There are so many masculine flower options that come in handy when you congratulate your dad on Father’s Day.

Choosing the right flowers can be a daunting task that requires a lot of attention. You must be careful when selecting the right flowers type. When selecting flowers, you must first choose the right shade. Usually, men prefer yellowred and orange and don't really like feminine colours like pink, purple, fuchsia, lilac and the like. You can choose flowers of the colour that your father likes. This does not mean that you cannot add a touch of these flowers to your bouquet.

The most suitable flowers for a man are gerberas, daisies, roses and sunflowers. Exotic flowers are also a good choice. You can choose orchids, anthurium, irises. When it comes to scent, don't go for lovely and delicate scents. Instead, go for fruity, spicy, or fresh aromas. You can add flowers to any gifts ideas for Father’s Day.

The story of the appearance of Father’s Day

Sonora Smart Dodd invited a local pastor to celebrate a festival in honour of the fathers in 1910 in Washington. The proposal was dictated by love for her father, who single-handedly raised her and five older brothers and sisters. Mom died when Sonora was little.

For more than 50 years, celebrations have been local and have been held in individual communities. Until 1966, US President Lyndon B. Johnson officially set the holiday date for the third Sunday in June. Previously, only widowers who raised their children were honoured. Since 1966, the holiday has acquired national status in the United States, and now it is for all popes.

The American tradition quickly spread throughout the world, and now most Europeans and Asians celebrate Father's Day and give their fathers gifts.

What flowers can you give for Father’s Day?

What flowers give for Father’s Day?


The bouquet of flowers you will present to your father should be made in a strict style. The shape of the composition should be strictly geometric triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal. Round, oval and other shapes with soft curves and lines are simply unacceptable. You should also pay special attention to the packaging material. The simplest and most acceptable option is transparent cellophane and a tape that ties up the stems. Moreover, you can order flower delivery to surprise.

Present one rose. Usually, a male composition is built based on a large flower with a long and strong stem and a large bud. You can present dad with one rose in a transparent package, which will be appropriate in any festive situation. If you are in doubt about what kind of flowers to give, choose roses for Father’s Day in addition to the main gift.

Add large flowers to the composition. In the centre of the composition should be placed large decorative calla flowers, sunflowers or gladioli. Roses and carnations can be given by themselves; they will fully demonstrate the solemnity of the event. Tulips or sunflowers will complement gratitude or apology well. Peonies, chrysanthemums and irises should be presented as part of a large bouquet; by themselves, they can confuse the father with their femininity.

Complement the flowers with a gift. An ideal gift for Father’s Day would be a large basket of roses or other flowers. You can complement the present with a box of chocolates or other small gifts that your dad would like to receive. Competent florists will always help you compose a composition following your preferences and wishes.

Gifts ideas for Father’s Day

Holidays in honour of parents are touching events where it is not the value of the important gift, but the attention and tenderness you put into congratulations. For Father’s Day, you can present beautifully packaged roses and complement them with the following ideas:

  • Personalised present. It can be a mug, a robe, or a T-shirt with an inscription. The best solution is if you come up with and write the text yourself.
  • Delicious breakfast or dinner. Your dad will be pleased if you cook a delicious and beautiful dish. It is essential to present it; you can supplement even ordinary scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables and herbs, aromatic coffee and pancakes for dessert. Modest but delicious.
  • Photo album with shared photos or digital photo frame. Pick up a photo as you grow up, add memories or impressions of those moments where you and your dad are together. It is a perfect Father’s Day gift idea, as you will present your favourite memories.

How to arrange a bouquet for Father’s Day?

 arrange a bouquet for Father’s Day


An obligatory element for a bouquet for a father is greenery. It will make the composition more masculine, emphasising the sincerity of feelings and gratitude that were invested in it by a son or daughter.

There is no place for bright red and pink shades in a bouquet for dad, as they are more suitable for the beloved. For dad, the best gift will be a rich composition of cold or slightly dark colours.

Ribbons and decor are optional items for a mature man. Flowers, wrapped in kraft paper or tied with a thin rope, look great. Father's Day gifts should be covered in the same shades as flowers to make the gift look harmonious.

How to give a gift for Father's Day?

Your father will appreciate a bouquet presented personally. But if you are far from home, this is not a reason to refuse Father’s Day gifts. You can please him with the help of a flower delivery service. You can order a bouquet and a gift for Father’s Day, which will be delivered to your home or work, solemnly handing it into your hands. Even the strictest parent will be sincerely delighted with such attention and participation.

Any father will be happy with even the simplest gift for Father's Day: your attention is much more important. You can give a gift depending on your father’s needs and wishes, or you can make a surprise. In any case, your father will be glad that you have given him the time.

Your father will be delighted to hear from you on Father’s Day. You can please him with even simple things like breakfast or morning coffee. Try not to forget about your parents and give them small but meaningful gifts as an expression of your care and love. You can use flower delivery even if you are not around. Any attention will be appreciated.


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