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The first date is such a romantic, exciting, and at the same time, long-awaited event. This is the first stage of a new connection that may grow into something more - friendship, love, family. To make sure that your date brings good vibes and you go on a second and third date, it is important to impress on the first meeting.

Of course, we're not saying that you have to pretend to be a different person. On the contrary, it is important to be yourself so that your soul mate understands what you are in real life.

A gift that your soulmate will certainly remember will help you impress her. For a first date, the best option would be flowers. We are well aware of that, so we can give you first, and subsequent date flowers advice.

5 Tips to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Date

Have you ever wondered about the ideal flowers for a date? Most likely, you either rely on your taste while selecting blossoms for a rendezvous, or on some recommendation from other people like your mother, a friend, or a florist in a flower store. But what if we told you about the perfect plan for how to select flowers for a date. If you follow it, your sweetheart will certainly appreciate the gift.


Get to know Her Favorite Flower

1. Get to know Her Favorite Flower

If you're going to buy flowers on a first date, you probably don't have any idea of her flower preferences. In that case, a sure way to find out about your sweetheart's flower preferences is to ask her friends. Surely they know whether she likes chrysanthemums or daisies or dislikes flowers at all.

If you do not know her friends, check her social network account; probably at least one picture with flowers somewhere. Believe us, no lady in her good mind will post a photo of things she doesn’t like.



Choose Flowers in Her Fav Colors

2. Choose Flowers in Her Fav Colors

Perhaps, you could not find out what her favorite flowers are. But what's stopping you from asking what her favorite color is? 

Do you want to give flowers for a date night as a surprise? Just imagine how happy she will be to receive flowers in a color of her preference. Moreover, even if she says that she loves black, thanks to the modern and eco-friendly technology that Rosaholics uses, you can surprise her and present her on the first date black roses.

Such a beautiful gesture will surely be appreciated by every lady, and she will never forget it.


Roses Are Never a Bad Idea

3. Roses Are Never a Bad Idea

When shopping for first date flowers, selecting exactly these blooms for a lady you don't know pretty good is difficult. But the rose is a versatile flower option, which probably is like 90% of all ladies in the world. 

Roses have always been valued for their grace and beauty. They are classic flowers for any event. Choose a bunch of roses for your first date. If you're not sure of the color, choose a timeless classic - red or white, or try to play with the shades because there are many variations of color from dark to light.

Choose only the best roses from Rosaholics, and keep in mind that these will be important flowers for her.


Base your Choice on Her Personality

4. Base your Choice on Her Personality

Another excellent flower option for a first date is to select blossoms relying on the lady's personality. Maybe you barely understand what that means, but we'll explain:

Every flower has its character as well as the lady. Depending on the nature of your chosen one with whom you go on a first date, you can choose characteristic flowers for her character. For example: 

  • If you feel that the lady is active and energetic, constantly looking for some adventures, perhaps Sunflowers are a good option for her.

  • If a lady says that she is serious about her intentions, then an excellent option will be Alstroemerias.

  • But if she has a romantic nature, then Roses will be a great option for the first date.


Be Creative on a First Date

5. Be Creative on a First Date 

If you are confused about the choice of colors for your first date flowers, you can use your creativity. Surprising that many women appreciate men who know how to come up with something original, which others don't have. After all, you should agree that many men don't even bother and just buy any flowers in the first store they see.

But if you think over in advance and buy, let's say colorful roses, a lady will appreciate it and understand that you care about her. That's because you can hardly buy these flowers at the first store you see.


Best Rose Bouquets for Dating

If you haven't figured out which kind of flowers to pick for a date, we suggest you consider various Rosaholics bouquets. Each floral in the bunch is grown on a floral farm, so the flowers are always fresh and of premium quality. Additionally, Rosaholics has so many bouquet options that you'll find the perfect one for any type of date:


Viva La Vida is the Best for a First Date

bouquet for date night

Bouquet Viva La Vida is the embodiment of tenderness, just as a first date should be. Sincere and quivering feelings, sweet smiles, light embarrassment - all this will emphasize our perfect bouquet for the first date of pastel shades.

The bouquet features 4 different colors of roses - white, peach, lavender, and delicate pink. That way, you're sure to hit the tone of your first date and won't miss up with the color of the flowers.

In addition, throughout the first date, you will see a smile on your partner's face because any lady is pleased to receive such flowers.

Make her happy with Rosaholics!


Casablanca – is the Best for Date at a Restaurant

white rose bouquet for date night

A date at a restaurant is one of the most popular ideas. It is said that by a person's behavior in a restaurant, you can generally understand their character.

Going to a restaurant requires an appropriate style. It should be businesslike, classic, and smart clothes. Therefore, the choice of the bouquet fell on the restrained and classic white roses.

Casablanca is an elegant bouquet of white roses, which unobtrusively but surely will emphasize your attitude toward your partner. Such a variant of flowers will fit advantageously into the atmosphere for a date in any interior of the restaurant. Moreover, the delicate white color of roses will not distract you and your beloved from the important thing - your date. 


Sunflowers is the Best for Date at Home

sunflower bouquet for date night

Dating at home is getting popular, especially during the coronavirus when all establishments are closed. People realized that dates at home could be very original and quite romantic.

For a date at home, the perfect flowers would be Sunflowers. Their bright and radiant yellow color will bring a variety to your date and raise the mood.

By the way, despite such a bright color, sunflowers are very suitable for a homely and cozy atmosphere. This is because many people associate sunflowers with simplicity and freedom of action, and that is how you will feel at home.

If you want to surprise your partner, you should certainly choose roses by Rosaholics.



How many flowers should you get on a first date?

It all depends on your personal preferences, it can be a bouquet of a different number of flowers.

What should a girl bring on a first date?

It can be a small gift, such as candy, a keychain, a notepad, etc.

How can I impress her on the first date?

Be yourself without pretending to be another person. A small gift, like flowers, will help you make an even better impression.

March 25, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik
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