing the rich and confident colors, can be chosen to welcome some well-deserved successful entrants to the respective contest or contest.

The hot pink color confidently sets the matching roses apart from other cut flowers while maintaining their natural delicacy and simplicity. You will never offend your companion if you present this elegant bouquet.


dark pink roses

Dark Pink Roses

Dark pink roses are a classic idea for a bouquet of flowers. They signify elegance and grace. Such flowers will make any girl smile and admire. They can be presented both on a special day, on holiday or to coincide with an important celebration, or without any reason, to cheer up a loved one. A bouquet of dark roses can emphasize a beloved woman's attractiveness and charm.

In addition to love, dark roses will help express your gratitude and the fact that you madly appreciate your loved one. They can also be presented on a wedding anniversary, emphasizing the union's strength and unquenchable love.


dusty pink roses

Dusty Pink Roses

Roses of a dusty shade may seem like cold flowers. However, many romantics were impressed by the well-known work "The Thorn Birds". This picture looked very exciting. Sincere love feelings between the main characters were shown along with their symbolic costumes depicting dusty roses.

Dusty roses run like a golden thread through this romantic piece. These roses have such meaning as eternal and strong love, which cannot be forgotten even by difficult fateful trials.

These roses are becoming popular flowers to accompany wedding ceremonies.


blush pink roses

Blush Pink Roses

Naturally, blush pink roses equal a romantic wedding. If you dream of a small and sentimental wedding ceremony by the sea or in a beautiful garden, you can pay attention to these roses. These roses demonstrate a true feeling that goes both ways and has a happy mutual future meaning.

Blush pink roses can also symbolize youth and freshness and make a great gift for teenagers. So, suppose a father presents his daughter with a bouquet of bright pink roses to celebrate her graduation, birthday, or other special occasions. In this case, fathers create an example of a respected future husband their daughters will someday choose. In addition, such a gift will always be associated with the image of a real gentleman and a romantic hero.


The Best Combinations with Pink Roses

Actually, pink roses can be paired with other flowers and end up in delightful bouquets. So, you can give such combinations of roses as:

  • Pink and white roses;
  • Pink and yellow roses;
  • Pink and red roses:
  • Other pink flower arrangements.

Let's look at the best combinations of pink roses with other roses.


Cheshyre Pink Rose Bouquet
  • Pink and White Roses 
  • White roses symbolize new beginnings. When combined with the appreciation and joy conveyed by pink roses, a pink and white rose bouquet makes an excellent graduation, anniversary, or wedding gift to wish your loved ones a hopeful future.



    pink and yellow roses
  • Pink and Yellow Roses
  • The meaning of the yellow roses is optimism, making it the perfect color to pair with the joyful pink rose. A yellow and pink rose bouquet provides a cheery pop of color for your home and a fitting gift for happy occasions like promotions, weddings, and baby showers. 



    Pink and Red Roses Bouquet
  • Pink and Red Roses
  • Red roses are the most romantic of the rose colors. You can combine the romance of red roses with the joy and admiration of pink roses as a token of love, appreciation, and happiness for that special someone.



    pink bouquet with roses
  • Other Pink Flower Arrangements
  • You can add even more variation to your bouquet of pink flowers by branching out beyond roses. Pink alstroemerias represent friendship and devotion, and pink or red carnations represent admiration, love, and affection. In combination with pink roses, this pink and red bouquet conveys deep appreciation and love for the recipient.  



    Guide to Choose Flower Bouquet of Pink Roses

    When you want to please your loved one with a bouquet of pink roses, you will probably have a number of questions about how to do it right.

    We have prepared for you some tips that will help you choose the most suitable bouquet of pink roses. And so, when choosing a bouquet, follow our recommendations:

    • The first thing you will need to do is decide on the feelings that you want to express in relation to the person to whom you want to give a bouquet of pink roses. Think it over, what exactly urges you to buy a bouquet? What do you want to say to the person to whom you give the bouquet? Asking questions like these and answering them will help you understand more precisely what you need.

    • Think about what shade of pink for a bouquet of flowers that can convey your feelings and emotions as accurately as possible. Compare the shade of roses that you have chosen with the description of its symbolism, which we have written about.

    • Think about what you need roses for. Do you want to make a declaration of love out of petals? Or take a flower bath with your loved one? Think about what shade of roses you imagine when you want to impress your loved one with a surprise.

    • Check the bouquet of pink flowers that you have chosen. The petals of these flowers should be fresh and bright. They should not have wilted and rough areas.

    • Do not buy those roses that have fully closed buds. There is a chance they won't open.

    • This advice is the opposite of the previous one. We advise you not to buy roses that are fully opened, there is a high chance that they will wither quickly.

    • Ask a florist to show you the freshest flowers. Use this tip to get the freshest possible rosebuds.
    pink rose bouquet


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    What do pink roses mean to a woman?

    Pink roses are associated with emphasizing femininity and grace. You express warm and tender feelings, love, affection, and gratitude by giving your beloved woman a bouquet of pink roses.

    Are roses originally pink?

    Pink roses are one of the very first shades of roses ever to appear. During some excavations, it was pink roses that were most often found, which suggests that pink roses were the first to come into the world of floristry. Scientists say that, with greater probability, all varieties of roses came from pink roses.

    What does it mean to send someone pink roses?

    Pink roses mean gratitude and joyful feelings. Gifted roses can say that their sender is delighted with the one to whom they sent them and also wants to say thank you for the great time and positive emotions.

    How many roses should be in a bouquet?

    Six roses mean you are crazy about the recipient of this floral gift. With ten roses, you can emphasize the value and uniqueness of your loved one. Giving 12 roses can ask a person to be only yours, whether a girlfriend or a wife. A bouquet of 50 roses will say that your love is strong as before and you are delighted that this person is in your life.


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